Focus for Success - 14 - One Thing at a Time - Multitasking Myths

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Do you think you think you can do more than one thing at a time? There have been numerous studies showing that we really only do one thing at a time. Yes, we can walk and talk, but any serious efforts on either one preculdes the other. In The One Thing*, Keller does a good job of dispelling the myth about multitasking. And, in order to focus on the one most important thing, you too must adopt this mindset.

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Simply put, the problem arises when we try and do too many things at once. Rather than focus and give our best efforts on the one most important thing. Over the last few decades, everyone, especially in business, feels the need to multitask. Its actually become the mantra of many. A status that says you can do it all. When in reality, you are not putting forth your best effort. And, then your best effort is what is required to focus on the one thing for success.

In the United States, we even have laws around not dividing up your focus and this is supported by a significant amount of evidence. Driving while texting is an absolute no-no. There have been numerous accidents and deaths attributed to this divided focus issue, which is why the government went on the offensive.

Ask any star athlete. They focus through repetition to develop the edge to will at their chosen sport. There are so many stories about top athletes devoting their lives to fine-tuning a skill. This also goes for actors as well as others. Interesting to note that sports figures and actors are some of the best paid when they excel at what they do. The evidence for not multitasking is all around.

Let us revisit why we are focusing for success. We want to be the best we can be at something. We want to develop a skill that will take us to the next level in our life. We want recognition for something we do well, perhaps better than anyone else. All of these things require intense focus for success.

The focus for success mantra requires focused attention on one thing at a time. -Guy_Sellars


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*The One Thing, 2012, by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan, Bard Press of Austin Texas, Rellek Publishing Partners LTD.


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