What is the Relation Between Obsession and Revelation? A Key to Success...

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Hello, dear friends!

One of the most tragic things that I ever learned in my lifetime was the idea that every day, more than 90% of our thoughts are identical to the previous day.

It is as if our mind keeps recycling old and comfortable ideas, because to face new ideas and to think about them would be too great an effort.

When you really look at your thought pattern, you realize that you are always thinking about the same things over and over again.

This could be amended, by focusing on that little 10% of original thought that will eventually save your life.

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There is an absolutely staggering relationship between obsession and revelation. An obsession is a thought that you just cannot shake off, an idea that is constantly with you.

A revelation is a piece of information or fact unbeknownst to you before.
If you want to have success in your path, you need to be obsessive about it.

Our culture is quite cautious of the word ‘obsession’, as it usually implies a flaw of character.

But in the business of pursuing your dreams, obsession is not a flaw, but a characteristic that should be encouraged.

When you are obsessive about a thought, you begin to see it everywhere. You will think a lot about that idea, and that leads to many revelations that you were previously blind to see.

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When you wake up every day and the very first thought that pops to your head is about your dreams and desires, that means you are obsessive towards those dreams.

That obsession will, in time, lead to more and more revelations about what you should do and how you should do it.

It is all about the mindset, if you will. When your outlook towards life is delegated with a sole obsession towards a particular thing, you will begin to notice stuff about that thing that you previously couldn’t see with your unadjusted eyes.

Now you may ask: what should we be obsessive about?

Well, the answer might be crystal clear by now. You should dedicate your obsession towards those 10% of thoughts that are original to you every day. Do not let them go by and pass like they are unimportant, simply because they are new.

Your original thoughts are those that drive you away from the mundane routine of your monotonous lifestyle and compel you to follow your dreams. Pay attention to them!

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When you want something, and truly want it with all your heart, your obsession will take over and fill your every waking moment with thoughts of that thing you want above all else.

By embracing a sense of longing and yearning for your dreams and being obsessive towards them, you will act like a magnet and draw them near to you; like noticing pathways and techniques that were previously obscure to you.

Remember… as far as dreams and desires are concerned, obsession will always lead to revelation.




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Thank you! Definitely these revealed mysteries are keys to achieve success! Just read a biography, Disney, Ford are some ... Your way of explaining it allows me to understand it a lot better than in any other source than I had taken for this subject, and in which I had invested quite a lot of time! thanks again for helping everyone!


Nuestros pensamientos tienen mucha influencia sobre cómo vivimos nuestra vida.pero los pensamientos obsesivos siempre han permanecido Entonces, la conclusión siempre es tratar de aprender algo nuevo que debemos controlar para tener éxito Gran post @chbartist 👏👏👏

I like this post because I have found my life stagnating but the obsessive thoughts have always remained. I have only recently been acting on them. The frustration surrounding not being able to act on obsessions is destructive and depressing. You describe it nicely when you explain what's happening to me. It's encouraging to read. Thankyou


I agree with your thoughts on this post.

so the conclusion is always try to learn a new thing, always improve from our previous day and not try to dwell longer into previous stage that already been known in mind...?

I totally agree with this post! Being obsessive will lead you to 1000 thought revelations that will help you achieve your dreams and fulfill your goals. :) Thank you!

I agree with what your saying about these two brain activities we need to control to be succcessful. I appreciate you reframing the mental attitudes around obsession. I liken obsession to the single minded focus on achievement of a goal, which is a good thing. I agree we should praise such focus not deride it with negative adjectives. I also agree we need to be cognizant of our tendency to function on rote memory and not conscious thought. We need to be “mentally present” more often, consciously thinking about the tasks we perform and how they contribute to or detract from us accomplishing our ultimate goal. When I look at the frequent and generous sized posts you write I see focus, single mindedness, clarity of goal and process for achieving the goal. This is a good thing our society should encourage. Thank you for not only modeling it, but now writing about it.

