Why is it Important to Know More than One Language?

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Hi, dear Steemians!

Technology has brought humanity together, nowadays more than ever with the innovations of the phenomenon known as the world wide web.

Everything changes in time. Politics take new form, schools of thought evolve, and cultures interweave. This is also true about the world of economy.

As we move forward, it is becoming more and more apparent that economy is not a domestic matter anymore and people should begin to see their trade as a universal trend.

In this interconnected and worldwide society that we live in today, why is it important to learn other languages and become fluent in them?

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An idea first forms in our head and we reflect that idea as a thought, and then express it using words of a language. A language is the cornerstone of communication in a society.

We use language to talk to others. We use language to express our feelings. We use language to influence others. We use language to trade. We use language to create the foundations of human society.

So, language is inherently important in our lives. Now that the world is compared to a village according to the level of communication with other countries and areas with indigenous population, one can safely say that learning other languages will win you life at large.

We will make our point by explaining two main points about learning another language.

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First of all, you should know that learning another language can open new pathways in your brain which will ultimately make you see the world in a different and more expanded light.

The thing is, even our simplest definitions of the world around us and how we comprehend every occurrence is because of our language and the culture of that mother tongue.

When you learn a new language, you will see the world as the people of that language see it. And trust me, every group of people scattered around this globe see the world in a different way.

This is what we know as the Bilingual Mind; people who know two languages and see the world with an expanded definition on everything.

Scientists have also proved that learning another language can greatly enhance your intelligence and your capability to understand new and complex ideas. Your memory is also affected in a positive way by your understanding of a whole different language.

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One other important aspect of learning a new language is that you will always be one step ahead of everybody else. A person who understands the ways of another culture and can communicate with them will always have more opportunities in life.

Not even for their individual improvement, knowing another language will turn you into a valuable asset for many companies in your own country, because they might be interested in communicating with other companies overseas and need someone to do that for them.

People who know several languages are often more successful in business, be it a personal startup and enterprise or a senior position in a well-known and respected company.

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Learning another language is as artistic as writing a new book or playing a musical instrument. Love the learning process and you will not live to regret it!

To enhance your intelligence or your understanding of the universe, learn other languages and cultures and expand your definition on humanity.

Indeed, learning a new language is one of the most worthwhile endeavors you could take on in your lifetime.




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Thanks All of You!!!!


I'm hyperlexic, so learning New languages is easy. Not only does this make travel easier, but it also helps understand other cultures.

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Yeah learning more languages is the key to a broader world.

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what do you mean by broader?

Learn some greetings in the language before learning the alphabet. Learn the alphabet of the language if necessary: ​​it will be easier for the person to read and pronounce the words at the same time, in addition it would be better to look at the words and knowledge rather than ignorance. Vocabulary: One of the most important things in the language is mastery of the basic vocabulary, even if the person can not understand all the vocabulary in the sentence, but knowledge of some of them will help him to understand the meaning of the general. To learn counting in the new language: first start learning counting for ten, because it is easier to save. Not to focus too much on rules; the main reason most people fail is to learn a new language and focus on grammar instead of speaking it. Not fearing mistakes; the best way to learn is to learn from mistakes.

Learning a new language is not as difficult as most people think, but it may take time and effort.

Increased awareness of the individual, according to a study conducted by the University of Pompeo Fabra Spanish; it was found that people who speak several languages more able to monitor their surroundings, and they have a greater skill in focusing on information related to a subject, and the exclusion of non-related information.

The world is like a small village now because of the Internet and various means of communication. Traveling from one country to another is one of the easiest and simplest things. People start communicating with each other from different countries. To complete this communication is important. Mastery of several languages.

You can communicate to any place in the world, but you can not know any country without knowing the language of the country. Knowing the language spoken by the country you want to travel enables you to know the culture of this country and to meet anyone in this country. , The individual may need to ask directions in the street, or ask for food in the restaurant. In addition, the individual's knowledge of the language in a country enables him to roam the country, learn about the real secrets associated with this country, and know how things go there.

The development of a person's ability to deal with multiple tasks: Many tasks are stressful and difficult to multi-lingual, and for multilingualists are able to slide their tongue and ideas one by one and have a high efficiency in dealing with the problems, thus committing the error is very small when they carry out various activities .

