The two things that brings joy and sorrow unto all Mankind.

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Hi Fellow Steemians,
Life is normally not an end but a mere transformation. Interestingly, there are two principal things that bring joy and sorrow unto mankind and others are just merely side branches and are birth and death.

When we are born, the joy that our various families normally experience is always enormous. The celebration in some parts of the world usually extends from the family circles to the communities, as well as even our enemies often come to celebrate thus everyone is happy and welcoming the new born baby.

As the child grows up, he or she become fond of the family as they further engages themselves to ensuring the child grows up and be able to fit in the society or become successful. Life at this juncture is very interesting and blossom. However, unlike humans plants too when they have grown above the ground level, they are seemingly beautiful but have to die somehow at maturity. The huddles our parents go through just for us to succeed are enormous as such we need always be positive till the end.

Nonetheless, as we grow up one thing is certain and clear that someday we shall die. The only thing that differs is the way one shall die and it is what makes death to some to seem scary. Death is likely not selective, be it male or female, young or old, beautiful or ugly, intelligent or not, handsome or not etc.

The most important thing in life is that as we do live respective of how we were born, raised or where we come from one thing is certain that we shall one day die, as such we should always endeavor to live our positive footprints on the sand of time, as well live fulfilled lives. In this way supporting one another if we have the means and possibility will equally contribute towards our happiness. The day we die brings so much sorrow to our loved ones, family, friends and communities in the same vane birth brought joy.
Death definitely is the master that chooses our path and truly that the will of nature as we can't determine how our end will look like. For death not to be painful, we need to consider it totally as our unwanted guest which we must receive someday not by choice but by design. As such it good we always reflect on our purposes of existence as we still have the opportunity to breathe the free air nature has wonderfully given us.
If one were to see death coming, most of us will always request for more time but unfortunately, it is not so as it is purely by design.
Thanks for reading.

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