The Reasons Behind Your Lack of Enthusiasm and Ways to Treat It....

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Hi, fellow Steemians!

Lack of enthusiasm dogs the path of many people that might have been once fearless dreamers.

It is no strange thing to surrender your will to the undying darkness of the night, and forgetting the promise of the dawn. The people who are unmotivated to the point of utter reluctance towards the idea of taking steps for their goals and desires are those who suffer from despair and a general lack of enthusiasm.

What are the reasons that eventually bring us to this place of despair and how can we treat them?

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The people who suffer from lack of enthusiasm are often those who call themselves realistic, but in truth they are pessimistic souls who only see the negative and empty side of everything.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that everything in this world is complicated and there are many sides to a matter. Some people choose to see the silver lining while others can’t help but drown in hopelessness with the idea of something going wrong.

Self-awareness is key in fighting your negative outlook towards life. If you are honest with yourself about your capabilities and challenges, you will come to terms with them and move on to the important part of the story; which is taking steps with bravery to deal with them.

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Setting unrealistic and illogical goals can be another path to despair and eventual lack of enthusiasm. In the world of business, it is commonly believed that if you set big and long-term goals, you will be highly motivated to achieve them.

Recently, neurologists and phycologists have proven that the complete opposite is true. When you set unrealistically big goals, you are not accounting the unexpected challenges and difficulties that you might face as a result of your ambition, and thus when you fail, you fall into despair and lose your interest.

You should not confuse this with dreaming. You must always be a fearless dreamer, but you shouldn’t undermine the laws of reality and life when you set your goals.

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One of the other reasons that we are inclined towards depression is our unawareness about the small everyday things that have an effect on our subconscious mind.

The people with whom you interact, their words and their actions, the things that you are exposed to, all sorts of thoughts and ideas and beliefs, all have an effect on your outlook towards life.

The person who surrounds himself with negative energy will inevitably lose his enthusiasm for life or all the things that he once wanted to do.

Be mindful of what you surround yourself with. It is not merely your internal thoughts that have an effect on your mind, but everything that comes at you from the outside world.

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If you feel depressed and with no enthusiasm whatsoever, it is only an indication that you need to change something in your life. Look for that big change which will turn your mindset upside down and help you get on your feet again.

You already have the tools with which you can succeed, do not allow your lack of enthusiasm get in the way.

Fight it, beat it, and win!




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Thanks All of You!!!!


Despair is real, very real, and I believe everyone might have experienced a version of it in our life. What is important to remember is that time always moves and it changes, just as there were good times, there will be good times again. It is a battle that each and everyone of us fights, in different situations and different ways, the power of a kind word can go a long way to help someone get out of despair, even if it is for a little while as that might be the time they need to realize that all is not lost and that they can stand up and fight again.

It is true that many times we do not realize that our life is built with small actions, with each thought, each habit. And if we make every moment, every moment something magical, it would be worth living.
Because everyday life would enjoy it to the fullest, day to day would not be tedious, nor would it be long waiting for something good to happen, but it would already be happening.
We are the authors and the protagonists of our history.
Much love and thanks for your writings @chbartist 🌸

Sir, your posts are very good. Your post also has an answer with a question that clears the suspicion. I would say that it is a very good post. I can not go to your previous post because my exams were going on but I Let's try today because it is beneficial for me

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Sometimes I lacked enthusiasm but I just think of the reasons why do I fight in this battle of life and it gives me the power to go on.

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Saludos @chbartist! El entusiasmo es la energía que impulsa a la persona a desarrollar sus proyectos, tanto personales como profesionales.

Esta energía dada por el entusiasmo puede ser debilitada por situaciones negativas que se presentan, debilitando a la persona, dejándola sin animo de seguir con sus proyectos.

En base a lo anterior, debemos desarrollar estrategias, que nos permitan identificar esas situaciones negativas, tomar la acciones necesarias para bloquearlas; no se puede permitir que estos contextos negativos, tanto externos como internos nos detengan en el camino, restando nuestro recurso más valioso que es el tiempo.

Si estamos enfocados en nuestros objetivos y ademas, "preparado a nivel mental y físico", las situaciones negativas no deberan afectar nuestro entusiasmo.

Feliz día!

