Choosing during the Internet minute

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I grew up in the 90's. Things were much quieter, slower paced and most importantly we had time to choose what we wanted to do and stick with it for a while. There were no cell phones, lesser vehicles on the street, no netflix or even internet to speak of. (They were just developing the 1kb modems).


But times have changed and we have changed with it. I am way more fickle minded now. Constant cell phone apps, keeping up with the news and how it influences crypto, paying bills, accounting statements, taking care of family needs, etc. There's a constant flow of information around us that we need to process. Or do we? The line where choosing and discarding meets has gotten thinner. How do we choose what deserves our attention and what goes in the trash? Times are more complex than ever. And what is the future of this cryptic puzzle of choice?

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Exercising the gift of choice has gotten to be the biggest challenge that determines what we will be/become in life. This definitely adds to us being more forgetful and zoned out as well. With so much going on, it's almost like choosing the right numbers to a lottery.


Of-course the strength and sturdiness of judgment of mind comes into play in this. But what happens when someone is at a crossroad and one choice looks as good as the other but has a completely opposite result. I wish you all the best of choice. Luck no longer has the might.

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