What is the Deathbed Point of View and How Can You Use It?

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Hi, Steemians!

Death has always been a topic of controversy. One could argue that death is the greatest mystery in existence; not for what it is, but for what comes after.

But that question should be left alone to philosophers and sages to ponder. In our lifetime, we should utilize our resources to the utmost of our strength and will. That is why the question of death should be asked in another manner.

‘To every man upon this earth, death cometh soon or late.’ Goes the old poem, but how one interprets that is a matter of great significance.

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To me, death is not a tragedy, but a silent companion and a constant reminder of our limited time upon this earth.

You should not allow the thought of death to startle you or send shivers down your spine. It is what happens to anyone. It has happened to your ancestors.

It is going to happen to you. And it will happen to your descendants. Death is a truth of life, but how you interpret that truth decides your fate.

The thought of death must lead to gratefulness. A new window through which you could appreciate life on both a conscious level and an unconscious one.

Moments wither and do not last, but their memories are forever tucked in a corner of your brain.

Thus, it is obligatory for a man who understands to aspire to create good memories.

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This is where the Deathbed Point of View comes to mind.

When you imagine that you are in your deathbed, suddenly, all your petty thoughts and unsavory desires perish. All your insecurities, doubts, and fears seem to fade out in a blink of an eye.

Nothing matters anymore, other than enjoying the last moments of your life with certainty and a sense of higher consciousness; that which compels you to think about deep matters that you otherwise would not.

The Deathbed Point of View is an outlook that recommends you to think more about your own death and the situation in which you are going to live the last days of your life.

What life would you want to have lived?

How do you want others to see you then?

Have you done everything you could in this life?

Did you become who you were born to be?

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The Deathbed Point of View washes down all the pitiful follies of the human mind and gives you a clearer vision of what you want to have in your life.

You will make decisions with wisdom greater than any other, because now you truly know what you would want if the fog from your vision was lifted.

Do not fear death, but embrace the idea of death as a truth of life. You will rise high above your own sensations, and see the sort of life that would give you fulfilment.

Then, utilizing your consciousness to your advantage, you will move toward that lifestyle, not with fear of death, but with a sense of peace with where your journey ends.




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It's indeed important to find ways of achieving calm and peace of mind rather than living in constant fear.

  ·  8 months ago (edited)

Hola amigos...
Cada quien toma la muerte de acuerdo a los diferentes encuentros que haya tenido con ella. En mi caso, vengo de una familia muy grande y unida y lamentablemente ha muerto personas muy cercanas a mi (padre, sobrino, tíos, primos, abuelos). Mi padre murió cuando tenía 13 años y fue una experiencia muy dolorosa y luego de ello otros familiares; pensé que siempre iba a ser así de fuerte y traumático porque son mis seres queridos. Pero con cada experiencia aprendí a aceptar que es nuestra naturaleza y si eres una persona religiosa lo aceptas con más calma y te conviertes en apoyo para esa personas que tiene sus primeras experiencias con la muerte. Aunque suene fuerte lo único que tenemos seguro es la muerte. A vivir la vida ignorando a esa señora y enfrentarla cuando toque.

Powerful thoughts as thebonly certain thing is life is death but living is a journey in itself. Be courageous toblive each day as if it were your last is often heard but difficult to do for many reasons. It is a great aspiration to do so!

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Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.
For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

To us Christians, death is gain but it is the end of our earthly deeds. We must then faithfully fight the battle of faith and run the race that is set before us by God. So when God calls us home, we are not ashamed of being empty-handed to face Him.

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Truly, living everyday like its your last gives you the opportunity to do things without procrastination because you are not sure you'll get another chance to do it.
Use your time we'll.
Help the poor.
Make a difference.
Comfort that sad friend of yours.
Put a call across to your loved ones and tell them how much you love them and know how they are faring.
Just do that good thing while you can coz you don't know what tomorrow brings! Nevertheless, having death in mind doesn't mean you should dream big and plan towards the future.
Nice post @chbartist

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Death is part of life. Our life and how we live it, is what guarantees us what comes after death. That's why while we live this life, we must be according to what God wants, because otherwise, what comes after death will not be very pleasant. If we are aware of that, our current life will be very conscious of doing good at all times and without fear of death.

