🕵How To Think Critically And Make The Right Decisions - Best Ways

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Hello Steemians:

So in the past 2 years I have been writing blogs on various websites. People keep asking me,"how do you make such detailed and creative articles daily without losing the stream of thought or just finish everything?" And I say,"slow down" let me teach you how to think critically and always have ideas/thoughts that will help you in life and in business.


So we all heard the saying JUST DO IT. But do we really do it? The first thing to do is to do things without having your mind give you a reason not to. Critical thinking lies on the fact that when you want to be smarter and analytical of things do not let your brain make you think negatively and stop you from achieving anything you want.

Social Media Detox For 30 Days:

I did it myself. I made a 30 day routine social media detox process were I didn't use Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat for over 30 days and I saw MAXIMUM RESULTS. It made me think critically and clearly of things and allowed me to analyse the environment around because I never have to stay updated and keep my brain occupied with information that I don't need in the first place.

Sit In A Quite Room For An Hour:

You know how to think critically and understand things around you? Yes thats right, its by sitting in a quite room, putting your phone outside, bring a cup of tea, sit, and think. I have a schedule were I myself sit atleast an hour a day in a quite room do nothing but think but keep in mind its not YOGA. Its analysing what you didn't analyse and think the unthinkable.


The thing I learned over the course of my life is that the human mind is undoubtedly a strong supernatural being that is stronger than all weapons of mass destruction. Oddly it created these weapons. But the idea is that your mind is like a house with closed doors and you have to find the keys to open its full potential. I'm on a mission to open my mind and hopefully educate you on how to become the most smart, intelligent, and productive person you can be.

Lee Kim Sung-Seoul-South Korea


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