This Is What The Coming Solar Cycles Will Look Like (Forecast)

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If you are not familiar with solar cycles here is the forecast for the coming 28 years (Grand Solar Minimum):


Comment: We are currently within the first "cool sun" solar cycle of 24 and now at 2017 the trend is clearly descending and it will worsen until year 2021. So most likely, we will have 4-5 really cool years ahead until the solar cycle 25 will pick up in 2022.

However, the problem with these coming cold winters will be that the snow will not totally disappear in the summer in many places and that is exactly what we are experiencing in the Sierra Nevadas in California right now. Here is a quote:

"The 2016-17 winter created one of the largest snowpacks in California history, so big that the Central Sierra Nevada snow accumulation was larger than the previous four years combined, according to NASA data. "

Here are some interesting stats from Mammoth Mountain and Squaw Valley:

"Mammoth Mountain, the state’s most popular ski resort, announced it will close Aug. 6, making this the resort’s second-longest season. The resort in the Sierra Nevada mountains still has 6 inches of snow at the main lodge and 35 inches at the summit, with three of 28 lifts in operation."

"Squaw Valley, the California resort northwest of Lake Tahoe that raised the possibility of saying open year-round, ended its season July 15, marking the resort’s longest season."

So, this future snow accumulation will lead to snow lasting longer and a side effect of this will also lead to colder tempereratures.

These solar cycles are part of the Solar Grand Minimum and these only occur every 200 years and they are associated will very cold periods, called Mini-Ice Ages. The last major Mini-Ice Age occured 400 years ago.

There are other factors as well contributing to this global cooling such as cosmic rays and returning planetary alignments (400 year cycles) and I will get back to this in later posts.


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I agree with that, and now under study by myself and a small group of others is are there more powerful cycles overpowering this 400 year cycle. We found multiples of 206, and then a 3740 year cycle and a 9600 year. So where are we on the timeline at present and which cycles will overlap this turn? ADAPT 2030


hey, great to see you here on Steemit!

That is interesting with these longer cycles of 3740 and 9600 years.

I just learned that Denmark has not had any day in July (the warmest month) above 25 degrees.


I just had a look at your Steemit home page and one tip for you could be to include a tag called "science" on all your blog posts. Then you will probably get better traction.

Interesting, I wasn't at all really familiar with this.


you are not alone, msm is avoiding this as the plague, they want their global warming taxes instead.

But if you want to follow this daily, Adapt 2030 is the guy:

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