Great..The person who accepts the truth of death does not have any kind of burden on his life. It can not disturb any kind of discomfort. And he goes ahead in every field of life. And accepting such truth and moving forward is called living life.

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Oh yes @chbartist, I completely agree with you that any fear, especially the fear of death, always interferes with any movement of life! Death is the ultimate transition to another state of energy and the sooner we get rid of the fear of death, the better we look at our life and what can be changed for the better in it!

We should all love and respect god, nor fear him/her. I guess the god is what we visualize him to be! and instead of fearing death we should all try to learn the real meaning of living life.
Keep inspiring us from your content.

Hello @chbartist!

This is more than anything to give the value that it deserves to the life we ​​have borrowed, and learn to manage our resources for our benefit and collective benefit. Because we often let ourselves be led by the one who will say, giving too much importance to what others think instead of giving importance to our desires.

And that's how life goes, and then we discover that we are 80 years old, and we are confined to a wheelchair, or to crutches or any device to move, and that is where we realize that we did not do everything we wanted. to do, and because of that and so many other things, we are so afraid of death.

It is a matter of taking the helm and setting the direction we need in our lives, to receive death with satisfaction


Hi @chbartist this is a good approach to value life, specially the present. Thinking about deathbed gives a perspective of what really matters right now. This mindset could be useful in any country, even Colombia or #Venezuela.

Passing is the end of common life and the start of life following death. Demise is viewed as the division of soul from body, and its exchange from this world to the great beyond @chbartist

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Thank you for the reminder of what is important in life.

I have always appreciated your articles when I stumble upon them. I have been on Steemit since July 2016, and don’t know why I have not followed you yet!

Cheers @chbartist! ✌🏻

sir I think It is as a natural to die as it is to be born.
This is really.

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@chbartist, Death is always stayed and in my opinion will going to stay in the position or state of Question Mark (?). But in my opinion we human beings are here to experience the challenges and move with freewill to make or break our life and i think that all this process will going to expand us to other Dimensions of life. No matter what others think but in my opinion our soul is eternal and it will stay forever in one or other form. Stay blessed.

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I understood this years ago. Everyone is going to die, sooner or later. But, how do you want to live your life? That's the most important question. I hope I live to fulfil all I aspire to be and do. Have a nice day @chbartist

Where I am in life, I am not so much afraid of my own death anymore. I cringe however every time I think of any death that may come upon my loved ones. This is a hurdle I am still learning to accept with faith.

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Why everyone scares from death I don't really understand. I accept that humans wishes to live as their id. But if we would have lived forever, be sure that we would have wished to die. So no worry about it. What we need to focus is how to live; how to direct our lives. The issue is what u did what u want to do and what u are doing now. Rest is death's job. Don't think about it that much . Just live it up

Honest person doesn't fear death, he is respected by all and after death he would be honoured by God giving heaven, as a honest person he can lead a healthy life without tension, anxiety. Death is a natural system and the ability of accepting death developed in his mind without any hesitation so as he knew the fact, tried his best to complete the task that he wanted in time. Your writing is excellent and helpful to us. Thanks.

Yes, no one can escape death. Because it is an integral part of life. From ancient times to the present, whether it is a king or a rich man. Power do not make them eternal, and wealth is also not. But it seems that as long as it is what humans think of, including eternal life, it will be probably realized directly or indirectly through technological means in the future. But everything has a good side and a bad side.

Death is a mystry that never gonna break great blogg @chbartist

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really, it's the best point of view which you can have.
fear of death does not bring any benefits, while this way of thinking gives a lot

Terimakasi nasehatnya ,semoga anda dan kita semua sehat selalu amin

Terima kasih banyak kesehatan untukmu juga.

