You Do Not Necessarily Need Motivation if You Have a Plan!

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Hi, Steemians!

A lot of people inquire as to the point of motivational speeches or words of wisdom. Some even wonder why there are so many people in need of motivation to continue their efforts!

And of course, it must be noted that motivation is not for everyone. A lot of people hold a bleak understanding of the world.

That bleakness and austerity does not slow them down or become a burden in their path. That gives them strength, because they have faith in their own truth.

Suffice to say, a motivational approach is NOT for everyone.

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On the other hand, many claim that they need motivation to get on with doing something. Without incentive, they are simply not willing to put in the effort and achieve their goals.

But those who oppose motivation have a fair point too.

You see, motivation is not lasting. You may have experienced this. Watching a video or reading a motivational article fills you with excitement and energy, but soon enough, that energy fades.

Previously, we suggested that people should take small steps, or what we call ‘micro actions’ to implement the point of that video or article in their lives.

For example, when you learn about the Five Second Rule, you make a note to actually use it from now on in a specific timeframe.

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But if you are looking for an everlasting solution, then you need to understand why motivation fades so quickly. When you are hungry, you have a motivation to eat and take care of your hunger.

After that, you are not hungry anymore. The motivation is no longer there. You do not continue eating.

The same is true about any other source of motivation; the video or the article makes a valid point and fills you with motivation to do something, a sole purpose that is right in front of your eyes at the moment.

When the moment passes, you no longer see clearly.

The motivation is not there anymore. But I am here to tell you something that relieves you of your constant need for motivational doses.

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The trick is simple: Learn how to plan and use your fortified resolve to stick to your plans. That way, you will not need motivation to do particular tasks.

When you plan something and stick to it, after a while it becomes a force of habit.

For example, if I am to exercise every Wednesday, and actually stick to the plan with my will and resolve, I will not need motivation or reason to keep exercising.

Exercising for me becomes something that I just do, perhaps something that I have to do.

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The only thing I need to do is stick to my plan.

Deep down in my bones I know that I need the exercise, but perhaps I don’t have the motivation to do it on a Wednesday.

That will not matter, because it is my plan and the only thing that I need to do is respect my plan.

When you plan something and actually stick to it, as hard as it might be for some people, you are creating an inner force of will that will help you everywhere.

This is the ultimate power of planning and using schedule to meet your ends.

Perhaps for people who do not like motivation, this is the only way that leads to success.




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A well made plan is the best way to start. Keep in mind, as we gain experience and success our plans can and do change because inexperienced make those kind of plans. Be flexible. You may discover what you really wanted to accomplish was the plan and not the goal. We get to keep our journeys but not the destination.

That's REAL TRUTH @chbartist



For me planning and motivation are necessarily connected, I would have had some motivation in the beginning to make a plan or routine to stick to. However after the plan is in place further motivation may not be necessary. Motivational videos and books are useful sometimes to get you started but as I say they wear off unless you put it into action. Motivational speakers have a great skill getting the attention of their audience but how many people go away and put it into practice?

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So much good stuff in here my dude. Excellent analogy about hunger, I've never thought of it that way before.

I like the idea of "respect the plan." I've had trouble doing that. Perhaps it is best to start with small things, and then work up to executing your plan for the entire day.

Motivation comes and goes. You need to make a habit of doing the things you need to do, like you say. Discipline is what will do that for ya. Motivation comes and goes; don't be dependent on motivation or you're screwed. If you got discipline you will become independent of motivation and will see better results. If you only do the work sometimes, don't be surprised when you only get results sometimes.

Consistency is so crucial in anything pertaining to success and achievement. Consistency means doing the work every day, for a LONG period of time. Of course, it is also worth noting that you should strive for excellence, not mere adequacy or worse. Cause you can be consistently bad at something too, but that ain't gonna get you results. So strive for consistent excellence I guess


Good stuff! Consistency is the gold standard for true achievement. Staying consistent allows us to have the fortitude to stick to the plan in order to make progress.

Good morning @chbartist.

The concept of motivation is a very crucial one toward success in any area of endeavor. Ranging from using it to bring out the best in workers, students, siblings, a lot of individuals.

Personal motivation is a key to success.

Knowing when to apply this idea is also a key for getting the best. I think we all need to apply this in one way or the other.

This is food for thought.
Thank you so much.


i couldnt agree more to that... peace

There are people who have a full willpower, never fail to it, those people can certainly do everything with or without motivation, while for others it is very necessary to have a motivation to move forward.

A keen sense of purpose and determination is motivation in itself to hike the path you have planned to take.

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Saludos @chbartist cada proyecto en la vida debe llevarse paso a paso, cumpliendo cada plan o sueño que nos hemos propuesto…

strategies are the main things you should focus on as an entrepreneur, whether you're a fool or wise man. Wars, success, relationship or anything always depend on strategy

Hello @chbartist!

