3Cs-When Life Gets Tough!

in mindset •  3 months ago 

How to react when life gets tough? Supposedly, according to behavior experts, we go into fight or flight mode. What if we learn how to exploit these three resilient attitudes in order to manage stress effectively?

#1 Commitment
When one is committed to something, you perceive your work as important and worth your time and effort. Therefore, you stay on course with your plan and people around you even when the going gets rough and stressful.

#2 Control
When you are strong in the attitude of control, you will continually and positively influence the outcomes of the changes and events going on around you in order to attain your goal. Instead of being passively waiting for instructions, you proactively do your best to formulate solutions to problems in your work or business.

#3 Challenge
When you are always up to the challenge in all that you do, you see change as vital in creating new and fulfilling opportunities for living. Therefore, whenever you encounter stressful situations, you will understand them, learn from the experience and continue growing your knowledge in this subject. You face stressful situations knowing that you are capable of resolving the problem and continue to be optimistic about the future.

So, let’s take advantage of the 3Cs!

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