I didn't know learning a new language had such a significant impact on a person's intelligence and comprehension. This article inspired me to learn more languages to expand my mind and meet new people. There is no right time to start learning a language. You just start and do your best to keep moving forward with the utmost grit. Immersion in the language will help reinforce the learning a lot better since you're putting it to practical use.

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The brain is like a muscle that works better with exercise, and because learning a new language depends on keeping the rules and vocabulary of the language, it helps to strengthen that brain muscle, which improves the total memory of the individual. Many studies indicate that people who speak more than one language They have the ability to remember shopping lists, names, and trends better.

Multi-lingual people have the ability to switch between speech, writing and language systems. This ability enables them to easily switch between tasks and thus perform multiple tasks simultaneously. One study has shown that multilingual participants experimented with driving in a simulator or simulator Leadership along with other tasks that are separate at the same time better than other participants.

Oh yes @chbartist, the study of other languages in our world is a very important process and acquisition. Now, when the Internet occupies a leading role in the life of almost any person and if we know other languages, this gives a huge advantage to communication!

I completely agree with you that without knowledge of other languages it is now very difficult in the modern world and their study is a very priority activity. Knowledge of languages makes it easier for almost our whole life, and since most of us spend time on the Internet, this becomes simply vital!

On the other side, I wonder if it's actually not enough to just know English. Almost everyone knows it and if you happen to live in an English speaking country there is normally only little motivation to learn a foreign language.

Anyway, I completely agree to learn languages! I broadens the mind :)

Language studies daily: People often claim to study five-year language but do not speak fluently. But when they say five years, they may have meant that they studied language for a few hours a week over that entire period of time. If a person wants to learn a new language Quickly, he must adhere and study daily to master it in just months.

Communicating with someone who speaks fluent language: The best way to learn a new language is to speak. Most people spend long hours studying grammar and a list of new terms instead of going to the ground and practicing what they have learned. Talking to someone who is fluent in language helps to feel more confident than Staring at books or sitting behind a computer screen.

Excellent motivation and I fully support your idea that the study of other languages gives us tremendous opportunities in the modern world. This may be various aspects of our life, work or travel, business or just communication, but if we have other languages, we have a huge advantage in achieving our goals and dreams!

Excellent review, my friend and you are absolutely right, knowledge of other languages is very important now, because it is in the world of high technologies and social networks that gives an undeniable superiority, which facilitates communication and mutual understanding! Thank you @chbartist

lastima que yo solo hablo español y pendejadas mas nada XD!! :(

Usa el traductor de Google, es bastante bueno para esto. Lo que pasa es que tienes que escribir neutro, para que el traductor reconozca todas las palabras y expresiones. Y traducir dos veces para que te asegures que estás escribiendo lo que quieres. Prueba eso.


An individual can nourish his mind by resorting to language learning, as there are many benefits of learning a foreign language. Multiculturalism has been shown to improve the individual's ability to memorize, perform multiple tasks, and also prove that learning a foreign language helps Reducing the incidence of Alzheimer's disease, and early dementia. In addition, language learning helps to enhance an individual's ability to use the rules of his mother tongue and enriches his mind with many of his vocabulary.

Set aside a daily time to learn a foreign language and put a certain number of words to learn each day. Read books and see programs in foreign languages.

Learning a new language puts the brain in the task of recognizing this new structure of language, acting on the brain and making the ability to express ideas better as it sharpens reading, negotiation, and problem solving skills.

Hello @chbartist!

I think that learning more languages ​​is very important, not only for everything that you are exhibiting but also for another very important reason .........Make community.

To the extent that we can contribute much more to the world, the better it will be for us and for all, always thinking about the common good.

To learn foreign languages several benefits, qualify the person to enjoy the social and economic benefits, as well as the mental benefits of learning a foreign language.

I remember from my psychology degree that individuals who can speak two or more languages tend to do better on tests relating to executive control functioning, which speaks to some of what you are saying in your post. I think learning another language later in life is more challenging for people generally than if they learned it when they are young, during the time that their brains are focusing on language acquisition and undergoing neural pruning. Neural pruning is the reason why people tend to struggle with accents when they learn later in life. However, it is still possible to learn. I just started learning French recently. Its challenging and I'm butchering the accent, but I'm getting it slowly :)

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I have heard about similar studies as well (although I also remember one that shows that bilingual speakers are also somewhat negatively affected, all in all the advantages still outweigh, though).