Sama sama bang semoga sukses kita sma sma ya bg amin

Truly @chbartist death is a reminder to us for our limited time. But death is very much difficult to believe. Not know how much limited time we have.😔😔.
I lost my grandfather 25days ago. Now i every time regret that if i know that he is going to be die, i spent every moment with them. But now i can't do.

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@chbartist why you not mention the death as dark truth for those who are sinners of their God and worndefull oppertunity for those who are being blessed by by their God.Are you afraid to dead, or Do you think you will always be here in this temprory world or you never visit the graveyard. Then whats the deat bed point.?

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only death is the ultimate truth of our life.

Be conscious of death and enjoy your life to the fullest....

yes @chbartist. Death is unbelievable and dark truth of life. Death will come any time and any place. So i think enjoy your life if you are Alive.

Great post. I like the perspective. Death will come to us all but it is not something to be feared but rather an ally. A companion to remind us that our time is limited on earth. So make the most of it and of this avatar that we house. Do all that you can do and be the best version of yourself. Nice!

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If we think all the time that we gonna die any moment, then we will be doing our best in anything that we do.
If this is all the mindset of all people then, all will be doing their very best as much as possible all for good because we're thinking that any moment we will die.

Based on my faith, knowledge and experience, we are born for heaven, and death is the gateway.
If we fear death, then we are going in the wrong direction.

En la vida lo más seguro que tenemos es la muerte. El cuando ocurrirá es la incógnita. Es muy difícil pensar en la muerte como algo natural porque somos seres de apegos fuertes, a personas a cosas, y ese pensamiento a desprendernos, es lo que nos da el miedo a mi manera de ver la muerte. Gracias por compartir.

La muerte es lo único seguro en esta vida... Y por eso no hay que tenerle miedo, solo hay que saber que un día va a llegar y por lo tanto hay que vivir cada momento al máximo sin desperdiciar oportunidades.. Vivir con humildad y amor a la vida misma...

I hope that there is eternal life after death and it is a great promised whom I believed.

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Dear @chbartist

Great article. The exposed idea of ​​not being afraid of death is particularly interesting to me. Regardless of the creed or religion we profess, culture, background and circumstances, our concern should lie in the kind of person we are becoming on a daily basis and the good taste we can leave to all those around us, providing value in instead of contributing negative things.

If our mind focuses on the fear of death, then why live? That's just like a person going to play a ball game, and he says to himself, what am I going to play for if I'm going to lose? So why live if I'm going to die?

On the contrary, life is too beautiful to live in fear of death. We must take advantage of every little moment we have and with which we have, in order to create the best memories in those around us, especially the people we love, parents, children, brothers, among others, and not only leave good memories, but always do good to everyone, without distinction. At the end of the path of our life, already on our deathbed, we will be able to look back with satisfaction, knowing that our life had a purpose, a great and noble purpose.

A hug. Best regards!

That is why we must live every day delivering the best of ourselves, as if it were the last day.

My personal thought death is part of our life anybody don't have to live forever.

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@shashiprabha it does not matter what are your thoughts tge only thing is matter what you are? What you will present before your God I mean Sins or Good deeds

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What kind of life would you like to experience?

  • happily, without disease

How do you want others to see you then?

  • as I am

Did you do everything you could in this life?

  • no, in my opinion, a variable company

Have you become what you were born to?

  • I do not understand the question, a person changes during his life, to whom he will be at the beginning

La Muerte es lo màs seguro que tiene todo ser humano y como todo en la vida cumple un ciclo; Nacer, crecer, desarrollarse y morir. Por tanto no se le debe tener miedo, debemos estar consciente que cumplimos estas etapas y por consiguiente lo que tenemos que hacer, es vivir cada dìa como que se tratase el primer dìa, haciendo las cosas, continuar emprendiendo y cumplir con los propòsitos de vida, para que de esta manera nos sintamos realizados y con los objetivos cumplidos. No obstante a que en muchas oportunidades pienso que nos vamos de este mundo y hemos dejados cosas por hacer o aprender.

