Three Bad Habits That Can Harm Your Brain Functionality

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Hi, Steemians!

A dreamer’s lifestyle is often questionable and plants the seeds of doubt inside the minds of those who are close to them.

Even if you are productive and have an amazing mindset regarding your goals and ideals, you should understand that without a healthy lifestyle, all of your efforts would have been for nothing.

This is especially important if we talk about the health of our brains. Our minds are, after all, our primary powerhouse without which nothing would be possible.

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Brain functionality is really more important than you imagine. If your brain is healthy and functions properly, you will perform better and even receive much more amazing ideas.

Consider the waste that an unhealthy brings for an entrepreneur or a dreamer. You need to be able to think with swiftness and ease, and your creative side should be constantly ready to give you service.

In today’s blog post, I am going to list three bad habits that harm our brain and its functionality.

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Constant exposure to loud noises is one of the things that can adversely affect our brain. Some people work in districts where a lot of construction takes place every day.

A lot of people tend to listen to loud music and use headphones in their ears.

Whatever the case, constant and regular exposure to loud noises can harm your mind and its functionality in more ways than one.

This is even worse if you have made a habit of exposing yourself to loud noises, examples of which are listening to music on headphones with extra volume or being near big and projecting speakers.

Minimize your exposure to loud noises to reduce the adverse effect of sound on your brain.

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Next comes darkness and dearth of sunlight. A lot of people, especially introverts or solitary creatures, prefer the darkness of their room or house, little knowing that this darkness is affecting their brains in a negative way.

Our brains need adequate exposure to sunlight in order to get all the good stuff that they need to process everything properly.

That is why it is important to leave the house during day hours every once in a while, and enjoy the warmth of sunlight on your skin and skull.

Even if you are someone who works at home, you should realize the importance of natural light and its effect on your brain. Lack of sunlight in the long term can have serious side effects for your general health.

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Last but not least is our eating habits. A nutritious diet is really important if you want to have a healthy and properly functioning brain. Our mind needs certain amounts of protein and nutrition in order to work efficiently.

Many people skip breakfast, which is a bad habit for their general health and fitness, but it can also adversely affect their brains. Never skip breakfast and make a habit of eating a nutritious breakfast at the start of every day.

A healthy diet which is rich with nutrition is perhaps the greatest step you could take in order to ensure the safety of your brain.


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Excellent review @chbartist and you are absolutely right in these things that can negatively affect our brains. Our rhythm of life today is very stressful, so it is very destructive to subject ourselves and our brain to such effects, which of course will affect the quality of our life and what we strive for!

hello @chbartist.

As you indicate in the publication, we have identified three elements to control that will allow us to have a healthier mentality, these are:

First, Control exposure to harmful noise levels.

Second, greater exposure to natural lighting, in the case of people who do not have a daily exposure

Third, a balanced diet, where breakfast is the number one protagonist.

I would add a fourth element, do every day 15 minutes of Steemit!

Hi @chbartist a very nice post about habits and I thoroughly like it. I also subscribed your YouTube channels but there is no video. Appreciate if you post videos there so that I can watch it and gain more. Thanks

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Dear @chbartist
I read your post, its very interesting. There are somany other that habits like watching and thinking unwanted things,and so on. But every those habits are not much bad, and can be easely controlled by everyone,. I am too in my way to helping my brain to think wisely by adopting methodes like meditation.. its very useful.

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I have subscribed to you channel after reading your article.. I can see that you are trying some good and useful stuff for the community.. On the other hand we human being make many times bad habits for our body.. When I was teenager I was having a big fun to listen music woth earphone with high volume. But now when I hear a high voices suddenly from my earphone, I am closing my eyes and having a face looking like eating a lemon piece :) And I say how I was listening music before like that..

Many often forget that the physical changes we do impact our mental state as well! These are great examples of some that could not allow us to think freely to focus on our goals.

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I agree with you for getting healthy Brain we need Nutrients food.
This 100% correct, health food gives good Brain with Good health body also.

Thanks for sharing

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Totally agree with you.

Dear @chbartist, its ok being well controlled of bad habits inorder to giving good care to our brain, but in my case taking a diet by controlled food consumption is pretty hard..

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The best cure for one's bad tendencies is to see them in action in another person. Do not constantly spend your time complaining about a problem you may be having or may be up against, focus your time toward correcting the problem. Remember, Time is value!

Hi, I subscribed to your YouTube account, but in there I'm not blessed-girl, on YouTube I'm like You saw me?

No problem the important is subscribe. Regards

@chbartist, If our Brain behaves effectively and smoothly then we will going to stay active and in state of effective flow. And definitely aspects which you've mentioned are vital to follow because all those aspects affects our brain and body so we have to take caution for sure. Stay blessed.

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I subscribed to your channel on YouTube. I also enjoy your content which I find very motivational, educational and uplifting!! Thanks for all you do!!

I always listen to GAMMA WAVE music with loud volume. it will always help to improve my brain power. what do you say??

Este artículo toca un tema primordial para nuestra salud biológica y emocional. A veces descuidamos el hecho de estar atentos a cualquier hábito que pueda disminuir la calidad y el funcionamiento de nuestro cerebro. Muchísimas gracias chbartist por esta información tan valiosa y por la claridad de tus argumentos. Te saluda @yohanys desde venezuela

I feel fully identified, making art requires great creative efforts, I believe that photography is the most relaxing and healthy of my professions, but in terms of theater I leave many muscle and respiratory problems, like rehearsing with my band brought me many hearing problems, today I try to perform the same activities but taking precautions, age takes its toll as we say in my country, in other words, time passes and our body tends to recover slower from any injury.

I am a student of psychology and it seems great to load this type of content, people should be very clear that a healthy brain and our body is the main thing to feel fully. Another habit that is bad for our brain and that can seriously damage it is not sleeping well, so advice! Sleep at least six hours, nothing less than that.

You've made some valid points. I need to drag myself outside more often...

Eating well is important.

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Superb writing style.

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Many people skip breakfast, which is a bad habit for their general health and fitness, but it can also adversely affect their brains. Never skip breakfast and make a habit of eating a nutritious breakfast at the start of every day.

I do intermittent fasting for more than 2 years now and breakfast is no longer a meal for me.
I don't know if my brain is affected by intermittent fasting but I feel great much more compared to my past lifestyle of eating 3 meals a day and with snacks between meals.

"A healthy diet which is rich with nutrition is perhaps the greatest step you could take in order to ensure the safety of your brain."

Very well said!

Your channel is of no interest to most people who see a blank page. Is this your exercise that helps determine how a person’s brain works?

I am a researcher, so I signed up for a blank sheet. But there are people who want to see the result immediately, so they just leave without leaving any traces (subscriptions)

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Healthy lifestyle produce healthy mind you are right good subject your blog.

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Good experience Healthy brain how can I find.

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