Wisdom and Action, Thought and Movement – Know the Difference...

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Hi Steemians!

We use the thought process as the basis of our philosophy when regarding life and the world in which we live. We use our speaking faculty with the utilization of words to express those thoughts in a manner comprehensible to the people with whom we interact.

As a result of this natural cycle, societies and schools of thought are established with particular sets of rules that govern life on a large scale.

Everything you see today, and this great achievement of human progress incarnate in the vastness of society, is wisdom turned into action, and thought converted to movement. No single achievement of any value can ever come to realization if we do not find the courage to turn our thoughts and words into action and movement.

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There was once a preacher with great wisdom and vision. Everyone who talked to him found the missing piece in the puzzle of their life and became successful after a while. He knew the answers to all the questions of existence and life. His intelligence rivalled that of the greatest scientists and his guidance exceeded the expectations of the people who had lost their way and come to him for advice.

Nevertheless, the preacher was always indignant. For if he was the link of understanding and the fountain of knowledge, his life was never the reflection of that engulfing wisdom. For if he had dreams of his own, he never had to chance to realize them. One night, he asked his god, the deity to whom all his prayers went, for a solution, or a hint that he might have missed until now. No answer came to him that night, but he did fall into slumber.

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The next day, the preacher woke up but there was something missing. It was as if something had been removed from his identity. The preacher struggled, but could not speak. He had lost his voice and his ability to convey thought in the typical manner of all humans. That was especially tragic for the preacher, as in his name, it was preaching that gave meaning to his life, and he had lost the only thing he was capable of doing.

The preacher who could not preach eventually achieved everything that he wanted. As he came to the realization that he could no longer speak, the preacher had to put his energy into actually doing something and so his everyday life centered around the steps that he had to take in order to reach his goals.

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The story of the preacher is the tale of many of our lives.
Every step you take today (action) towards the realization of your goals (wisdom), you reduce the guilt and regret of a tomorrow on which you are in the same place as now.

Thinking is great, but without movement, it is an absolute and utter waste of your time. So, shake off your doubts and fears, for you have a wisdom that is remarkable when compared to most of the common population.

Bertrand Russell once said, “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.”

Take steps today, and live a meaningful tomorrow.



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Hi @chbartist if we need to achieve something in life then we have to believe in ourself. If we doubt then it will stop us to go ahead. You are right that wise people think a lot before taking step while others take the steps first and don't think. That's a good thing about them but very bad for people who keep thinking abd doubting.

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I really like your story telling style in a post. It helps to revive the mind.
In my country there is an old saying - "Over thinking and planning will kill your working time."
We don't even feel the guilt of wasting time and cash. That's the real issue.
May your words help them realize and take action.

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The word of God says that faith without work is dead, we were born to subjugate the earth, it is our nature because we are image and likeness of God, I have lived it in my own flesh, the bible speaks of giants, of warriors, and it is so real what is written there, we all have giants to overcome, for example since I was little I have a divine purpose to fulfill, lives that impact, but that purpose has cost me tears, I have been harshly processed, because if we are not trained, we can never build others
Recently I found myself in a situation where emotion surrounded me, and I believe that God had to intervene, to realize that when a door is closed, God opens others for us, God spoke to my heart about the giants, and it struck me that the great King David, and his warriors fought with several giants, and the last giant had six fingers on his hands and feet, that is, 24, when he meditated on it, I had the revelation that this giant represents our humanity, we ourselves, the limitations that are in us, God is the giver of dreams and we are the builders, when we have a dream, it is because he was born in his heart, my favorite logo is a pen is my brand, wherever I go, I have that dreamy spirit, and I like that other people fight for those dreams they once forgot, but they are there in their saved heart, it is there when we live a full life, we fulfill the mission.

Resteem and thanks @chbartist

It is so important to be grateful for everything we have and the experiences we go through as they form who and what we are and mold our journey towards our goals. We sometimes think that the grass is greener on the other side but quickly realize thatbitbis all about perspective. Also, we often don’t realize what we have until we lose it like the monk. Embrace life with all that comes with it as it is meant to be!

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Absolutely @newageinv ...

"It is so important to be grateful for everything we have ..."

... right! A key "secret" to contentment and being at peace ...

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That happens to us all very often. We are dedicated to doing anything, except to realize our dreams and goals, and there is always an excuse. Until, for some reason, we are left without work to perform this activity outside of ourselves, and we have no alternative but to focus on our things to make sense of our lives, if we still have that willpower.

But how much could we achieve if we dedicate ourselves to our dreams from the beginning and do not dedicate that time to something else?

@chbartist sir!
Wisdom helps a person to understand the new conditions properly and adapt to it, while the work helps us to reach the destination. It also gives the message that work done with positive mentality is always appreciable. Circumstances and acquaintances people change our thoughts into movement. For example, I want to mention such friends, three of whom are addicted to drugs and not one. Together, three friends will make pressure on that friend to drunk. The third friend will either adopt that habit, or because of the movement of ideas, will leave friends together.

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Sir, this post is very great. You rightly said that a person should continue to work according to his knowledge.And you also said that movement needs to be expressed in order to express good thinking from where it can express its importance.And I believe we should move forward with good ideas and we will definitely get success from it.

If we want to achieve success then we must have to take action. To fulfil our dreams action is required. So action is a key.

Thank you my friend for building such a beautiful community. I really appreciate your efforts.

