What Happens When You Nonchalantly Burn Your Bridges in Life?

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Hello, Steemians! How are you all? I'm back this week. I'm touring to promote my new single * Outono * and many days working as a speaker at corporate events and I've had to be absent due to some health problems because I've been working a lot in recent months and my schedule is very crowded and I need to try to balance a bit my routine at this time.

But this week I will be here with you all.

Let's move on!


Philosophers and social theorists often argue about the meaning of life in the current state of our civilization.
Moreover, they want to define the roadmap of this life in order to improve social interactions and tweak our economy to better suit the diversity of different cultures.
Today, I am going to make a case for our bridges in life.

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If life is all about connecting with other people and sharing in the complexity of social interaction, or working towards your goals and improving yourself on a daily basis, then this is the ultimate design:
Life is a road, but the footing is not always the same. When you work for your goals or try to improve yourself, you are walking on fields and roads.
When people come into this equation (which is unavoidable) the road turns to a bridge. Our connections and interactions with other people are all bridges between the groundwork of our self-discovery and trial.
Our experiences make us who we are, and despite our best efforts to not admit this, there comes a time when we will need our bridges again.

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Here is the lesson that I want to teach you today: Even though you may work hard to be the person you are, you will still need your bridges in order to achieve success.
Because if you want to see your vision manifested in the real world, you are going to need people that can help you along the way.
People who have their own bridges and connections can connect them with yours. There, you will have the ultimate tree of life; groundwork and bridges.
Without these two pillars, your efforts will be fruitless.
A person who has competence but doesn’t have bridges cannot achieve success.
A person who has bridges but doesn’t possess a certain about of competence cannot accomplish anything.

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Last but not least, we should remember that when we cross the bridges of our life, we should not burn them behind us.
There are two reasons for that; first, you must understand that a bridge for you can also be an opportunity for other people. It doesn’t hurt to lend a hand and help different people.
Second, you can be sure that there will come a time when you will need those bridges again, both to get back to a certain spot or help you get out of harm’s way.
People who nonchalantly burn their bridges or do not take them seriously always struggle to achieve their goals in life.
Do not take your connections and your competence for granted. You have to work hard to gain them both!



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The return! Great to see you! I myself have also been taking a break but looking to come back to engaging actively.

I think Steem is a great examplenof how bridges and connections can empowe is to succeed on our goals. The power of community is a fundamental factor behind the success of many innovative and potential disruptive ideas like the one we participate here daily!

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Welcome back, @chbartist
Good luck with your single and the tours as speaker.
Burning bridges suck, especially when we do it out of carelessness. Sometimes it is just a matter of making a call or sending a message or email to refresh relationships and we postpone it until the next chance and next thing you know you have not contacted that bridge in ages and then you feel embarrassed you'd do it to ask for a favor, so you'd rather not and there you are a bridge burnt!
In my town people had a nasty saying to illustrate the fact that we need people more than we think or want to admit (and therefore should make sure we have help available when needed):
Your ass doesn't shit only once.

I know from personal experience the implications of burning one's bridges. I did try to rebuild those bridges but the damage was already done. I can only move forward from here and try to build new bridges and form new bonds with people to progress through life. I miss the old connections that I once had, those bridges were forged over many years and took all but an instant to destroy. Once again it comes back to appreciating the things that you have in your life and not taking them for granted, complacency becomes such an expensive thing to allow into our lives. Thanks for your post @chbartist you make some very good points.

if you can make a brick, you can build a bridge.

Good sir you are back very nice great article 👍 this is truth human development success nothing without supporting each other.

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HI @chbartist it is good see you back again on steem for long days. Might you disappear from the plateform but any I read your post, ofcourse hardwork matter but some time you need some thing odd to fullfill your job. If all we are completely self-sufficient then what is the meanings of helping each other for God's blessings. May you understand what I want say

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Welcome back. Congratulations on your new single. Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well though. Hopefully you get better soon. Great advice about bridges. I agree that everyone needs help at some point so it's important to build and maintain professional relationships with others. You never really know if or when you will need that relationship again

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WELCOOOOME BACK. It really feels good to have your post again.
Well-done. God will make you stronger and more balanced to impact more lives in Jesus name... Amen

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You often see people regret maybe not having said something they've wanted to say to someone in the heat of a dispute or argument, but I've learned the hard way that it is a form of burning bridges when you think you're getting even.

Hello dear friend, I'm very happy to see you back in steemit. I hope you get better ... and I wish you much success with your new single.
This topic of the bridges is interesting, they are necessary and it is always good to have them there, at hand.

Greetings @chbartist, thanks for being back.

"Bridges of life", excellent metaphor to illustrate the people who in some way collaborate with our success; Reading Robert Kiyosaki and Warren Buffett, they pose it as "commercial allies"

Indistinctly the name given to you, you should be grateful to the people who help us, for that reason those relationships should be taken care of and stimulated, so that each day they reinforce, fulfilling one of the goals that should be drawn by each person ; be happy making others happy.