What is neural pruning?

bon chance! :)

Yes I read that as well. Bilingual speakers tended to have smaller vocabularies in both languages then single language speakers from what I read. Neural pruning in a nutshell. Basically an infant's brain has more neurons (brain cells) than it actually needs. As the infant grows, its brain eliminates all neuron that are not in use. Think pruning an overgrown shrub. Many of the neurons that are eliminated are the ones designed to recognize phonemes (foundational sounds of language). Different languages use different phonemes and an infant's brain can learn any phoneme it encounters. However, when these phoneme recognizing neurons are eliminated, that person can no longer hear or distinguish that particular sound. Hence, accents and difficulty learning a new language later in life. Now that it has been mentioned, you will probably recognize this effect when you engage with others who speak a different language, that they did not learn as a child.
When encountering someone trying to learn a phrase of another language, how many times have you heard a person say "I'm saying it exactly like you're saying it!" After being told to try again multiple times? Another example: before English was taught around the world many Asian base language speakers had difficulty distinguishing the difference between "L" and "R" sounds so would sometimes mix them up. L and R sounds are phonemes that arent used in these Asian based languages. Because of neural pruning these speakers had a difficult time hearing these sounds when spoken by others and difficulty making the sounds themselves.

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thank you for this great response! I actually learned something 😊👏

The discussion was a success then :)

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Mastering and speaking foreign languages can improve brain function and thus enhance intelligence, as a result of the person's keenness to identify the meanings of different terms, read these terms in several different meanings, and use several linguistic systems to communicate, and this skill enhances the ability to understand problems And then find appropriate solutions

Traveling to a foreign country during work or leave will be easier when mastering several languages. A person will be able to easily read newspapers, news and food, and will find the local population more loving and welcoming as a result of speaking their language and showing interest and understanding of their history and culture.

Language learning allows the individual to learn about new cultures and to exchange experiences and knowledge with others. This promotes cultural awareness. Through culture, the person can build relationships with people in different regions of the world, learn to respect different values, ethnicities and cultures, Listening to foreign films, music and literature in their original languages, learning about the history of new countries, and a person can also rethink and understand his own culture in a new way.

Several studies have shown that older adults were the onset of Alzheimer's disease at a later age of 75, compared to monolingual adults who were the first signs at the age of 71.

Learning a new language enables anyone to better understand this race or culture. Openness to cultures allows you to be more flexible and appreciative than other ways of doing and looking at things. As a result, if you are multilingual, you should take advantage of seeing the world from different perspectives.

Language learning improves students' analytical skills, as well as work, creativity and problem-solving skills. It promotes opportunities for participation in business, medicine, law, technology, industry and marketing, and enhances listening skills.

The more you use your brain, the better it works, learning a new language that requires you to learn new vocabulary, compounds, and information. This strengthens memory because the brain has built its ability to link information with short code instructions and keeps information better.

The learning of new languages ​​is important because every expression of our spiritual life can be conceived as a kind of language, in this context, language means a principle dedicated to the communication of spiritual contents related to the objects respectively treated: technique, art , justice or religion. In a word, each communication of spiritual contents is language, and communication by means of the word is only a particular case of human language, its foundation or that which is based on it, such as justice or poetry. But the being of language not only extends over all areas of man's spiritual expression, somehow always immanent in language, but extends over everything. There is no event or thing, both in the living and the inanimate nature, that does not have, in some way, participation in the language, since it is in the nature of all of them to communicate their spiritual content.

Completely true! Not only does it broaden your mindset, but knowing more than one language will open up so much new information you can consume. There will always be books, articles, documentaries and papers that will never be translated to your native language and being able to consume that infromation will realy put you at an advantage in life in the long run.

At this point I only know two languages Lithuanian my native tongue and english. I'd love to tackle japanese language at some point, such a delicate and expressive language, you can never translate their work's just right.

I feel like every language has their own significance, we should never compare any of them and the way you explained why its important to learn many language is very compelling.
Keep up with great work.

Indeed languages will make you understand the world better. It will make you realize that there are things taken lightly in your own language but it has more power in another language. This will help you understand and appreciate other cultures.
I'm glad I know a little bit of English that I can make some post and comment here on Steemit and made new friends.

