There Are Two Paths to Achieve Self-Confidence…!

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Hi, Steemians!

Lack of self-confidence has destroyed many a man’s life before their time to rise and shine.

Without confidence, we would not be willing to do anything particularly important or worthy of recognition.

A lot of people have talent and admirable skills, but their lack of confidence compels them to remain in the shadows and not show the world their true competence and ability to change it for the better.

In this blog post, I want to introduce two paths through which anyone can achieve confidence in life!

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There are two sides to self-confidence; the confidence that arrives from a place of inner values and the confidence that is a result of your capabilities and competence.

Let us talk about the first one. Our inner confidence is basically about how we view the world and our place in it.

A person who thinks that he has a role to play in society or in the story of the age is someone who has a high level of self-confidence.

A person who thinks that his life is not meaningless and he is actually contributing to society, one way or another, has a great level of self-confidence.

Why? Because these people understand and accept their roles in the story of their lives.

A person who is not sure about his role and position in this world cannot be confident about his life and the decisions that he makes within the confines of that life!

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The other confidence comes from outside and is a result of our experience in life.

For example, if you are competent in one area, you have self-confidence in that area and you believe with all your heart that you can do a good job there!

Another way for increasing self-confidence is the idea that we human beings have the resource of time, and through that resource we can achieve almost everything.

For instance, you have all the time in the world before you get old.

So, you can presumably start learning a new language if you want to. You can go to a whole new major and start your education all over again.

Why? Because you can. Because time is a powerful resource and you have the ability to learn almost every skill, if given enough time.

That is a great source of outer confidence.

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Regardless of how you approach your own self-confidence, there are two things that you should remember:

Our idea of the role we play in the structure of our society and the identity that we embrace as a sign of our existence is the most important factor for inner confidence.

As for confidence in the reality of the rules that govern our society, we must remember that we all have the opportunity to grow our talents and increase our skills to achieve success in life!

That is the entirety of confidence in the simplest form that is comprehendible.



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Greetings @chbartist

Trust is the energy that leads us to take actions on the execution of personal or professional tasks. If we know we can do something, we will do it and well done.

However, to be sure that the execution of the work is done in the manner indicated, it must be prepared at a psychological and professional level of the height of the requirement; otherwise the expected results will not be achieved, generating frustration over our capabilities.

We must take care of our physical and mental health, performing physical exercises, eating healthy, building good friendships, and studying, generating new and robust knowledge. All this will increase the confidence in ourselves.

Thank you @chbartist for helping us to rethink the variables, and thus resume the right path.

Muy cierto amigo @chbartist cuando las personas tienen problemas de confianza en si mismos, no caen en cuenta que pueden y deben aprender, practicar y sobre todo a dominarla como cualquier otra habilidad. Gracias por compartir estos post…

@chbartist self confidence resulted in shap of perfect activities happening in all your surroundings. When you tried to interact in an extraordinary atmosphere you a lot of things to learn and learnings always take you from unknown to known. The basic requirement of selfconfidence is how you are expert in your doings.

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It is true, I agree from you, self confidence is much necessary
Keep inspiring us all!

It has been strange for me as I have self confidence on many of functional areas due to my academic background which has allowed me to feel great as I grew my network. This network is what has ultimately expanded my ability to remain confident and execute the plan of delivering results.

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Without self confidence anything else with self confidence every thing possible in the world.

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Great article worth reading and so encouraging post.

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Great post, very encouraging 👍🏽

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I honestly regularly upvote you for your good work.

This is true. I believe we can be blessed with all the qualities in the world - looks, intelligence, conscientiousness, wealth etc... but if we have no confidence we are paralysed.

You are right as always. Only a person saturated with faith in himself exercises his will, directly introducing it into life. Self-confidence is the first condition of great enterprises.

Mind blowing post @chbartist. I really agree with your post and thinking.

Hi chbartist your post so beautiful that's greate art to post only for people ho need help to groom in socity your posts help us another nice post.

To be confident means, I am bold to speak my mind. Let others know how I feel about issues no matter who is involved.
To be confident means accepting myself the way I am and being comfortable with it anywhere I am.
To be confident means being able to express myself any where I find myself.
To be confident means I will not go down without a fight. It is looking past my fears and facing any challenge head on.
To be confident is being the best you can be.

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thank you chbartist your all posts motivational posts are so amazin to in increase our courage for live easy and secessesful life. many time we lose our courage and feel hearted and scare to step ahead for goal your posts incourage us.

I am a 2nd path girl. i have tried to get confidence many time but always loose my confidence at some point.

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One such important aspect of the human being is trust. The decision-making, the planning of your life, your personal growth, everything depends on the confidence you have ... in short, trust is so important for people, which is something that must be well entrenched in the lives of all to be able to take firm steps in life.

Palabras muy motivadoras..

good to groom new generation

Thx for sharing @chbartist

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Thanks for the post.

nice post

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I am 21 old student of Bca 2nd year in college which is in punjab , India.
I am here since 2 years still don't have much friends and didn't achieve much.
I know that I have a lot of potential and knowlege but this lack of confidence have made me alone and Dumb. Sometime I feel I am not worthy and even think to end my life but then I remember about how my parents did hardwork to get me here.
Even I don't feel confident even talking to my close people like my classmates and roomates.
Don't know exactly how to boost up my confidence . Even those motivation videos don't work much.
Peope says about me that I am full with negative thoughts and I think it's true.
Oh don't know where exactly I am heading towards.

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