How to get started making money with cryptocurrency.

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Hello fellow cryptocurrency enthusiasts, whether you're new or already involved in cryptocurrency I'm going to show you how I got started. I will show you how to start earning cryptocurrency with little or no investment. For the first step(This is for people that don't pay for hydro, like myself). Download and install an application for your operating system called MinerGate v.6.9 ( Open the application and set it to mine whatever cryptocurrency you want. The most profitable coin is Monero(XMR). Let the application run and when you have mined 0.1 XMR you can withdraw to your XMR wallet(I withdraw my XMR to my Eobot wallet).

For the next step this is a FREE cloud mining site for people who pay for hydro and don't want to use their computer hardware to mine. Go to and sign up for FREE. Once you have signed up you will want click on the top left hand corner. It says mining with a drop down menu, click on GHS 4.0, then click up at the top on the products drop down menu, then click faucet. The faucet will give you free GHS, which is your mining power. The higher your GHS the faster you can mine your desired coins.

I hope you enjoyed this post and hope it helps you start earning cryptocurrency. In my next post I will be showing another cloud mining site I use, so follow me and take care :)

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Great publication
Worth more

Great post . I may try this today. Having some problems with my coinbase wallet. What is the best wallet for a Canadian?


Try Exodus, Freewallet or Xapo