Exodus from the workforce!

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Alright alright alright! Hey man! How's it going? So this blog post here is going to be that post that I talked about at the end of my tribalism episode. The ideas that I express here in this blog post are subject to change at any time that I see fit which is probably going to end up being about 5 minutes after I post this post. Haha!

This idea starts with the idea. The idea of the possibility of a nomadic tribal lifestyle. Not just a few people living together in motorhomes and trailers and cars and setting up a campsite somewhere and getting jobs. This idea hopefully we'll build up enough steam to involve many millions of people later on down the line.

But, for now, we need to start small. Right now there is just me and my family. Hopefully, you are reading this and think that there might be something to it. Something to the idea that really strikes home for you.

To be able to build up a try of nomatic minded people is my goal. I don't necessarily think that it is important right now to drop everything and become a nomad. I do however, think that accepting a bit of the philosophy would be helpful sooner rather than later.

To drastically reduce the amount of stuff in your life. Getting rid of all of the extra crap. Taking on more minimalist approach and philosophy in life. After which, realizing that it's not absolutely necessary to buy into the narrative that says that we have to be homeowners in order to be successful after which, realizing that it's not absolutely necessary to buy into the narrative that says that we have to be home owners in order to be successful. We don't have to settle down and develop a career and live in this one spot for all of the rest of our lives.

Learning the idea of location Independence as a possibility for the rest of our lives. Learning that our careers do not necessarily Define Who We Are. That are jobs are not necessarily are titles, but more of an expression as to how we earn an income. For example, I deliver stuff for my company, but that is not who I am. This is what I do to earn an income. Just as you or I could work at Walmart, McDonald's, and movie theater, or a variety of other places to earn an income, but that does not define who we are.

We see now instead of devoting Our Lives too materialistic desires, we now see that there are deeper things to devote ourselves to. Like a sense of community. Like a sense of involvement. A sense of family. Starting small with our own families, then making friends with other families and inviting them to travel around This Magnificent world of ours.

Through these travels, some members may come, and some members may leave. That is to be expected. Also to be expected is for our tribe to encounter other tribes. An exchange of ideas, goods and services, and perhaps even members will take place in such encounters.

In the age of the internet, it is very likely that the many tribes across the country could find each other through our community building and our networking. Through this community and through the network more ideas and philosophies can exchange at a faster rate of speed.

If one tribe is having trouble, it would be very simple for that tribe to be able to post up on the network about their problem. Doing so to ask for information, help in finding a campsite, thoughts and prayers, Etc.

One of the huge ideas that was brewing in my head was the idea out something like a mass Exodus from the workforce. This idea will probably take quite some time to accomplish.

Eventually as our influence gross and our membership grows as well, our voice shelf gets louder and louder. So loud that people outside of the community will hear. Many members may not be as nomadic as others, that is fine. As our membership gets larger and more comfortable with the idea of location Independence this idea could possibly strike an awesome blow.

When the time is right and the need arises, a call-out to the membership at Large she'll go out. Calling for all numbers to leave the workforce. This idea will probably only be effective if there are many millions of people involved. Perhaps even tens or hundreds of millions of people being involved.

I know, this idea is a bit over the top and grandiose. I realize that this idea is quite possibly impossible, but I thought it would be good to share some of my very long term ideas and aspirations. This is not to be the main focus, budget and idea on the level of influence I would like for our community to eventually build up.

Let me know what you think. Is it to over the top? Has it not gone far enough? Do you think I have lost my freaking mind? Comment below and let us discuss. Until then, I will talk to you later man. Bye.


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