I post on 2 blogs here and have challenged myself to do the first post of each day for both of them before anything else. My real goal is 2-3 posts on each, but the first one is critical. I have autovoters and if I do not post the votes do not happen, so I have a good reason for this.

Also I read a post here early on when I started that said, "you cannot call yourself a steemit blogger if you do not blog. So I take this advice to heart.

Most days I meet the challenge. Then I can comment, check discord, or do whatever else after the two posts are done.

However, I have been working for 3 hours today and no posts are done. I am so glad I saw this post right now. I am going to reboot, get a cup of coffee and start my day over. those two posts take well under one hour if I will simply FOCUS!

Hello, I'm new, I'll try to commit myself to growing my blog. Thanks to those who will help me'

Here is an old post I did about starting here. Don't vote on it.

It is a lot of information. Just work through it step by step and you can succeed. If you need help, I will answer anytime. Just comment on one of my posts.

Best of luck - this is not an easy place, but it is worth it :)

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