Understand the True Value of Your Goals and Dreams

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Hello, dear Steemians!

It is inspiring to have ambitious goals and wild dreams, but rarely do we understand their true value and worth and remind ourselves of why we fight every day to turn them into reality.

Having great goals but not understanding their value is like having legs but trying to walk with your hands.

Your goals are more important than the results that they will bring for you.

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Let us make this case by analyzing a fictional scenario. We have several writers who are all writing a book.

The endeavor is tiresome and painstakingly difficult, but they are trying to succeed relying on their courage and resolve.
The only problem is that these writers have a different outlook on writing a book.

When asked what they are doing, they each gave an answer that embodied their approach to writing and how important their goal appeared to them.

The first writer said, ‘I am writing.’

The second writer said, ‘I am writing a book.’

The third writer said, ‘I am writing a great book.’

The fourth writer said, ‘I am changing the world!’

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The person who asked this question was baffled.

Changing the world?

How exactly?

He thought to himself.

‘Every sentence I write on a page of my book is a thought expressed. A thought expressed can change a person’s view. A person with a changed mindset might go on to change the world, in small or big ways.’

The fourth writer claimed.

‘Many hundreds of people are going to read my book. So, in a way, I am changing the world.’

What is the difference of the fourth writer with the other writers?

The fourth writer actually understands the importance and value of his goal. He knows what he is capable of, and he knows what will ultimately happen if he realizes his dreams.

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The same argument could be used to describe almost everyone.

A teacher could believe that he is merely teaching stuff to a bunch of children or he could believe that he is shaping the thought of the future generation and adding to their wisdom, which will inevitably prove useful to the society on a much larger scale.

Now ask yourself this: How do YOU see your goals and dreams?

In what ways do you imagine them?

Have you actually considered the importance of what you wake up to do every day?

A medical researcher might think that they are basically doing their job, little do they know that they may be building the foundations of much greater health and well-being for future generations.

An officer of the law might see his everyday activity as chore, but little does he know that society is safe because of him and his services.

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We rarely try to understand the true value and significance of our goals and dreams. Noticing the ripple in the water instead of the stone that you are throwing is much more important than you realize.

Think about the ways with which you could change the world if you remained in your current path!

And if you want lasting motivation and an increase in your productivity, try to understand the real value of your goals and dreams.




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Thanks All of You!!!!


'The secret to success: find out where people are going and get there first"

'The secret of getting ahead is to get started"

Mark Twain.

@jphamer1 yaa only thinking are not enough , we have to do something

yeah this goes for everything, as a collective society, as humans everything. We have to find the spark that kicks things off. Usually most of the time some higher force is responsible for making this happen. The rest is free flowing unpredictable momentum.

@jphamer1 absolutly but if we have zeal to do something then no one can stop us . i like your thought because sometimes we get unarmed in front of higher pressure . @ chbartist doing best to revealing it.

very informative thanks

Well said @jphamer1 get the right direction and stay ahead of all is success.

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Everyone has a big and deep dream in his heart and one day he wants to achieve it, but many people have not taken the first step necessary to achieve their dreams. There are many obstacles that make taking the first step difficult, so here are some things you should avoid. On the obstacles

I am glad that i happened to follow you and read what you wrote. It is worthless to work on things without a proper target to aim at. Right mindset to be able to work towards a goal is what we need most of the time. Inspiring is a word I can think of.

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A big difference between a person wishing something, working hard and making some plans to reach his goals

Everything starts with the heart and mind, and every great achievement was an idea in the mind of someone who dared to dream, without allowing negative thinking to influence it

The only real question is how much do you want it. This is the only limiting factor on realising your dream with a few exceptions.

I think that what you wrote is wonderful, and every person has to set big goals and see that he can tell her whatever
Those who strive with time will get a result
Thanks @chbartist

It is right if we want to achieve our goals then we have to pay attention to it and take necessary steps to achieve that goal.

Working continuously with smart technology is the key of success.

So we have to ignite the flame of achieving something in order to achieve our goals.