It's very important that you allow your ideas to be preoccupied in your thoughts and desires. By doing this, such will be occupied in the thoughts of others, and funding will not be a problem for the revelation that follows it. Great post @chbartist👏👏👏

Obsession tends to be out of the required balance and moderation of things of anything and everything. In some manner obsession is a negative and unhealthy attitude, feeling or character.
Obsession is more than a habit that will eventually lead to other important things being neglected.
How can we look at it in a positive way?
Are these revelations through obsession authentic for the growth of good life?

"You are always thinking about the same things over and over again."
Yes you are right... @chbartist

As you said out of 100%, 10% is obsession, in 90% thought if we success 50% we should be considered the successful one without thinking 10% obsession. Thanks for sharing your valuable experience.

Through this post, you have conveyed me 90 percent, thank you so much.If you post such a good future in the future then we will have a lot of improvement.You are really wise You do improve one day.

I've always think that at some point in our lives we have that dreams we are so obsessed with that every day in our lives it always flash back, for example intelligent students always have that dream to have a first class in his department of study.

This demonstrates the importance of adapting to new information as we continue towards our paths of goals and objectives. We often have targets that are moving so we need to adjust accordingly or risk achieving results that then do have their intended consequences.

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You are a good philosopher!
Keep Up with amazing content.

Getting success is not at all easy task. It requires hard-work and dedication towards the goal to take it to right path. We need stay on the way untill we achieve it and no matter howlong it takes. Focus is equally important in the journey to success. Thanks @chbartist for this post.

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Great thinking I hundred percent agree with your thought.
That's realty great job.

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I like how you always try to explain some certain great things in your post. I guess you are right. Sometimes, i wake up and the first thought that always come through my mind is about my dreams and desire. How to achieve them

If you follows these things in real life then only you can get succes in your life if you read upvote and comment here and after that you forget these things you cannot great blogg @chbartist bro

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it also happens to me. if I'm so much obsessive on a thing it likely to be come also in my dream. but I think revelation is something lofty idea which cannot be experienced by all.

Obsessed on a right way for success.
Hi friend @chbartist you are providing us here continue valuable subejct realative real life with good quality suggestions.
I appreciate your job.

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Indeed..obsession leads to revelation in one way or the other. Thanks for sharing

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Hi, great post. i am new here but i just gave you a follow. I'll be reading some of your stuff from time to time

Realmente la obsesión es la que te da el empuje a realizar tus metas, es mas, junto con la perseverancia son la combinación ideal para nunca rendirse y ser exitoso.
Gracias @chbartist por tu reflexión.
Saludos cordiales.

Hello @chbartist!

This is the equivalent of our constancy, and our willingness to stand firm in the things we dream of, as long as this obsession does not prevent us from leading an integral life. With this there is nothing to fear.

It is how things are used and why we do it, what makes the difference. Not everything is 100% bad or 100% good.


This is true, I find writing your goals in a notebook daily helps get the mind up to speed, and get the best thoughts to come to us. Also reading books helps. Definitely time to get obsessive about our dreams and goals on a daily basis, for me it’s first thing in the morning with some coffee, my pad and pen, get that weekly/monthly and yearly vision/plan in place, deliberate thinking. My plan hasn’t changed much, only slight changes day to day, but overall it’s generally the same plan, using my will power and imagination to persist, in the achievement of these objectives. These are positive thoughts and ideas that are favorable to me, what gets me excited to live each day, the challenge of getting from where I am to where I want to be.
Hey CHBArtist, I’m grateful to be following you, you have some great ideas! Also love that guitar, and would love to hear some of your songs! Thanks for the great content!

Success come your way when you do things you love

The frustration surrounding not being able to act on obsessions is destructive and depressing.

Ya our most of the thoughts are identical to previous day becoz we don't forget previous days things. They are everytime in our mind.