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Why learn languages for many is essential because currently requires the use of at least one language in addition to own to access better job opportunities and thanks to technology we can learn languages online. An example of this is English, which has become the main form of communication in the business world. In fact, the handling of a second language, and even a third, is almost a guarantee of success in the workplace.
Many people ask themselves: "Why should I learn another language?" The answer to this question is very extensive, as there is a long list of reasons to learn one or more languages besides your own.
in health, it is shown that it is important to speak another language, since it improves the functioning of your brain and decreases the chances of acquiring dementia or Alzheimer's and improves the perception of the human being.

Je parle le français, le créole et l'espagnol et l'anglais...
Fòk nou degaje'n pale plizyè lang...
Time is money 💰... Stay focus ! ...

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I can attest that learning a second language has opened the doors to many opportunities both personally and professionally. The ability to communicate in a globalized world full of relationships and dependencies is a key to many business seeking to grow and expand.

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I know four languages. Yeeeh!!
What you said about language, I never thought about this before that it opens new path in our brains or so. But after reading this I think for a while and find this really meaningful.
People who don't know another language can't know how other people sees the world.
Language represent culture and reflection of thought.
As in my native language 'suicide' is called 'killing the soul'. You can guess how we used to see things by this single word.
Thanks for sharing.

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I say straight up, its important to learn 2 languages because in todays world it helps by getting jobs. Mostly people who are fluent in both english and spanish are the one who have the higher chance of getting the job positions.

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Basically, I know 4 to 5 Indian based languages. I think most of the people of India know more than three languages. It's always fun and interesting to speak with different people with different language and culture.

wow, that's amazing. How similar are they? Or is it more like Spanish and Italian where words are almost identical?

Yes, It's amazing. Though they are derived from Ancient Sankrit Languages, they are tottaly different from each others.

wow then that's really impressive! Do you know how they pick the languages up? Like, do they learn them in school or one is just confronted by different indian languages in everyday life?

There is more than 1500 rationalised mother tongue in India. 234 identifiable languages and 23 languages are officiale languages in India.
They automatically learn languages according to their birthplace that is used in everyday life according to the location.They learn one languages in home,(mother languages) one in school,(State Languages) one or two common languages widely used in India(Hindi & English) by day to day used.
They have also option to learn in school and coaching centre.
This is really impressive. That' why I called India as "Earth Within Earth" And I have Mentioned in my Profile location also.

wow that really is impressive. Thank you for sharing these facts with us. Maybe one day I can visit India :)

You are heartly welcome to India.

Sir like speak another language mostly I trying to learn in my free time through media.
Beacous I think this is other language help you other places job opportunity, improve memory, friendship, learn different culture and develop your personality.

Hi friend chbartist !! This is interesting learn other language more beneficial in job opportunity community bounding good friendship another in country Persian this his help knowledge develop sharp memory learning to help different cultures most beneficial in life not possible easy to learn through in technology world.

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I want to learn Latin but I don't know where to start.
Anyways, its exciting and challenging to learn other languages aside from our own native language.
Yes, it also help us to learn more and will make our brain constantly active by learning new good things.

Hi dear @chbartist sir u r right. If technology not advance for all to used. How we get connected to this Steemit platforms. Sir my English little bit. So thank to u all for given opportunity to connect together with the help of technology. Thanks to all those how make world smaller to each other.

I couldn’t agree more! Science even proves that trying to learn languages at an older age (40+) actually helps reverse any declining of brain function and essentially makes your brain “younger” and more efficient.

i can speak vietnam, Danish, English, but i very bad to wirth for i dyslexic,


Curious to ask all followers how many languages they speak and their best trick to learn a new language?

Keep it coming @chbartist

I speak 4 languages so far and I can say it definitely broadens the way you think, the way you analyze things, even the way you learn.

Moreover, learning languages decreases the probabilities of developing Alzheimer. This is because you are constantly creating new neurons and synapses in your brain.

The best of it is to be able to communicate with other people! As a plus, there are expressions or words that you can't possibly translate into other languages, which well, it can be a disadvantage in certain contexts I guess 😁

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[EN] To know more than one languages open our horizons and make easier to take knowledge and Friends around the world.
[SP] Conocer más de un idioma abre nuestros horizontes y hace más fácil obtener conocimiento y amigos al rededor del mundo.
[PT] Conhecer mais de um idioma abre nossos horizontes e faz mais fácil obter conhecimento e amigos ao redor do mundo.
Cheers @chbartist

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Speaking 2 languages fluently with others like, dying-by-the-minute Korean and French.