Revisiting previous dreams: rethinking past dreams and knowing whether they have been achieved, or not, identifying emotions, experiences that resulted from these dreams, then starting a new chapter, overcoming negative emotions, learning from past experiences

The question of realizing dreams and ambitions has never been limited to individuals. It is also the problem of many companies and countries, and by reference to history books we find many failed projects and unrealized dreams.

The world can imagine in detail what it will look like after realizing the dream. Imagination motivates the realization of the dream, because man can see how this dream has changed his life for the better

If a person throws a spear at the target all day, he will ever fall. Mark Tullius Cicero. Great message. Thanks for the motivation

Excellent review, my friend and you are right, we all need to learn to understand our goals and be able to have a clear idea of what we want, only this way you can achieve them without any mistakes! Thank you @chbartist

Oh yes @chbartist, excellent motivation for all of us, a real understanding of our goals and dreams, it can be said half the victory and the more we will present it, then we will quickly achieve the result!

There will not be a perfect time to start. At all times, there will be an obstacle that will delay the start.

The first step to starting the dream is the hardest

My goals and dreams are so ambitious that they often lead me to stretch myself to execute the proper tasks and learnings to reach as they will not only change my own experiences but also those surrounding me! We always need to aim high but without forgetting setting tollgates along the way to remain motivated and having momentum!

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@chbartist sir
As we all know that you share your post every day and many people benefit from it and you get enough upvot, people probably believe it. But is anyone ever wondering how many people's mindset is changing from these posts? How many people are coming forward for cooperation with each other? How many people are beginning to recognize each other? How many people are taking inspiration from this? In fact, this is the aim of the post and the dream to increase positive thinking in people, people come forward to help each other and be motivated to create a strong community. It is not just an article, but an effort to change the ideas of the people.
I am completely convinced that the fourth writer really understands the importance and value of his goal because he was trying to change the ideas because people change their thinking by changing the thoughts.
Thank you for your continuous effort to change the mindset of the people.

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Great post @chbartist. Everything lies in understanding of oneself and the relevance of their futuristic projections. I for one strongly believe in this fact and I usually take out time to understand myself, people, things and so on so as to gain a common ground for advancement in life. Quite thoughtful and motivating.

Great post. Everyone has dreams, but when you start to believe your dreams can come true that's when dreams become goals and a passion is sparked in your heart :)

Give any hunan being enough money in his pocket to put food on his table then he will understand the true value of everything including his goals and dreams....


I like to dream, but if it is wishful thinking and not dream, I do not see any good coming out of wishful thinking. Dreams most atimes come to past, bit you need not to see idle waiting for it come by, you have to work towards achieving the dreams and the goals it have for you. No idle man gets his dreams and goals come but he who works hard for it and bleviveing has all his dreams and goals accomplished.

When we choose our goal under pressure then we can't get it importance but if we set our goal with interest then we understand true value of it , and it should be until we won't understand true value of our goals and dreams , we never achieve them. When we gave them value then one day our goals make us valuable . Nice blog @chbartist

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La pasión que sientan las personas por lo que hacen determina mucho el efecto o resultado final. Creo que cada quien debería hacer lo que mas le apasione y tendríamos gente mas feliz hogares mas armoniosos y ncomo consecuencia un mindo mejor!!!

It is important to divide the target or the big dream into small sub-goals with time limits to achieve these objectives

lo que hay es que nuenca rendirse, tener confianza y fe en dios y nunca dejar de soñar

Is something that always exists, which is normal, and waiting for approval from people means that it is impossible to begin to realize the dream

It is important to expand our mindset; to see the BIG PICTURE. Especially when it comes to our #goals, the reasons why we do what we do.

Thanks, @chbartist!!!

Para lograr "sueños" lo primero ahi que a las personas toxicas que lo unico que hacen es hacerte perser los sueños.

We should labor on things that matter in life time. To touch a heart and change a life should be our goal that one day we may be called of them their heroes. Influencing others to change for the better is changing the world.

