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i remember when i would have something weighing heavy on my heart i would sit around an dwell upon it and think about it and never could find an answer. one day when i was pushing my self at work trying to see how much i could get done in a day just to challenge my self i became aware of answers that would magically just come to me almost like someone in my head was telling me the answers to my problems and the solutions to fix them. you see when i learned to let go and focus completely on another task at hand instead of what was weighing heavy on my heart the solutions would come for the problems that were heavy on my heart. i wonder if its distracting the mind enough from focusing elsewhere for the subconcious to come through and let your true self come through and tell you the answers to what is wrong and how to fix your problems. just give it a try and let me know if it works for you because i know it works for me

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This is like we try to find something lose. when we focused tryin to find it. its too hard to find it like vanishing through to deep beneath the earth. But when we tryin to let it go, and never give attention to find it. but next day, when we try to find something else or not focused with that thing we lose before, with magically and accidently we found that thing we lose before.

What is that, bug or what. i mean, why this is can be happened ?

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