Here’s the punch line, thinking, not just knowing in two or more languages is magic.

To learn a new language, there has to be some level of motivation behind it, some self interest to say.

When you’re motivated, you will commit to the process.

Besides speaking, listening helps a lot too, focusing on grammatical rules in the early stages is futile.

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What’s interesting is that I just downloaded Duolingo, an app that helps you learn different languages. One day I’ll be able to return to this post with real-life experience about how learning a new language created new experiences for me.

We can understand different culture and Knowing different language is very important for cultural exchange

@very rightly said
we must learn multiple languages to enhance oue outlook
It gives so much confidence as well.

There's also the fact that, at least in america, multi-lingualism is such a low percentage of the population. With the current unfortunate trend of nationalism, and the whole "in america we speak English" and all that malarkey, people who actually can speak other langauges well are more and more in the minority. contrast that with, basically every other country in which more and more people are learning multiple languages, and it really makes one sad about the state of the USA.
Not to mention the tragic disuse of sign languages as a form of communication that exclude deaf and mute people from general conversations, which just makes it even worse. (i'm mute myself, so I feel this a lot.)

To have a different perspective. Knowing two or more than two languages will help you become smart and receptive. It helps you become tolerant to others and keep harmony in this world.

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The key difference between my wife and I: when I get bored, I turn to youtube. When she get's bored, she learns a new language.... French, German, Russian, Kazakh...

Guess who has the masters degree and who plays on Steem? Hahahaha

What an excellent writing! Learning other language is building a cornerstone of humanity in the middle of the heart for realising, suffering, sorrow, sadness, pain, cry and love of other community far from of the world, thank you very much for presenting a nice article.

I can confirm this from my own experience. It's very important to speak at least two different languages.

yeah, it's definitely good to know at least two languages. But have you also had to deal with some of the problems like sometimes having to think longer about a word or not knowing some common idioms etc.? For me this has always been a small price to pay for speaking 2+ languages. But the advantages are definitely bigger :)

Great @chbartist, If there is a key sentence I will pick up from the post, that will be, "learning other languages opens you to several opportunities". The problem with some people is just that they display prejudice towards other tribes and learning the language of that tribe will not even cross their mind. They fail to see the adverse effects it has on their businesses and life in general. I for one, I am going to increase my seriousness in learning other languages. It comes with great benefits.

Every time we learn a new language we gain the ability to communicate with that many more people. I will forever be grateful that my parents pushed my brothers and I to learn languages! Have a good one

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We rarely realize how important it is to know several languages. It is a universe that opens up to us, because the things that we can appreciate, that we can learn, the whole panorama opens up with many possibilities of knowing more people, their thoughts, their cultures, it is a gain and it is something that we should propose as a goal a medium term.
Let's learn more languages!

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Learn English, everything else is irrelevant!!!

I totally agree with you!

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Learning another language is ofcourse very good. It may not be tough to learn but it definitely requires time and dedication. Getting a good command over any language need more time.

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Bangladesh is my country. Bengli is my language. Shakib al-hasan is the number one all rounder in crecket world.
Ami banglar gan.jpg

Good idées

Studying languages, opens up many doors and many opportunities. Apart from nurturing your skills. The translators are very good, but sometimes, they do not really convey the message you want to convey, but when you handle the language, you can transmit absolutely, whatever you want and you will be sure that you are saying what you really want to say

Indeed ability to know more than one language is very important. For an example, malaysia chinese learns 3 languages generally exclude the dialects. Some of the companies are looking for multi languages in their candidates to reach out to more customers. So if you know more than one language you are actually widen your chances in your networking and career. (Y) How many language do you know? @chbartist

I am learning my third language right now and I think I have the main 3 most spoken languages down.

Agree that know several languages is important. And I think to start learn languages better from childhood. Also I think if you study foreign languages you also need to learn culture because I think it's important not only just can talk with other but and understand him throught his culture.

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❤️ never any less.

