Why Does it Matter to Give and Receive Compliments?

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Hi, Steemians!

Acknowledgement is a tricky thing; many people claim that they do not need to receive acknowledgement for their work, and many people actively state that they need it.

The truth is, one way or another, we all need to be accepted into the society.

Our identity, our work, and our sense of showmanship should all be respected equally if we wish to prosper.

That is why it is important to remember that we should always compliment each other on what we are good at.

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First of all, if you are an employer and have people working for you, it is an absolute necessity to understand the need for compliments.

People work towards a goal and they eventually get their reward.

That reward is either the spiritual result of valuable work or the corporeal reward of money and compensation for work.

But that is not enough to keep their spirits up.

Spiritual reward is always left in ambiguity, and might never be actually achieved. Money is something you work for, but not something you can be proud about.

Employers should take a note to always compliment their employees in the right time and remind them of the great work that they are doing.

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Apart from that, it is important to remember that if we want cultural change, we have to be the ones that ignite the flame of undertaking.

What I want to tell you today is that you should not be afraid of giving other people compliments.

In return and in time, they will also compliment you on things you do right.

Do not let your pride stand in the way of you doing something right and kind towards other people.

Trust me, you will receive that kindness tenfold.

But remember this: Compliments should not be fake or imitative.

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This is the same with the phrase of ‘I love you!’

Because it gets repeated so often that it basically loses its significance and meaning.

But compliments should not be given in this way.

When you compliment someone on something that is not strictly their doing, it can have a negative effect on their mental health.

When you compliment someone out of kindness but you know that your compliment is meaningless, that is going to have a negative effect on your relationship.

Trust me… people know whether they are good at something or not.

And what they want is to actually be complimented on things they are proud of.

From now onward, do not be afraid to give each other compliments!



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Greetings @chbartist

In organizations, the organizational climate is the physical and human environment in which work is carried out.

The quality of the climate directly influences the satisfaction of the workers and therefore in the business productivity.

One way to improve and maintain a good organizational climate is through compliments or congratulations aimed at recognizing and rewarding the effort of a person or group within the organization.

This type of recognition improves the sense of belonging of the employee towards the company, raising the levels of quality in the product or service, boosted the image of the company as an institution that values ​​its human talent.

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Compliment can definitely go a long way for a person that's lacking self-confidence. If a person receives compliments for jobs well done he or she would feel that his or her hard work is worth it. So yeah, give compliment where compliment is due--it's free anyway.

This is very true. Allways give a nice but honest compliment

The need for recognition is contemplated within the needs of the human being. Abraham Maslow explained it that way in his well-known theory, giving him a higher ranking within the pyramid of human needs.
As masterfully pointed out by @chbartist, in any kind of relationship it is necessary to make use of compliments. This use must, in the first instance, be timely. An untimely recognition loses its motivating effect.
Second, you must be honest if you present build a solid rapport between the people involved. The compliments must respond to a higher level in achieving the objectives. Giving compliments as part of a simple formality, end up affecting the credibility between the parties.
Finally I will quote an expression that I have heard in the managerial field which I think is great and applicable in any context of our public relations: "Recognize in public, ricrimina in private".
Greetings and happy weekend to all!

better mutual understanding give and take between relationship everyone won't reward after the hard work I think this is really good manners and tendency positive response.

Sir I agree with your opinion give complements each other proudly for better understanding results for supporting.

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Compliments are a key factor in building high performing teams as feedback is an imperative for those collaborations that are successful. This serves as not only motivation for future progress but feedback from experiences on how to adjust accordingly.

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It is very rare that we compliment each other, you have bought a really important but ignored topic into limelight. we should create a good habit of complimenting!
Keep inspiring.

Being able to appreciate a compliment is always a good thing. For a long time I would just disagree with the person and say something to stupid like: but I look fat. Now I say: thank you for your compliment. This still leaves me room to disagree 😊

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@chbartist complements set a trend or standard for your work. On the complition of work everyone want to be evaluated by others it does't matter how they did.

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giving compliments to other costs us nothing but a good heart. again it could be a lot to others. thank you..

Its true compliment is a best thing. We should give compliment on good work. @chbartist is doing good work. We should say good work @chbartist.
Good luck.............

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You are right @chbartist, you have a gift for inspiring others.

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Its as good a feeling to the giver to give, as it is for the receiver to receive. 😊😊

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That’s so nice


I like reciprocating 😍

I think you are a terrific writer and this was well stated. ( my compliment )

I've worked in loads of different environments over the years.

Environments where I've had really crappy clients and internal teams as well as environments where I've had crappy clients but supportive internal teams that encourage you and give compliments.

I can safely say that working with people who even say "thank you" or "well done" makes a WORLD of difference in terms of mental health and stability.

Moral of the story, be kind, supportive and give people encouragement and praise for a job well done! :)

I don’t give compliments out for free any more, you will have to pay me. Sorry

We can often times be very self critical so just making a kind gesture to someone else can lift their spirits and remind that there is beauty among the worlds barbwire.

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You're an awesome writer. It's a compliment, now i also some compliments in return. It really matters.

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The compliments show our way of supporting someone, must be something that is part of our lives, have the habit of making compliments to those who really deserve it, sincerely and without expecting anything in return.

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Try smile and not let bad words make you sad. But yes one compliment can make all day look very cool and warm. 😊👍👌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

We are busy in life have no time for least important things but we should not forget that relations are the top priority in life and should not be ignored. Giving compliments to people around us makes them feel good and helps to strengthen our bonding with them so its important to do.

i suck in receiving compliments 😀 not sure how good am i in giving them.

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