Why Do We Need More Philanthropists in the Modern World???

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Hi, dear Steemians!

The pursuit of riches is the greatest value in our human society nowadays. Wealth is the defining characteristic of success and accomplishment, and it is a merit pursued by a great many dreamers from all ages and ethnic diversities.

In such society, capitalism is dominant in all economic affairs, and its sole purpose is to enhance the qualities that undermine the increasement of profit.

But is this the greatest thing we could aspire to achieve?

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The class gap of wealth in society is indeed a problem, but it is not rooted in devilry and mischief. It is simply a matter of inevitable turn of events as a result of a properly functioning economic system.

The real dilemma is the purpose behind such riches and wealth. Many people aspire to become wealthy and that is their ultimate dream. But wealth in itself should not be a purpose, but a means to an end.

Imagine that you set out to become wealthy and acquire this dream after a couple of years of hard and exhausting work. What then? Should your purpose now be to become more and more wealthy?

Is that going to satisfy you or your soul?

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Adam Smith once described the entirety of human endeavors in the economics of society as a search for the love of two primary things; money and glory.

One of the most effective ways to create an equal society is to give wealth meaning. Meaning and purpose are great incentives as they give people will and determination to do things that they otherwise would not.

Consider a soldier who fights in the front line for the glory of his country and wins the respect of his people.

Consider a scientist who works tirelessly to reveal something new about the laws that govern our universe.

Consider the boy who wishes to, one day, become the greatest artist on the face of the earth.

We can appreciate all these aspirations, because we see them all as noble.

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But even though we live in a society where the most fundamental purpose is to gain riches, we refuse to believe that the pursuit is noble.

Most of us associate wealth with greed, where in truth it could be just a mean onto another end nobler than anything we could imagine.

That is where the idea of philanthropy comes in. That is where there is yet chance to create equity in our society.

The idea that wealth is a powerful tool in the minds of the decent.

Even if your aspiration is to become wealthy, consider the potential that it holds apart from your own desires and needs.




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Thanks All of You!!!!


Yes, we need indeed more Philanthropists in our society, but genuine ones; not the type of just pursuing boosting their public image -- which I think constitute unfortunately the majority our days.

The class gap of wealth in society is indeed a problem, but it is not rooted in devilry and mischief.

Today's inequality is rooted in banking theft and is entirely unethical an immoral. It is theft.

It is simply a matter of inevitable turn of events as a result of a properly functioning economic system.

There is no metric to apply that can equate our economic system as a 'properly functioning system', sorry.
It is based on theft. (earning money off money that doesn't exist)

I don't mean to be negative on your posts - , but I will not let false paradigms - and hence a false reality - go unchallenged.
I make no apology for that, my friend.

I will always fight for ethically correct and factual based empirical argument. (not a desire to offend or be critical for it's own sake.).

I understand what you mean. But sometimes I write just to be provocative and opinions like yours are written as well. On the contrary, I have always been a paradigm breaker, but it is necessary to understand that we have countries with many differences and sometimes what can be applied in one country can be good and in another not. This is like in self help books. It would be impossible to do what was written by "rich dad poor dad" in Latin American countries, but in other countries yes. It's just an analysis for reflexion and I respect your opinion and I do not think you're negative. I do not know what country you are but being a businessman and building a successful bussiness in a country like mine. The annual interest rate on credit cards has reached 400% a year last year. It requires a lot for those of us who do not make mistakes. Greetings.

I feel identified with both opinions. And I feel the need to comment on this.

I would like to clarify, first of all that I come from Venezuela, and as it is already well known worldwide, we are going through an economic crisis unprecedented in the whole world, with an inflation rate that is already around 10.000.000%, something only seen in economies sub-Saharan countries such as Zimbabwe and Somalia.