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Essentially where I'm coming from language is actually the basis of how our awareness or how we think so the language one uses and the language one engages in essentially sets up where their level of existences where they're coming from so there's a different type of language to go with different ways of being in the world and we find that at work we find that in our relationships at home we find that if you're doing therapy a client or a friend or a partner will come in and they will talk to you and they'll use a certain language sometimes that language will be centered in fear and survival sometimes that language will be centered in and I need power or I'm having power over to take taking me over or sometimes that language is sound around I want to achieve to become more and so it's from from watching carefully a person's language you get to see their awareness or consciousness and then the key the trick the goal of a great connector or psychologist or just friend is to watch the language hear the language meet them where they are and then dwell with them there and help them go to where they're going

good morning,

both at the work level, as well as at the cultural level, and at the personal level, it will always be very important to learn, understand, and master a different language, to the native language.

There are many companies that always look for people for positions of extreme importance, with knowledge in the area, but, it is indispoensable at least in my country, to master English.

Being able to master a language opens the doors for you, and allows you to have a lot of opportunities for the future.

When you learn a language you grow as a person and as an individual, it is a great satisfaction, such as your university degree, among others

Para aprender otro idioma tambienes necesario mucha practica, Pues la practica hace el maestro.

Great post , you can get much of benefits from learning two or three languages

It is unfortunate that 'socialist' education in the U.S. doesn't require students to learn a second language. Most students graduate at a significant disadvantage over those who speak two languages or more.

Best regards.


Hi @chbartist, I agree 100% with what you have written. As an American citizen living in Japan, I could be doing so much better, in many different ways, if I was fluent in Japanese. I'm doing ok with the speaking part, but the writing part, mainly Chinese characters, is really complicated for me. I hope to try a lot harder, starting now.


You’re about to teach yourself to believe, “yes, I can.” It’ll become your new personal mantra.

I'm a native English speaker and I learned Greek in high school and college, but aside from that I never learned any other languages. I said I wanted to, I picked up a book on Hindi once and studied it for a few days, I've tried lots of other things until finally, I started learning Spanish for real about three months ago. I'm pleased I'm sticking with it and I hope to pick up German, Italian, or French next.

Dear @chbartist sir
Language is an important means of communicating our thoughts or we can say that the system of sound signals used in the strict sense for the expression of expressions and thoughts is the language. When we express our thoughts, our language is reflected in our minds as well as state, class, ethnicity, religion, education and provincialism. For people who have knowledge of different languages, communication becomes easier for them, and they find themselves in a better place than others. Even today, on this BlockChane, you will find blogs in different languages ​​that are difficult to understand without translator. In fact, learning a new language is not less than any art, because the easy vocabulary of the language which we do not dominate is also distracts us, so knowledge of different languages ​​becomes necessary.
Thank you for your effort making unity

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As usual, a very professional post, carefully prepared, interesting and long ... the ineffective nauta of the second language learning is very important and that's all you've written is true.

One thing to emphasize is to learn a good foreign language you need to learn it from a child or or you have to go to this country to learn to thoroughly learn this language.

Maybe you will not agree with me but another aspect is the fact that not all people have a predisposition to learn a foreign language, some people come to it naturally, others have to study for a long time.

I will not elaborate for a long time because it is a very interesting topic, maybe somebody else will comment. I thank You very much and as always I admire your great effort in writing posts.

i think see many people stating the number of languages they speak. I always find those statements somewhat difficult or misleading, because it could mean several things.

  1. You know a few sentences in 5 languages(doesn't count in any way, but I really have spoken people who thought it did)
  2. You can survive if you had to live in an environment where you had to speak one of those languages on a day to day basis. (usually with bad grammar, sentence structure and accent, but could get your point across to others)
  3. You can have a reasonable conversation in 5 languages.
  4. You are fluent in them. If I take myself as an example: I am completely fluent in two languages, I am reasonably conversational in 1 and could survive in another 1. How many languages do I speak? When can you say you speak a language? Is that point 2 or point 3? I myself think it's 3, but I could be too strict. I am curious what others think

If we have more ways to express things, the more freedom we have. Years ago a friend had a stroke that rendered her speechless and unable to understand many things at age 24. Within a year she had fully recovered speech and most function. The experts attributed this to the fact that she was fluent in 8 languages. Those languages weren't all of the same structure either. She had English, Polish, Mandarin, Japanese (they're just the ones I remember) so her brain could rewire itself easily.

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I know one thing that, thinking in other language will be logical rather than emotional. And the other is it helps in communicating with other language people.

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