I Choose To Be Hopeful!

in #mindset2 years ago

Few days to my 22nd birthday, i broke down due to the fact that i was turning 22 and none of my goals have being achieved. The more i thought about it, the more sad i became. The mere fact that those we grew up together were already ahead of made me want to shed tears, i felt alone like someone with no direction or perhaps should i say i felt alone.

The very day i clocked 22, the first message i received was from my girlfriend, she wished me a happy birthday and prayed for me. Though i wasn't feeling the vibe or excited, i played along still but it was obvious the way i responded that i was not my usual self. I was moody almost throughout that day, if not for the fact that i chose to cheer up rather than continue wallowing in self pity.

It was later that day that i was thinking about life in its entirety that i realized that i was ungrateful to God and to the wonderful people around me, i realized that i was a selfish being. I thought about the things i haven't acquired when i should have thought about the things i had that were numerous. I have a wonderful family that loves me, i have awesome friends, a loving girlfriend and the most important of all is that i have life. Being alive is the greatest gift of all.

So from this day onward, i choose optimism over pessimism, hope over hoplessness, love over hate, life over death, joy over sorrow, a grateful heart over an ungrateful heart, family over any other human and God over all.

These guys inspire me, thank you @practicalthought @luppers @krnel @guysellars


Not sure how long ago this was, but happy belated birthday.

For many of us, these epiphanies can sometimes be lost in the moment as we are pulled into longings, sadness and anger. Then it will come back again, and with a bit more sadness the realization that more time was squandered on pettiness.

I hope that you are able to always return to this knowledge if you are pulled away as so many of us are. To know and understand ones blessings is a gift many fail to claim.

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