3 Tips to Help You Conquer Failure

in mindset •  3 months ago 
  1. What is your "Why" that will Make You Cry?

Was it someone or circumstances that energized you to commit to your goal? Or were you being challenged to break your own limitations? Find the reason that motivated you to work towards this goal and you will continue to push on despite facing obstacles and failure. For instance, I was motivated to break out of a 9 to 5 job that was draining my energy. Hence, I was motivated to start learning how to invest in a financially free future and reading up on investments. It was through devouring multiple books that I realized the key to a life of financial freedom was through obtaining passive income through multiple investment streams in order to sustain my lifestyle comfortably. It wasn't an easy journey to build a portfolio that could provide me with substantial dividends and I had made losses along the way. However, I am determined not to give up as it will be worth it in the near future.

  1. Would Your Life Improve if You Gave Up on This Goal?

Sometimes, you may have set an unrealistic goal that is overwhelming you with anxiety and making you feel incompetent. This may sound uninspiring, however, there are times when you should consider letting go when things are not looking good, especially when it is affecting your health and emotional states negatively. It might be ideal to consider cutting your losses before you invest more time and effort in this endeavor before you find it even harder to walk away.

However, if you find that this is what you had always wanted and your life would definitely be happier after achieving the goal, by all means, work towards it and do not ever give up! After all, only you can decide what is best for yourself.

  1. Are You Able to Learn From This Failure?

Every master was once an amateur. You have to learn to be comfortable with making mistakes and learn from them. As the saying goes, one should "Fail Fast, Fail Often". Most of the time, we make mistakes and find it hard to get over a failure. However, you should always remind yourself that mistakes are not fatal and take heart that you are still ahead of those who are not trying. The faster you can learn the skills to master your craft, the faster you will achieve success. Hence, change your mindset - You either succeed or learn a lesson so you will do better the next time.

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I love this

Every master was once an amateur. You have to learn to be comfortable with making mistakes and learn from them.

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