When I read what was written by the friend @lucylin, I feel identified by the savagery of robbery and corruption in which my country is sadly plunged, and here we talk that banks are not necessarily, we are talking about a totally corrupt political and legislative system, so intense that it ended up leading to bankruptcy and debatable even to several banks. So I agree with your opinion friend @lucylin. I have been affected very seriously by this, as my family unfortunately.

And on the other hand, I see what @chbartist says about it and it makes me react, I feel alluded to, since despite being in Latin America and in the worst economy and the highest risk worldwide, I consider a book of Kiyosaki as a Father Rich Poor Father and other of his works more, have given me ideas and an essence that I still carry with me, and have contributed to maintain my spirit and even achieve a medium success in business, despite the vicissitudes. Without a doubt, not everything can be put into practice, it is true; the country situation does not allow it. But my mind does stay focused, and that already represents a success. The minds of many in my country, have had to become very creative, not only to survive, but to achieve success in business, in which this crisis makes us grow instead of shrinking.

Therefore, I think that an article like this should be seen with a lot of empathy. The reality of a country does not necessarily affect all its citizens in the same way, that's why this type of self-help books I think have served me a lot, but it has not been so for many other people. And being in a developed country, with a capitalist government and stable economy, does not imply that all citizens do well in business and economically. So I agree with both @lucylin and @chbartist.

Thanks @chbartist for these very interesting articles. As always very attentive.

A hug. Best regards!

Another excellent article @chbartist!

This one is a morals bender and a lot of people will confront that demon which says to be wealthy and rich without any moral anchor.

Then there are those which despise and hate going after wealth and riches as an objective goal in itself. They are volunteers for some good cause. They never allow the overwhelming emotional drive, enthusiasm, and energy required for success to possess them outright to achieve what they want. They feel perfectly fine being an enabler to wealth creation pursued by an entrepreneur with a capitalist business plan .

Creation of wealth and riches will always be the direct result of a successful endeavor of some kind, probably the solution to some great menace or health threat, merits the outpouring of wealth upon such noble contributors to life.

One thing we can be sure of is the haves and have not's - haves try really hard to be successful, the have not's try really hard to enable the haves by their dependence upon their success.

What a beautiful world we live in!

You are absolutely right. A lot of problems people link to capitalism are actually not problems of capitalism but large governments, but sadly our education system is run by the same large unrestricted government.

I read some parts of the above posts, but I would like to add: The current economy/system is at least getting people to participate on some level. Some people just want to have a never ending pointless holiday, lethargy and weakness in the form of a freeloading wealthy class is a problem as well. Life should always be active at some level, not just sink into a couch in an over sized house. - Get excited about life.

Hi @lucylin,

"Today's inequality is rooted in banking theft....... "

I have a small doubt here. How can you say that inequality is because of bank theft alone? Because the theft is happening, but indirectly (but still it comes under theft), in each and every sector this mankind is known of. Please do throw some light in it.

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If the banking system has the power to print fiat currency - it takes money off people at the bottom at a higher rate than those at the top.

The bank takes value off the currency by printing more and more money - thus reducing purchasing power. (the inequality is exacerbated by this action. Those with less continue to receive less. Increasing inequality is systematic because of this dynamic).

The banking system uses the currency at it's highest level, (highest value),and then devalues it. By the time it's circulating in the lower socioeconomic levels the value has dissipated.
Taking value off currency through fiat printing is still theft.

snap (3).jpg


But banks aren't autonomous bodies. Here in India, the banking industry has become a puppet in the hands of the central government. So any decision taken by the bank has to be permitted by the government or else that particular decision will be shelved.

"The banking system uses the currency at it's highest level, (highest value),and then devalues it. "

Whatever maybe the decision taken, it has to get the nod from the central government and that is the "ONLY" way things goes here!

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...quick search on india banking...

RBI was owned by illuminati Rothschilds and being controlled by international banking cartel. Our central banking systsem itself Rothchilds version,which is manifacturing more debt than real money in circulation,trapping every coutry ,people into debt.