The best motivator is having a plan

A plan with short-term, medium-term and long-term objectives

If we propose an action plan and follow it effectively, we will stay motivated because we will be seeing how the objectives are being met.

Being motivated by ones own plans is a great way to execute on being accountable which is an important trait for leaders and successful people. I will add the observation that plan always need to adapt to the situations that present themselves on the way!

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Greate blogg bro @chbartist yes if we have a plan in our life then dont need a motivation but we need to do hard work on it

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Just Subscribed you channel!
Inclued me in the list 🙂.

Thank You!


I'm including! You can see you in the last name (profile) on the last post, Regards!


Thank you 🙂


i need tooo :)

I’m in total agreement with @chbartist’s article. Some of the things (good things) we do come as a habit, so they become a regular routine daily. Thanks for sharing!

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@roger5120 hello roger you look stunning in your dp

@chbartist title of this post reflects for experties but what about new learners who always need to be encouraged from their oldies that they can plan well rather than them and you can see that all we being taught by our ancestors but done well than them I mean we are more progressive than the past people who have less source of livings but we create them according t our needs for more reliability.

Yes its true , the motivation requirement varies person to person and time to time, for some people it may require and it may not require for some people. Nice article.

Oh yeah!.

Motivation is a daily thing to do constantly and consistently in order to accomplish a plan. Thus, building up certain values and virtues in a habitual state.
If we do things habitually, the motivation is actually there in company.

Gout power and positive thoughts great point is must for done plan successful.
Yes sir you have shared here systematic idea.

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A thorough plan is required before taking initiative of any task and as you said about it, I liked it. But at the same time I also thik that sometimes motivation is required to keep it doing the same way.

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Its a very nice article:)
If you have some time please check out my last post:
or my new website:

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ok, I'll read it later.

Yes have plan follow it routine , success will be stay near you

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Yes I agree with you, if you have proper planning to achieve our Goals then no need any motivation.

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I agree, not any but little, motivation is sometimes very fragile

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Great post. I'm not a good in stick my plans, but I try.

Couldn't agree more! Motivation comes and goes, but our plan is always there (if we have planned it properly), just DO IT. 😎

Wow, such great insight. I wanted arguing with the title but on reading the content, i couldnt but agree. Thank and please add me to the list of contributors

agree @chbartist, the important thing is that we have a desire to achieve a goal even if it's not because of motivation after seeing the success of others.
wow, the picture is very interesting

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What about if I have no motivation to plan?

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If you have no motivation, then all your needs are being met. Their is genuine motivation which comes from inside you and then you have the other. I can shed light on this for you.

Tener motivación a veces te ayuda a realizar lo que te propones. Muy buen artículo

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This is absolutely.... Planned mission turned out successful

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If someone plan to do something bad and inspired by someone else, could it be called a motivation?I think if we have a strong urge to do something whether it is good or bad nothing comes in our way. @chbartist another nice article though.

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I find that planning my week keeps me going. Ya there are times that are sluggish but the mechanic of my plans stay in motion

Great info bro, very ty here in venezuela the people we are need much motivation every day for continue surviving, very ty for u article bro, continue same! ty

i have Subscribed your channel !
im am not there Please Inclued me in the List..!!!

Thank You !
Dear @chbartist

Motivation is really important but I dont think one can feed it, especially not with videos or books. I think it just part of our being. I totally agree with @enjoycompany about planning and motivation being necessarily connected.

"That bleakness and austerity does not slow them down or become a burden in their path. That gives them strength, because they have faith in their own truth."

That makes sense! This is a great article!


Plans over motivation!

If you have the motivation, the plan develops by itself!

Well communicated understanding of the human mind. I certainly found it to be 'motivational', as self respect (especially for my plans) has usually taken a back-burner due to my levels of extreme depression in the past. Thank you and I'm looking forward to reading, and watching, more of your content. Even though I am just starting on my Steem journey, I would be honoured to be able to contribute something toward this community!

nice quotes

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It's Photo es very Nice

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What a scenery.....

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A BIG HUG to you^^

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soo true

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That explains a lot really. To plan is your minds set action- you know on Wednesdays you exercise so you free your mind and no worry about the time needed, it will work out since that is the PLAN.. yes I totally reiterated your point but I am so happy to read your words that truly solidifies how I can explain that I went Vegan overnight- I decided and worked around every obstacle- finally the search for motivation for weight-loss was over since I stuck to my PLAN (to be vegan) and inadvertently lost the weight I was waiting for the motivation to exercise!! HA! Sorry I missed this article a few days ago, but totally re-steemed and upvoted to show you the love... have a fabulous day my Steem friend.

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very interesting, I agree

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