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Hey man! How are you doing today? So, the original plan was to go through and make a blog post out of each of my old podcast. After a little bit of thinking, I realized that I have hour-long podcast. I figured that would make for way too long of a blog post. New plan, draw inspiration from my beginning podcast and do a bit of a start over here on steemit. You should be able to go back and listen to the beginning podcast, but you will also see a tie to my current blog posts. With that in mind, on with the show!

Hi original intent was to make a prepper podcast with a minimalist twist. As the podcast evolve to his current state, if he has become more of a minimalist podcast with a prepper twist. So, I guess I will take you to what could be considered a beginning.

I love post-apocalyptic movies. One of the ones that scared me the most also got the ball rolling on me being a prepper. That movie is called Dawn of the Dead. I saw the remake before I saw the original. The remake, for me, parked the beginning of a new kind of zombie. Before now, they were just wandering, mindless bodies that wandered around moaning, "Brains!".

These zombies were actually scary! I'm not going to get into too many details of the movie. I'm not much for spoiling movies. When we came out of the movie theater that afternoon, we were all kind of rattled. I was the first to ask the question, " what if something like that really happened?"

We went through a lot of planning that evening and into the next morning. Now, don't get too excited. We had a lot to drink that night also. We came up with some good ideas, but for the most part it wasn't very practical. But it was enough to get the ball rolling at least in my head.

That idea kind of faded away for a couple of years. I met my wife, we got married, we had a kid, and we moved to a whole nother City. That's what I discovered the word preparedness. I started downloading podcast and jamming my ears and my brain with as much information as I could get on the subject.

Before you know it, how is branching out into other subjects. Politics, government, Bushcraft, the list goes on and on. Now, as anyone can tell you that is in the preparedness community, there is a lot of stuff that comes along with being a prepper. It can be summed up rather easily with three words. Beans, bullets, and Band-Aids.

Each one of those topics can be expanded upon for days and days. Beans refers to food storage. It is often recommended to have at least a 3 or 4 days Supply of food stored away plus water. Bullets refers to guns and ammo. Band-Aids refers to First Aid.

I have a very large family. Along with a large family comes a large amount of stuff. Each child has their own style, their own personality, at their own way of expressing themselves. As you can probably guess, our home has a lot of stuff in it. All of that stuff became quite a stressor for my wife and I.

In a desperate attempt to figure out ewe to declutter and organize my home, I stumbled upon the topic of minimalism. I have not looked back since. We have done several purges and have had plenty of yard sales since this discovery. My biggest problem was trying to deal with all of the items that I had purchased in the name of preparedness.

Quite by chance again, I stumbled upon another topic that would be a great help to me. That subject is primitivism. I have always been a bit of a history buff. Especially dealing with Ancient Man. I started looking deeper into how they got by with their day to day. Seeing as they did not have television, computers, the Internet, or any of the fancy stuff that we take for granted today.

" how did these people survive?", is the question that I would often ask myself. I looked further into Ancient Man and decided to apply their techniques to my preparedness and apply a bit of a minimalist twist. Amazingly enough, I stumbled upon yet another subject that would help me out tremendously. That subject is nomadic living.

It wasn't just enough that I had a small amount of stuff that I could carry around with me and survive. I needed to be able to apply, not only my stuff, but my lifestyle to the world around me. In so doing I found the Primitive man did not wander the Earth alone. He wandered in tribes. The load was shared amongst the tribe members.

That kind of brings me to my current location. Enough so to at least give a rough outline of how I got to this point. I still have a lot more details to share. There is a lot in my background that would be a lot of fun to share.

I look forward to communicating with you. Make sure you follow me me here on steemit. Also, make sure you go to all of my social stuff and interact with me there as well. Feel free to direct message me or send me an email and we can talk that way as well.

And until then,

Later man!15271800200061463480652.jpg

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