All our RBI governors are all their groomed, choosen agents who are brainwashed ,selected to serve in their Central Bank,similarly in every country .

Our Banking system(interest making) itself fraud which creates money out of thin air, looting our economy,making all of us debt slaves, bringing excess money in to circulation,causing inflation.

India’s Public debt stood at 65,65,652 crores Rs (65 lakh crore Rupees) or roughly 929 billion US dollars at an exchange rate of @ 70 Rs to a dollar

The data is as on September 2017

Here in India, the banking industry has become a puppet in the hands of the central government.

Banks run governments my friend - not the other way around - just the illusion of it.

There are people so rich that they lose all respect for humanity. A lot of gold does not mean that you can stop developing. True wealth lies in development. It is a pity that not everyone understands this.

As you have mentioned on other occasions, being rich is not bad ... If you are a noble person, when you are rich, you will be a person who will help many people, so it would not be bad to want to be rich.

But wealth in itself should not be a purpose, but a means to an end.
Very rightly said @chbartist. And yes richness is the first dream for human society nowoverdays. I don't understand why this mentality has grown in todays society.

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To be more appropriate, this has become a disease!

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Human nature has us too often focusing on the negative connotations of everything that surrounds us and that unfortunately leaves us not witnessed the great things. Ibam sure that there are more good people in this world than not but they are never in the spotlight. Wealth is another example of this as it is often criticized instead of pursued.

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The pursuit of riches is the greatest value in our human society nowadays. Wealth is the defining characteristic of success and accomplishment, and it is a merit pursued by a great many dreamers from all ages and ethnic diversities.

Health is wealth, most people would say.

Even if you have all the money you want and you're sick, then you're not wealthy.
And money won't satisfy you.

“Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end.”
― Bob Marley

There are only a few Philanthropists I guess.
Philanthropists believe on this:
Mark 8:36:
"And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?"


That last sentence is a best sentence!

Thank you very much for helping us to remember those apt words that suits this blog post PERFECTLY!

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You're very much welcome!
I wish you all the best!
And good luck!

Thanks for your good and kind words.
I appreciate it very much!

Riches is not evil initself but the love of it. We should think then of being a blessing to others as we've been blessed by God. To lend help without expecting in return. Our motives in helping clearly define our perspectives.

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Yes, of course, Sir. No second thought about it. A superb comment, Sir.

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Philanthropists provide hope for the oppressed. We have so many here in Steem ecosystem and I salute them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts @chbartist🤘

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Hello @chbartist!

Wealth, like other things in life, must have a purpose that helps us maintain that north, because if we do things just to do them, or for the pure ego, it is easier for us to fail, and if we do not fail, then we we will lose ourselves without a fixed address, we will spend all this life without contributing anything to this world. Then, once we leave this earthly plane, no one will remember us, and we will go into oblivion.

There are many things to consider and, therefore, not miss the opportunity to contribute, add and cultivate for the world.


Excellent review @chbartist and you are absolutely right, to become rich is the dream of almost every one of us, including me, but how we will relate to this is the question. Charity has always been the best feature of those who became rich and decided to help others, because giving, at least part of their wealth, is much more pleasant for themselves and others!

Oh yes @chbartist, I completely agree with you, a hundred each of us wants to get rich, it’s probably just human nature, and if someone is lucky enough to do it, then charity for him will be a noble occupation!

Because we don't care about our health, which thinks we see of others people, its became our demand.

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@chbartist True we need more philanthropist in this world.
I think getting rich is an idea to get the feeling of being able and powerful and hence the pursuit of richness should not be associated with greed. Everybody has a right to generate a good life for themselves and for this very reason they seek money. Then there comes satiation point where more money doesn't make you happy anymore and I believe that is where the idea of philanthropy comes in.