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You are right many times we do not give importance to the meaning and impact that our goals have when what we should do is value each goal and above all its consequences for humanity.

Hey friend ! I always voted but you never show your support.

I think you did not understand the proposal that is well described in the footer posts. My effort is for you to learn to vote for each other, and everyone who leaves meaningful comments gets my vote. Is this not support for you? Are you trying to convince me that you understand the importance of voting for each other and always receiving my upvotes in the comments? Nibguém is bound to nothing in this community (blog), furthermore I think you should have written this comment to the wrong person. Do you want me to vote instantly when someone comments? Have you seen how many posts I write? Can you imagine how much time I have to devote to reading each comment? Also I'm leaving my upvote in this comment that would not deserve my upvote but maybe it will make you pay more attention before commenting and please understand that having a positive mindset also means not requiring people here to vote for you or me or anyone else. No one here is forced to vote for anyone.

Hello @chbartist!

Our dreams are too important, and we must grant them the importance and seriousness they deserve, if we do not value our dreams, no one else will. We must be the most interested in achieving these dreams and goals, and in understanding how we can contribute to our world through the realization of our dreams.


@chbartist if we understand the true value of our goals and dreams the we can achieve them

Me ha gustado mucho tú artículo. En nuestros días el impacto de las tecnologías de información y comunicación (redes sociales) puede hacer de una forma asombrosa que el valor que le demos a nuestros objetivos se constituyan en una fuente de inspiración para otros sin ni siquiera haber tenido la oportunidad del contacto físico con las otras personas. Lo virtual ha hecho que con más facilidad nuestros valores trasciendan hacia otras latitudes, generándose una mayor sinergia entre los individuos.

I liked your article very much. Nowadays, the impact of information and communication technologies (social networks) can make an amazing way that the value we give to our goals becomes a source of inspiration for others without even having the opportunity of physical contact with the other people. The virtual has made our values more easily transcend to other latitudes, generating a greater synergy among individuals.

Think about the ways with which you could change the world if you remained in your current path!

Not only the world that we could change but also people and relationship to one another. If we're in good relationship to one another, we would not be worried of anything, even pain and death could never separate us.
We understand that the value of life is love and we will be happy when we reach the finish line of our lives.

I have a friend whose slogan is, "What is it worth to dream, if you do not fight for your dreams", I think, that refrain, is very much related to the information in this post. if we do not fight, to achieve the greatness of our dreams, we could hardly see them materialized, if we do not seek, give great importance to our objectives, and established goals, hardly, we will achieve that these have a significant impact for the world.

You set your mind to something, you get excited and work like mad, and then motivation starts to wane... Having goals that you can focus on and visualize helps you better connect yourself with your inner desires, and gives you the motivational energy you need to work through periods where your focus inevitably starts to wane.

Most of us have big dreams that seem impossible to accomplish. Its easy to feel discouraged when you’re staring at a massive, seemingly insurmountable mountain.

Proper goal setting can help break larger, intimidating aspirations into smaller, more achievable stepping stones. Planning towards these smaller goals not only makes it easier to formulate a definite plan of action that we can start working on right away, I think that hitting smaller milestones provides real motivation and greater contentment.

Incredible @chbartist ...!!!

Hi @chbartist , very inspirative. Let's say that make a dream come true is like to climb to the top of the mountain (may be the one you show on first picture). Many people can have similar dream but they have different view how to deal with it (they can choose different ways, different equipment etc.) Which one will succeed? Definitelly the one who asks the man who already climbed the hill and will follow his advice. I am sure you are the right person whose advice should be followed. Thank you for sharing your motivational words with us.

Hi friend all our dreams come true if we have the courage them and I feel thair real value.

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Really great motivation for all of us ... Sometimes we just blindly do ours everyday work ...we forget to think that it's not just only a duty , but also our responsibility to our better human Future...

To beacome success person who realize her goals and all dreams value.

