Being Your Best Self

in mindset •  2 months ago 

I had a great conversation with my friend, which made me ponder on how we can be the best version of ourselves.

He told me the secret is to: Be Yourself.

Being yourself is to let go of whatever that is not serving you.

Many of us do not feel worthy to be great. In fact, we have to change our own perceptions of ourselves to accept us for being our true authentic self.

This is because we have been programmed by society and the environment to follow the crowd, please our bosses or be well-liked by our peers. As such, when we allow others to place a value on us, we lose confidence in our abilities, which disrupts the mental and emotional harmony within us.

To become the greatest version of yourself, you have to let go of society's expectations in order to be your true self. You need to be aware that people's opinions of you should not determine how you should be at your best.

You should also love yourself 100 percent, no matter how inadequate you feel. It is better to be yourself, than a poor version of someone else.

I would recommend you to ask yourself at the start of the day: Can I be better today as compared to yesterday?

This will serve as a reminder to improve yourself further every single day.

Remember that YOU are already great!

Starting today, I am going to work towards being myself so that I'll become a better ME!

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