As an independent person, which all of us seemingly are, I read your article and quickly decided it was an opinion piece. There are no facts to back that up and if there are please produce them. I achieved all my dreams on my own. Any bridges you refer to as help can be bought and paid for. Bridges as used in this post are basically getting help from any loyal people in your life and the older you get the more you realize that overtime people and their loyalties have changed. So in my humble opinion bridges are not needed to achieve your goals. Bridges tend to become one way as people using you for you knowledge with out gratitude or compensation. I like to think that any bridges are built upon loyalty and possibly friendship to an extent in this case talking about succeeding the bridge could also be the companies you do business with. Again, there is no need for for bridges to succeed in life. This I disagree with you on. I know plenty of people who have a lot of bridges to friends and it also seems that these people use the so called bridge as a one way bridge. Would it hurt to burn these kinds and rely solely on my 2 friends and my 2 children. I have burnt every bridge I have ever had as it relates to people/friends with the exception of 2. If we use the company analogy those you cannot burn even if you wanted to because they generally charge a toll to use their offerings. So as a person who is 61years old and achieved every dream I have ever had (Dream Big) so you are always motivated to do something.
On a personal note friends and acquaintances I have come across in my years there are only 2 friends that I would not burn bridges with one is a friend who I happened to save his life when we were 15 and 17 years of age (with my friend being the older) and my other friend we worked together for 20+ years side by side and it was a hellish job to say the least. Quite honestly I cannot understand how people have groups of friends (I understand it in your 20's to mid 30's ) but once you have children of your own the bridges may not burn down but they are dilapidated to the point they have fallen and there is no reason to try and find my way across the span of the bridge. So I would argue that there are many reasons to burn bridges with the biggest one being friends they seemingly get jealous of your success and disassociate themselves with you or the bridge is simply one way you are the one dishing out favors relentlessly. It is then you realize the success you achieve in life depends more on yourself that anyone or anything on the other side of the bridge.

Note: I am not disagreeing with you I am just stating that it is hard for me to see someone using the word successful and bridges which are mainly friends as companies you pay for. You even do that for a few of your friends that you will burn the bridge given enough time. Also I don't know your age so it is hard to estimate at what point of life you are in.
After re-reading your post it is possible you are just talking about the steemit community and I would agree with you. On the major players that make technology happen as far as the steemit community. However when I re-read your post, you generalized success and then went on to say "A person who has competence but doesn’t have bridges cannot achieve success" says who? I would say a person who has competence doesn't need bridges you can always find answers or help that would fill the void of whatever is across the bridges you describer here, so I do take issue with that being a self made man with a wife of 43 years and 2 children and not taking help from anybody I didn't pay for!
Secondly you said "A person who has bridges but doesn’t possess a certain about of competence cannot accomplish anything." Again I take issue with that as you are implying that someone has no competence, if you would have said drive or desire I might have agreed. It is kind of like a college degree, there are literally thousands upon thousands of companies that will not promote you past a certain level without one. So I say who would you rather work with, Someone who has 20 or 30 years experience or someone that put in the time (you don't know their grades and college is pretty much like high school put in four more years and you get a piece of paper saying you are competent. If you believe this to be true then there is something missing from you bridge scenario!

Keep up the good work. I did enjoy reading it, even if I am taking it out of context, I can simply state my case and agree to disagree!

Note: This is just a different side of the story from and old ma. The original author I have not followed but like his writing. In my case I am talking real world day to day living. It may be that he was talking about simply building in the steemit, Dtube and other technology based communities. In which case I agree with him wholly and without question! I never come in just to tear somebody down. I only post when I read something and feel there is another side to the story.
Thanks for your time!

Thank you for your text and why not say article. Thank you for taking the time to read and reread and write. For me this is an attitude that deserves my respect. Regards

Welcome back @chbartist after a long time. I am very happy to see your post. Thanks 😘😘😘😘😘

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Thank you brother!

Even though you may work hard to be the person you are, you will still need your bridges in order to achieve success.

This is especially the case here on the steem blockchain. Without bridges, you are sure to fall, it seems.

There, you will have the ultimate tree of life; groundwork and bridges.

Very true. Some of the most fruitful (as you say) connections can be from other bridges. I’d like to look at them as branches now, since you’ve used the tree of life metaphor. :) without being connected to the tree, to others, you are but a fallen branch on the ground.

There are two reasons for that; first, you must understand that a bridge for you can also be an opportunity for other people. It doesn’t hurt to lend a hand and help different people.
Second, you can be sure that there will come a time when you will need those bridges again, both to get back to a certain spot or help you get out of harm’s way.

Helping others, because we want to, because we see the benefit for all of us in doing so, is a good feeling and it provides better economic results as well. Common goals with more minds working on it, all across the intellectual spectrum, can achieve great things.

It’s also true that you may find yourself (even if you’re overly confident/cocky. Gotta be real with yourself at times.) needing help from others, if you’ve mistreated them and lowered them down with your words/actions... that bridge may have been the one that would have otherwise saved you. (A fallen branch being caught by another and happening to land to where it can re-bond with the tree of life?)

This was a great post. I’ve been working a lot lately and just had some real time to get back on, so this was nice to come back to. :)

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