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Love the mindset and beautiful photos! Its important to know what you are striving for, no matter what, it gives us purpose throughout this journey. Thanks for sharing! Gave you a follow and re-steemed :)

You can decide how you want your destiny to be cause your destiny also depend on you too

Three men were laying bricks. When asked about what they were doing, that’s what they said;

1st man: I’m laying bricks.

2nd man: I’m laying bricks for a building.

3rd man: I’m taking part in making a free cancer hospital.

There’s your difference.

Fantastic perspective! Loved this!

see you on the top ... all the best from @aple

Yes! Believe in what you are capable of doing.

Very inspiring post @chbartist
Truly, one may not know the worth of what he/she has until it's lost. The recognition of how valuable your goals serves as fuel to empower you to go the extra miles and achieve extraordinary results.
It requires thinking deep and far and visualizing the long term impact of your goals.

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you are right, ripple is more important than the dying stone.

I think we must be clear about our dream and goals in life. Unless our objective is not clear we can't decide the right path to achieve them. So it's highly important to understand the inner self and decide what we want. Once we understood it all then journey will more fun and without any doubts. Thanks @chbartist

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I guess goal without understanding true value and goal worth is another endless journey .

Bu understanding true value of our goal , we can set how far we will go with our goal. Thanks @chbartist for keep sharing good word for us

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Toda persona natural debe tener un propòsito de vida, que se traducirìa en un gran objetivo a alcanzar en una meta preestablecida; es decir definido en el tiempo, y el espacio, donde cada quien dependiendo al ìmpetu , empeñoy apasionamiento que le dedique para lograrlo lo veràs de una forma diferente que lo compromete con ese objetivo.

what I got out of this Ted Talk is that people who go to Yale think that they have all the answers to life's questions. The speaker thinks that the other 150,000 authors of self-help books have it wrong and he has the magic answers in 5 minutes. This video starts with the premise that you know who you are, what you are doing in life, who you are doing it for, and how it changes other people. This is a great pep talk for those who already know their purpose. Congrats! You're a cheerleader! For those of us working to feed ourselves, just trying to get the bills paid, who aren't privileged enough to have days to sit around and think about our dreams, this was utterly useless.


I think, that each one is an artifice of their dreams, and it is each one, who can make those dreams come true, and become something so big, that it serves to inspire others, and to change the world, as you say in your example.

A person who opens a world of possibilities to achieve a dream, and who works, strives, and struggles to achieve it, very likely will achieve it, but, a person who, in addition to it, places his focus, in which his dream should become something as great as he would have never imagined it, he would not only achieve it, but also allow him to achieve things that he could not have achieved without opening his mind.

Hello friend , you have wrote a excellent review..

i think youre right im going to change my mind and to change the world through my math classes. Thank you for your message

"People with goals succeed. Those without goals do not. It's that simple."
~Earl Nightingale

That's very true! Having goals and realizing how important they really do help. I've always wanted to do something to help change the world. Honestly what often stops me is this fear that I'll do things but nobody will ever notice. What if I write a book but nobody reads it? What if I make travel videos and nobody watches them? I don't think it's rational but these thoughts often slow me down in my goals.

Those crazy enough to dream are those who change the world 👹 Think how many people are using this platform now and imagine how many are going to use it in the future.
Do you Steemians know we are revolutionizing not only internet but a lot of society with dapps and crypto?
I am coming to realize this watching videos from Andreas Antonopoulos, the implications are huge :)

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Why do you want to change world?

Hello @chbartist, I like your ideas and your style. I totally agree that upvoting is an effective way to assist the motivation and recognition of blog writers on this site. Everyone can do with encouragement and support.

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Goals and objectives should personal and original, copying will make you fail awesomely. Add me to the community @alphids

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Great message. Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday.

In my opinion there are two important rules of happy life is that (i) Never ever give up (ii) Remove every negative vibes from your life and try to think in a positive way so life automatically direct in a positive way.

Powerful message.

It is true, this is one of the habits of successful people.

It is said that if you aim for the Moon and you miss, you will land among the stars. Sure beats looking down and aiming at your own feet!

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