My mind is now open and have realised that success is not just a matter of pursuing and getting wealthy but the heart one has towards others with what he has got

Hi , @chbartist. The bible that says that the love of money is the root of all evils. But achieving wealth does not have to be based on the love of money. Latinos have instilled in us a kind of hatred for money, or say that money is not everything and things like that. But the wealth is monetary or spiritual is the basis to achieve the fullness of being.

Besides thanking you, I can only conclude that when wealth is a means to a purpose, it acquires meaning and with this you empower your DETERMINATION to achieve it! Even more if your dream is PHILANTHROPIC, that is to say that it includes a benefit for the humanity, it becomes a true noble and elevated PURPOSE, that not only would allow the fullness of our soul, additionally it would allow opportunities for the society!

For example Bill Gate, who in 2006 donated 500 million dollars to the fight against AIDS. After reading you what can we think? that he is crazy or that he is so in touch with his own feelings that he can feel EMPATHY for those around him and contribute to a better humanity ...


Greetings of the day sir
It is right in this modern world success is compered with welth. Riches is the greatest value because in this world people think they can buy everything with money. We have to left this negative thought and try to do something for our family and friends or nation

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Your article makes good reading and raises Interesting points. Is it possible to have an 'equal society' where not all, but relatively large percentage of the people can be described as wealthy and enjoy good healthy living? Capitalism is sometimes blamed for imbalances in the distribution of world wealth, but if you focus on each individual, talents and capabilities vary hence, it is my belief that if all the scarce world wealth was distributed equally, for argument sake, a dollar per person in the morning, in the evening some will have ten dollars while others nothing. However, this assumption may not be used to deter willing individuals from engaging from Philanthropic activities. Philanthropists reap intrinsic benefits from acts of giving other than pursuance of making more money.

What if we are in a system of control that extends further than most people think? What if our worst impulses aren't being quelled but encouraged? What if its been heavily designed this way, for a long time.

The purpose of becoming rich must not be an end but a means to: travel, compare cars, boats, planes, women, help others, make charities, help research and many other things. Hooray be rich.

Muy cierto.. En la sociedad en la que vivimos buscar riqueza es algo común, pero en la mayoría de las personas es solo eso, buscar riquezas y una vez que la encuentran, que?? Que es lo que hacen con ella, acaso tienen algún otro sentido, algún otro fin o solo es ese?
Es una pregunta que muchos debieran hacerse, para así no buscar algo que en fin nunca termina de ser suficiente...

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It's like most of us don't really know the purpose of our existence. I myself have not figured out yet why I'm given this life. But I'm certain about one thing, that with or without resources, specifically money, I can touch people's lives with my intentions alone. We could have the riches in the world and we could pretend that we are philanthropists at the same time, but we couldn't deceive a heart which knows exactly how to be one.

We've got different perception and this view made me realize something. Thanks for sharing!

Great writing, wealth and philanthropy are two different things, without wealth life is meaning less but philanthropy is much more powerful it brings honour, respect from every single person of the society, I'm sure your writing is very helpful for the people and society. Thanks.

Great to read this. I guess many people define success as been getting rich or wealth rather. They believe you are not successful if you are not wealth so this many majority of people to finally try to acquire wealth by all means in order for them to be regarded as a successful one

The life is about the experiences and the decision you make. Money and wealth gives you opportunity to make those experiences and enjoy life. But main focus of the person should be to have happy life , because having million dollars is not equal to happiness but use of that in wise manner , having good healthy life is. Money is just instrument , but mindset is the main thing . Totally inline with your thoughts @chbartist

How can I be part of the community??

Your saying something that it's indeed a problem in our society, TV , and sometimes even YouTube promote richis = wealth = success... This is not completed true!!

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Yeah great thoughts bro @chbartist every person need succes even me also in our life and we are running behind it...

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Interesting post, philantrophy is powerful, beacause give is always pleasant

I think the biggest problem is that many people live in fear. Rich people will be richer and it’s good. Because they can show a way up.

