Focus for Success - 16 - Mind is Willing

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Ever hear the old adage that the mind is willing but the body is weak? And, like many, you may have assumed that willpower was the key to making things happen, that if you just had the will, you would find the way. While this cliche sounds good, many miss the inherent meanings and the key simple proverb. Would you like to know what the key really is?

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Those Who Wait

Ok, so I know you've also heard that all good things will come to those that wait. But, did you know that there is scientific evidence that proves that waiting translates into success?

This is great! In The One Thing*, Keller cites a number of scientifically conducted experiments. My favorite is the one where children were offered a treat, such as a marshmallow. And, told that if they could wait 15 minutes before eating it, they would get another treat. Well, as you can imagine, only a few were able to wait. But what was really interesting was that there have been subsequent experiments all which show that those that wait do better in life. Essentially, you are optimizing your rewards through timing.

Variable Willpower

Another interesting topic Keller* cites is that your willpower is not constant, it fluctuates for a variety of reasons. The Stanford University test cited, while very simple, demonstrates that willpower consumption is tied to energy expenditure, both mental and physical. So, the more energy you expend, the more willpower you use up. But the good news is that you can recharge your willpower battery, if you will, very quickly.

Obviously, monitoring your energy consumption can be key to effectively making the most of your willpower. And, yes, willpower is important to your ability to focus for success.

Feeding the Beast

Recharging your willpower is also tied to what we eat. The quality of what you eat can help your willpower not only bounce back faster but give you more even willpower throughout the day.

This gives the old adage, you are what you eat an additional new meaning.


Focus for success means paying attention to your will power to maximize results. -Guy_Sellars


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*The One Thing, 2012, by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan, Bard Press of Austin Texas, Rellek Publishing Partners LTD.


Photo is courtesy of Pixabay which is a License, free for commercial use and with no attribution required ID snail-1447233_1920.


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