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Our thoughts have so much influence over how we live our life. We can either beat ourselves up for not having done enough or not being good enough or we can appreciate ourselves for who we are and strive to be better.
It is much harder to do the latter but it is much more worthwhile.

My regards @chbartist, you are always superb of every post you publish for us . Thank you and keep the good work!

Que buena publicaciòn. Establece claramente que la obsesiòn no debe verse per se como una enfermedad, sino como un objetivo fijo de lo que desea alcanzar y pensarlo y mantenerlo presente se lograrà y en esa medida se va transformando en revelaciòn cuando està pròximo a alcanzarse.

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Thank you for the service you provide. After reading this post it’s nice to hit play on your post and listen to it again and focus on the important points of the post.
Thank you

Obsession can be what seen as a dream now chasing that dream without minding the damages done can be caused by a Revelation from somewhere, I feel like when you’re obsessed with doing something you shouldn’t have revelations if not it can cloud your judgement and make you move carelessly and recklessly but just trying to chase your dream without insight can still help you move well with less damage

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This is the right attitude for success here on steem. We have to show up each day and make our presence known with posts of our own and comments on others. Nothing about it is very difficult. The difficult part is sticking with it no matter what.

I feel obsessed about the success of steem and my own success on the platform. But within that obsession, I just need to take purposeful daily action and results will come.

Hi @chbartist.
I read your whole blog and I agreed to your all words written by you in your blog. I think, that everyone has listened about the quote "slow and steady wins the race" is absolutely a write key to success. One can never become a genius or achieve success, it's a slow procedure to achieve success. One who tries to achieve starts from slow and day by day gets more experience and step by step moves towards success and then that person achieve a success.
I liked your post very much.
I Salute you for ✍️✍️ this post.

La verdad nunca había mirado a la obsesión de esa manera, como un impulso para nuestros objetivos. Leer estos post de gran calidad son como epifanías, mejor aun para quienes sentimos la frustración tocar la puerta. Gracias!!

Congratulations @chbartist!
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Hi! I guess I've found an obsessive thought for today to feed on😅. I believe my thoughts are clouded by a lot of doubts and unbelieve even when there is an idea to recycle and perfect, the uncertainty of productivity is just a barrier. I guess i have to be more obsessive to yield more revelations..nice post👍

That's the best food for though I had all day. Thank you so much. As I am new here iam as greatful to find great inspiration on this platform here. Unexpected happy about it.

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¿cómo hacer para pertenecer a esta comunidad?

Dear @chbartist

I believe that as long as the obsession does not manifest itself with respect to people or love relationships, then it will produce those positive revelations that will make us achieve our goals. Because otherwise (talking about relationships) it would be a pathology, or a disease.

It would be excellent then to obsess about our projects and life goals.

Best Regards!

Hi, i hav just read ur post, its a fact u hav showed$

I like this article as I’ve been obsessing about my dreams lately. And thinking about the, instead of pushing them to the side as I normally do, because I have no clear avenue to turning them into reality. But I realize it was fear that was stopping me from even trying. But I’ve started to obsess about them, and instead of ignoring them, I’m trying to turn them into reality. I don’t know if I’ll succeed, but I want to be brave enough to have tried. Thanks for sharing! Nuff blessings

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You're post is just the revelation. This is the first time I get a perfect interpretation about my past activities. I think many people could not help to comment this post like me. Tks.

Excellent Post

There is a Biblical Verse that says, Having High Thoughts, we are mostly obsessed with thinking things is because our mind has not accepted that this is so and when things are about problems and we are the kind of people that we want to solve everything happens to us, sometimes this also happens to the attachment, I think that for this does not happen in our lives we must learn to release what causes us that obsession to cleanse the mind of that vice that harms us

You're right, usually the word obsession is used as something negative, but if we use it to fulfill our dreams, this would be a great lever that will give strength to achieve your dreams.