Many times I have asked people who have a financial or emotional problem on simple questions: “What do you love? What do you want?”
Nearly 90 % people say, I don’t know.

There is a problem.

Rich and happy people can teach us, how we can have whatever we want.

What an interesting piece of work.
Am inspired...thank you.
By the way, am new here and i hope to have an interesting time😊

Philanthropist a best quality of gantle human.
Not matter what kinds money, skill, time, experience, tellent aney type helpful activities create we a better world.

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I like philanthropic work I help needy people.
Great thought philanthropic is most important thing it's really necessary for good social security.

Posted using Partiko Android

Kindness and generosity are incredibly valuable.

What we give to the world will back to us also

put in the hardwork to achieve more and give more !

🚀 🌕

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Best post yet @chbartist - well presented

Posted using Partiko iOS

Truly a realistic post. Very well presented. Many thanks for such a beautiful post. Hopefully we will be present in more beautiful writing in the future.

De que valen las riquezas terrenales, cuando somos muy pobres espiritualmente? opino que debemos concentrarnos primero en adquirir una riqueza espiritual donde el arca sea nuestra alma en manos de DIOS. saludos me gusto su post amigo éxitos.

Your really great feed

Wealth can do many things in this world, many people are trying to reach the highest peak of his dream to change everything along the way but not all are lucky. Sometimes wealth is the reason of a big problem but if it is used in good plan like the merit of giving and sharing, that will be the best of all.When you are open arms to other, wealth is not only in material aspect but you have a wealth that is hidden in your heart. Thus, these are the wealth that we really need in our society.
Well said and salute your words @chbartist.Thank you.

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it is a merit pursued by a great many dreamers from all ages and ethnic diversities.

Money is just mean of exchange. We need more money in society, not less. Money has to be disseminated across society to facilitate economic activity. There is no limit on wealth creation for everyone.

I have a friend in the online world who does very well with money. He writes scientific and technical copy for big companies and rich people who need it and posts from exotic locations all the time, so I know he is making the good money he says he is. But he also works hard.

He says money is swirling around out there and all you need to do is create a net to catch some of it. I hope one day my net will be a bit more effective and bigger.

Please why we worship money now?

very nice, i loved

How to you fund the steem that you use to promote your content? Intrigued, thanks! I could use some support, we produce similar content!



Excellent, once again your messages full of wisdom, see the potential that it holds apart from your own the desires ... wonderful!

I will always fight for ethically correct and factual based empirical argument

Good blog. The accumulation of wealth can potentially be a noble thing. We should not believe that the only way we can make a difference is by FIRST becoming wealthy. If so, then we miss the most important part of the journey- becoming connected to others and impacting their lives. Most people want to get wealthy to improve their lives only. But yes, we do need more philanthropists. Each one, teach one; each one reach one; each one be one.

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Waoo Steemit

I like this topic
I am obsessed with wealth
I commit every day to reach my Goals

Hi @chbartist Sir,

Greetings to you!

"But wealth in itself should not be a purpose, but a means to an end...........POVERTY!

If this becomes a reality, if all millionaires, billionaires and trillionaires become philanthropists, we can kill the poverty ghost immediately and make this world a better place to live!

we need them so as to help and move the world forward

I’m new here, but I think to find a lot of this contents on steemit.

Thank you for you reflection.

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Well defined

Many attributed Or attached more value to money, though, money is good and without it not much could be done. But, is money everything, the answer is quite no because after one might have gotten the money what will one be doing, I guess, the desire for money would not always quenched. Our society today has attributed more value to money which makes many respects it more than the person that own it. People don't want to know how you make your money or what you do in getting it. All they Care about Is the fact that you have the money. Success is not always about it money, it is the progressive realization of worthy goal and idea. I will be happy if you can consider and add me to the list. I stumbled across your piece today and I did follow you for future reference. Resteem the post for others to see.

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