Keep up the good work I am with you. Have a good day from my side.

And whenever you have time then must visit me here @coolguy222 , it will be appreciated

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Wisdom is observable biblical character and principles in action. Wisdom is performance. - Donald Howard

Applied knowledge and understanding is wisdom.

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Great lines:

Thinking is great, but without movement, it is an absolute and utter waste of your time.

We have seen the materialization of too much thinking and little action. Internationally, we see it everyday. People are dying and the UN and OEA debate meeting after meetings, most of them months apart, whether a measure should be taken and which one. No tragedy is enough to teach that actions sometimes are better than words and prompt actions must follow a thought out solution to a problem.

Russell's words are lapidary

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.

Worse yet, even if fools and evil people are not certain about what they are doing, they are quick to act upon their ideas. How many good actions have not been carried out because someone alerted about a possible downside, a collateral damage, an infringement to some law?

At the individual level, obviously, the contradictions may abound, because unless someone else points it out to us, it may be very easy not to notice that we are not following the advice we are giving others.
"En casa de herrero, cuchillo de palo", goes the spanish saying (wooden knives at the blacksmith's house)

In the preacher's case, he had to lose something to be able to fulfill the dreams that he wanted. His preaching held him back from fulfilling his dreams that he wanted, and as a result he was unhappy and full of regrets. Thinking about doing something is a waste of time when the first step is never taken. Thoughts and ideas are the tools that help guide our actions. If we don't use them to take action, they just get stored in the shed (our mind) unused.

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To achieve success in life we must act at all times, stay without doing anything, delays things in life ... and as we know, time does not recover. Even in the smallest goal of our life we must act and not wait!

Interesting post @chbartist ...

"Thinking is great, but without movement, it is an absolute and utter waste of your time."

Yes, understood and generally agree. Equally true however that acting before clearly thinking things through or not understanding what you are doing can lead to serious problems.

May we all have the wisdom to get the balance between the two right.

Overall, though, your post brings to mind one of my all-time favorite quotes:

*"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."

Will Rogers, famous Oklahoman

This is posted to be clearly seen in the department which I supervise ...

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Friend @chbartist,Your thinking and your thoughts should definitely be appreciated.
From this story, we learn that it is useless to expect fruit without sowing seeds, if we want fruit, then for that we will have to sow the seeds, then only we will get the fruits.

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Wonderful post! I am very new to Steemit but have jumped in feet first, joining in a community filled with many beautiful souls whose messages are bringing inspiration and motivation for those who care to listen.

The old saying “actions speak louder than words” is exactly what I hear through this post. Thank you.

This came to me at the right time. When thinking is not put into motion, there is no progress in life. Push harder beyond limits and your life will never be the same.
Bless up bro

It's a powerful story and an even more powerful quote at the end.

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts

It's unfortunate but true.

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Again, I enjoyed reading your post full of valuable insights and encouragement. It is true and can relate. Thinking without movement is certainly a waste of time for this to happen there must be a hindrance and whatever that hindrance is needs to be solved or eliminated and perhaps just have the courage to take the risk toward movement believing in you.
Thank you for sharing your thoughtful insights on knowing the difference between wisdom and action, thought and movement.

Time is very precious. Time does not come back, so we should not take time and take action as per our thinking.
Thanks @chbartist

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Another helpful and great article by you. I love to read this series of articles.

If we want to be successful then we have to leave our negativity and have to move towards positivity. If there is negative thoughts in our mind we can not do anything because these thoughts create fear and stop our growth.

If we want to achieve our Target or goal then we have to work hard today so we can get success in future.

"Grind your twenties if you want to rest in your fifties"

As you said" wise people think allot" it is right but overthinking can take opportunity from us. Sometimes it better to something without thinking about it's negative parts .

Thanks for this awesome, informative and meaningful article.

You can visit me @ajks I feel highly obliged and motivated

Yeah! I would like to go by what @coolguy222 said in his comment that "In order to achieve success, then we must take action". Nowaday's, many people had the dream of becoming this and that but they are not ready to take action about their dream! Then I wonder how such dream can be achieved. Thanks @chbartist for sharing .


Well said alok
Self confidence is the key

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Bertrand Russell once said, “The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.”

This is so true in today’s day and age where every fool is taken seriously that the people with knowledge actually doubt their knowledge. A person with no qualifications is taken more seriously than a person with qualifications.

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Thank you @chbartist.

Thinking is great, but without movement, it is an absolute and utter waste of your time

Great words. Love it!

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Yeah!!! If you wanna zchieve your goals you need to be fucused and you need a clean heart...( i don't have any problem that you are tagging me in your post bro @chbartist)👍

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Idea is a spark or a beginning of all creation in this universe. But , idea js always ideae if we never take action and make it happen.

They say that action is the bridge idea and result . they will be no result if there is no action been taking .

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I wonder why there steemit doesn't make automatic image source links like the ones you made.
I would save us all a lot of time and the entire 'source calling' discusson could end.
I hate source calling. But it would be OK if the mouse over would automatically show the source instead of the ugly source links that smudge our articles.
Anyhow your solution is the least intrucive iv'e come across this far.

When you work with faith there are no limits to receiving the blessings of God.

The preachers tale is great. Act!

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This is an amazing post. Steemit is really awesome. Joining this community was the best decision I have ever made

Time is very precious. Time does not come back, so we should not take time and take action as per our thinking.