I have done some research on death and how it is differently viewed by people of varying creeds and religions across the world. I recently saw an interesting video on “preparation for death”. It explained how the state of mind during the moment of death is of utmost importance. It then went on to say how the act of falling asleep is very similar to the death process and how if we meditate when falling asleep every night, trying to remain conscious in the moment, we can use this as a practice preparation for death. Those people who are conscious of the death process when it is actually happening, will avoid tumbling into confusion when their death occurs. Conscious dying enables the person to have a peaceful passing, allowing the soul to move on to the place most congenial to that soul. Fear of death creates a negative confusing state after life that can last for a long time, lingering in limbo.

They say to live every day like it is your last. I believe that as we never know when that moment will happen this is a great philosophy, and also “ don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can accomplish today”🙏

I think that is all good information. I am old and have had a number of near death experiences in my life so far. Some I was calm for, and some of the times were not calm at all. In none of them did I have any visions of the afterlife or anything near to that. All of those times of limbo were black and nothing.

I do not do any "death preparation" at the time I fall asleep, but I do Thank God every time I wake up for the chance to live another day.

I lost my fear of death long ago. I think it will just be another phase of time/space for my consciousness.

Thanks for sharing your take on this, wow I wonder if your near death experiences are what helped you loose your fear of death. I also do not do the death preparation exercise, mainly because I am not consciously aware of the falling to sleep process. Like you I thank God for each precious day and try to wisely make use of my time. I hope that wherever we are going after life, we can play and enjoy music and retain the love for those we are closest to.🙏

Yes, the near death experiences were the direct cause of losing fear of it. I woke up a number of time to people telling me I was almost dead, or should have been dead, or they thought I was dead. So one time I just decided to stop fearing in and fitinfun instead, and hence, my name.

This was when I was 26 and I am 59 now, so I am glad I made that choice.

Interesting you think of music. I think of silence to be the sound I want. I wonder if we will both get our wish.

I just think of all the enjoyment I get playing music and the countless hours spent learning to play. Am still adding new instruments 2 in the last year in fact so would hope these skills are somehow carried across, or maybe we will all have here skills without the cumbersome human physicality!peace & love to you

Throughout different points in my life, I reset my perspective by thinking about what it is I'll look back on with pride and/or regret in my life on my deathbed. I spent a lot of time when I was younger talking to older people, and it's finally in my late 30s that I'm feeling age enough to start making smarter decisions. Most humans died much younger than me. By the time they were my age, 2Pac, Jesus, Alexander the Great, and so many other names we all remember were already dead. I'm lucky to live as long as I have and to have the internet. I may not have the same accomplishments as those people, but I also understand better the marketing and politics and such behind why we remember those people. Eminem, for example, is just the face of a well-oiled machine. Phil DeFranco too. James Patterson. Donald Trump. No one person can accomplish what these people have. It takes a group of people focused on making it happen. Even with that, there's still luck and skill involved, because everyone's going for the same goals.
It's funny, because I always thought success would suddenly change my life, but I've long been successful. Even billionaires (which I'm not) can't escape the inevitability of death. We all die one day, and I remind myself of that enough to live each day like I'm dying but not enough to miss out on enjoying life by focusing on what will happen anyway. I was dead for billions of years before I ever existed, so it's time to stop and smell the roses.

all oil miillhbb

Do not fear death, but embrace the idea of death as a truth of life. You will rise high above your own sensations, and see the sort of life that would give you fulfilment.

I completely agree with you above para has great meanings out of this post. Thanks @chbartist have a great day.

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@chbartist death is inevitable but living is one's choice,some people die yet still living as a living corpse because of fear of death. I feel instead of fearing to die make everyday of your life count. Thank you for this great piece.

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