Hey there, @raycoms. =)

Yes, they can get large. Because they can get large, these worlds are limited in size and are super flat.

It is not possible to just throw any world into this addon and let it save to the Steem blockchain but rather having this addon itself create new worlds that are limited in size.

Small worlds are available to everyone who has a Steem Wallet (4 chunks size), bigger worlds need more resources and Steem Power to be broadcasted to Steem.

If somebody really pushes the limits, they might get a big world that contains 30 million blocks. But even then, the file gets compressed. The blocks don't get stored 1:1 into a file, but it rather searches for big chunks of blocks that are all the same type of block, then, it will be determined where this big chunk of blocks starts and where it ends. If we have for example 50k stone blocks at one place sitting around, it will be compressed to just one entry that says where the 50k stone blocks start and where they end. By not storing every block but rather using such techniques, bigger, custom created worlds can be stored on Steem.

While the size is still a limitation, it is enough to be creative to create challenging jump and runs maps or adventure maps. Saving the whole server, on which players play, including generated worlds, wouldn't work of course. But creating new worlds that contain just blocks which have been made by the players are possible. (superflat plot like worlds)

Since I work with scanning parts of the world to file in one of our mods, I know how big even small patches of land can get. And we use pretty strong compression to reduce the size.

I think there is a lot of potential to connect with steem, but that would mainly regard unique items in my opinion.

Storing worlds is just the first idea that gets implemented. There are other ideas going to be added, but I'm also paying attention to the EULA by Mojang, which disallows most of the ideas there are.

Making these worlds as small as possible and also adding limitations for the user depending on the available resources are challenges but reachable.

You can look at my example world here, that has been stored with armor stands and custom heads.

I mean, I fail to see a practical use case for storing the world here. Most practical worlds will be way too big to store them on the blockchain. So I see two possible things to store on the chain:

  1. Certain .nbt or .dat or .blueprint or .schematic files which contain unique buildings (for copyright claims or whatever)

  2. Specific user data as ingame currency or similar (many servers have their own economy.

About the EULA:

You are allowed to offer completely visual things, so special styles of certain clothing elements, arrows trails, etc (see hypixel) can be easily stored on steem and made available on all servers which use this mod.

I personally thing storing an entire world is just not worth the trouble.
Besides that it totally bloats the steem chain and costs tons of RC to make it work reasonably.

Yes, adding visual things are one of the ideas that will be done at some time. And you're right that storing entire worlds isn't worth the troube. :)

But as said, these worlds about I'm writing are more like super flat plots that are in the size of a .schematic file. Most people will probably only use it to create fancy trees, houses, jump'n'runs and other things, then save it like with .schematic to share it with others on Steem.

Bloat is not really an issue, as these worlds that I'm talking about aren't that big. My demo world, which has 4 chunks and over 260k blocks, with multiple armor stands that have custom heads has a size of 12kb. Many blog posts have more than that and bloat more than my demo world.

It is not really the idea behind this to save survival based worlds, but rather creative super flat worlds (in a small to moderate size) to Steem, that are not that heavy in size.

The idea is: I have made a jump and run and want to challenge other players to play my jump and run. Because of that, I built it using STEEM.CRAFT, which allows me to store the map to Steem. Other servers can then load the world from Steem to make it accessible to their users, which is important for me as an jump and run maker. Other users also can comment and vote on my jump and run map, this allows me getting direct feedback from other players that are not from the server I'm playing on.

For players, this is also nice, as they will get new jump and run maps directly from me, which they can play.

Having Steem here removes any middlemen and allows a direct save to and load from Steem without any external server. This means that the data can't be lost and my jump and run is safe from any server hardware failure that I'm not aware of, if I'm not the server operator myself.

Check into the structurize mod we made, we use some heavy compression to store .blueprint files (a format another dev developed). Might help you in this en-devour.

Thank you, I will look into it. :)

With sponge schematics v2, I'll get my 16mb demo world to just 12kb.

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