The Subjectivity of Beauty and Aesthetics and What They Mean in Your Life...

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Hi, dear Steemians!

Have you ever thought about the things, sights, concepts, ideas, and people you find beautiful?

What is the merit that bestows beauty on a creation?

Even though we could write mind-boggling articles about the elements and characteristics that wreathe beauty into something and make it a sight for sore eyes, the concept of beauty is still undeniably subjective.

Now there are two ways you could approach this truth; you either despair at the idea that even beauty is not true in itself, or you could use this truth to your advantage.

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Let’s cut to the chase, because I want to refrain from going on about the philosophy of beauty as it can hardly prove helpful to anyone here.

What I will do instead is talk about how the subjectivity of beauty could benefit us in life.

First and foremost, we should talk about sympathy.

Understanding that perception of beauty is subjective can greatly increase your level of sympathy towards other people.

Being under the assumption that the things you see as beautiful are indeed beautiful comes from ignorance; an ignorance that should be fought off if we hope to be more sympathetic towards one another.

More so, when you build your sympathy on the subjectivity of beauty, you will understand people and their motives in a more profound way.

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One of the important benefits of understanding the subjectivity of beauty is that it is a great weapon against the harmful grasp of perfectionism.

Artists understand this perfectly. Getting worked up on the idea of how they should approach aesthetics and how true beauty shows its face can destroy the careers of many artists.

Perfectionism strives from the concept that beauty is recognizable and can be understood as an absolute truth.

But what you may find beautiful, someone else might find repulsive. You may have your reasons for liking something, and they may have their reasons for hating it, but who can say who is right in this situation?

When you compare the features of someone’s face, how can you bring forth a valid argument on what a face should look like. Do you use the help of math or science? What science is there for that?

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I believe that you are slowly beginning to see my point. Beauty is both subjective and abstract.

Your head decides what’s beautiful and what’s not beautiful.

It is also fair to mention that cultural progress has a great influence on beauty. But that should not stand in the way of dreamers or entrepreneurs.

This is to say that a lot of people might find something beautiful, but that does not mean that it is beautiful.

You are entitled to your own opinion and that is the ultimate point about understanding the subjectivity of beauty.




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Greetings @chbartist

When we think about whether we like something or not, we will be influenced by our stereotypes, in this case we will measure objective values

When we accept parameters that we do not usually know, we are evaluating with a subjective criterion

We are human beings, therefore we mix feelings with appreciations.

To feel admiration for something beautiful is a very human feeling. It is important to know how to enjoy it within the limits of the objective.

I totally agree. Like the popular cliché statement goes "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder". We kind beauty from our beliefs, our understanding and our experiences.

Our individual experiences have a part to play in what we believe to be beautiful. While some may fine an image of a couple kissing on a beach to be "romantic", someone may find it repulsive.

Excellent review @chbartist and you are absolutely right that beauty can be different and only we decide how to perceive it. In our modern world, the concepts of beauty are very different and therefore we ourselves must determine what beauty is for us and how to relate to it!

That's right, beauty is something totally subjective. For me there are many things that are beautiful but for my friends, or for my husband or my girls, they are not beautiful. and what for many is beautiful for me is not. For me beauty when it comes to people is accompanied by something more internal than physical.

I would conclude it as Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.
Keep inspiring us!

saludos @chbartist muy interesante su reflexión me agradó mucho por cuanto me lleno de satisfacción y la ilustración fue bastante agradable, suerte.

I disagree, in part. Beauty may not be a completely objective thing ("in the eye of the beholder"), but I do think that there general consensus on what is "beautiful" and what is "ugly."

People may disagree on the degree of beauty and ugliness, and things toward the middle of the scale could also be debated, but both qualities tend to have their zenith that is recognized by virtually everyone.

Two aspects of beauty, the physical beauty and spiritual beauty.
An old lady like Mother Teresa may seem not physically beautiful but the unseen beauty flourish through her spiritual values and virtues.

Regards @chbartist for this interesting blog post. Beauty is indeed subjective. Everyone is supposed to see it that way. Our true beauty lies within. It greatly stems from our belief that we are powerful and beautiful beyond measure regardless of our race, tribe, color and ability. When we have such belief, then no one can belittle us and our efforts.

My opinion beauty like everyone but Understanding and perfection it more powerful than first.

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It all returns to the importance of establishing our own opinions and believe in them! We should b
never solely rely on then perception to determine our action. Perspectives are key but it is the combination of all the facts that one should use to form their own opinion.

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Hello friend I certainly think that the beauty of some person goes hand in hand with his sympathy and charisma if he is not of good heart I think that it is only a false superficial beauty and with respect to the places much depends on the place what not to that people sometimes think it's a bionic site because they spend a lot of time there and only that and the place is actually ugly or normal excellent post

do not be fooled by appearances because beauty itself is in the soul

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@chbartist I would like to participate in the resteem community

can you help me plzz

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Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

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Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

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