Colorchallenge #1: green grass in our village sketch

in #miniature3 years ago

hi steemians,

here's a sketch or small map of our village that is ready to be created and displayed in front of our village office. It is not as beautiful as the city but here I was born and big so many historical colors are engraved and recalled memories that exist between me and my family and the local community. I am proud to introduce my steemit friends to you wherever you are. you must know that the city is created from the village as well. Without the villagers then the market in the city does not exist. I see my village like a village in korea, china, and other europe. but what makes the difference is that in our village there are still many timber trees, the forests that we preserve for the lungs of the world that we must keep for the citizens of the world and all steemit. This is my village how is your village premises ??



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