Colonial Expansion for 1.12.2 Forge Modded Minecraft

in minecraft •  11 months ago

In this day an age where the entire world is amiss with chaos, political leaders that know not what the citizens of their countries want, political subordinates who pervert the will of the people for a dark force agenda, we need to escape from it.

You can do that with my modpack for the Java Edition of Minecraft by installing Colonial Expansion obtainable by installing the Twitch App and then choose Minecraft and finally Browse All Modpacks and choose "Colonial Expansion".

In this world you are tasked with creating a colony of NPCS that are unique from the villagers. They perform a variety of tasks such as cooking food, building structures, mine for resources, forestry, farming and more. You will have to build guard towers and train guards to protected your newly founded colony against the barbarian raiders that will soon appear.

In short time, you'll forget the woes of the world you live in, and instead live for the World of Colonial Expansion.

Pack available at

See full change log at

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