Honestly such a help full and motivational article. Especially if I talk about myself im a person who scared from negative side of any work I mean to say that when I decide to do something or set a goal to achieve something I always think about it's negative part which always break my courage to do to that work. I always try to overcome from it but it is taking longer period than I expected. I'm trying to understand myself and doing my best to get raid from it.

thanks sir for sharing.
positive attitude and avoid negative thoughts.
Useful advice, guidance and techniques.

Just what I need right now.. I'm motivated and charged up to do the right thing. Thanks so much

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@chbartist and followers, from my particular experience, discipline and day to day programming goals are fundamental to conserve the enthusiasm. Dreams are dreams until that you begin to work for these and it turns in a reality. A big hug man.

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Self-awareness is the best way to realize that the behavo that have gotten to where you are at will bot necessarily provide you with what is needed to continue to grow. It is what will allow you to adapt to change to lush forward towards goals and objectives.

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We are always getting challenges that we can beat. If there is a hurdle, it is there to be jumped over. We all have our special hurdles designed specifically for each person, however it is up tp the person to have the guts to attempt the jump, climb up the hurdle, get off of it and move on to the next one. It is only our own demotivation that stops us from doing anything, ever. We are those who decide whether we get affected from outer sources of de/motivation - they are like bonuses/maluses along the track - you use can get and use them, get and discard them, or simply pass them. All up to ourselves.

@chbartist If people have enthusiasm ans zeal , he can do anything ,What he want to do , But if you lose your enthusiasm it means are not self confident . Be optimist , Pessimist is not way of success in this always you will see negative . and our mind work on thoughts then you will do also negative . So , we have to try recognize our inner power and should work on it .

Thank you. Excellent post

En ocasiones, nosotros somos los grandes culpables, de que terminemos sintiendonos deprimidos, sin entusiasmo, y con ganas de no seguir haciendo las cosas por mas que nos gusten, ya que nos planteamos metas y objetivos irreales, que a pesar de todo el esfuerzo y recursos que empliemos para tartar de lograrlo, sera imposible que esto pueda suceder.

Tambien hay casos, donde las personas son muy pesimistas, que siempre le estan buscando la parte negativa a todas las situaciones, y eso, lamentablemete solo lleva a que esas personas fracasen y por ende caigan en depresion al ver que no consiguen los objetivos que se planearon.

Como ud menciona, hay que rodearse con personas que esten en la misma sintonia en la cual nosotros queremos estar, si nos rodeamos de personas entuciastas, proactivas, emprendedoras, etc, tenemos ya parte del camino ganmado en la busqueda de lograr nuestros sueños y los objetivos que establecimos.

Regards ...

Enthusiasm is must to owe! And I need to appreciate you on the fact that all your pictures are damn relatable to your context even being a philosophical blog.
Keep up with amazing content.

I think it's quite normal to loose enthusiasm because we are human being and we can not be running like a programmed machine. We have emotions and when we feel low and that time we loose our enthusiasm.

Thanks @chbartist

I learned from a professional psychologist a practical technique that increases our enthusiasm, the technique is to definitively stop a bad daily habit that disturbs us in our life for 21 days, after this period we will feel a sense of success and that we were able to win a fight and then we will have a desire to win another fight and so on ... the enthusiasm increases as our self-confidence increases.

Despair is a disease of the soul. It is very dangerous because stops our walk for life.

We repeat in our thoughts each morning: "Happiness is a choice and I choose to be happy". As well you say, need to surround yourself a positive environment and people optimistic. And redirect the heading to follow according to its feasibility.

I hope you have a happy day!

Dear @chbartist,
Honestly this post really means to me. I am a kind of person having many dreams like everybody. And i think many of those are illogical. But i didn't knew this will lead negetively. I am so enthusiastic about my dreams and i wish i could really have those. whatever i will control this habit of over dreaming.

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it's possible that there are such people because they have a different environment so their kind of exposure is so limited so they don't have the opportunity to improve on themselves. sometimes, there are people who even go through counselling and yet remain hardened.

yeah..depends on our upbringing...the acquired values from our family, too. these are so influential in the molding of our behavior.

I like this statement from this article "You must always be a fearless dreamer, but you shouldn’t undermine the laws of reality and life when you set your goals".
You're right enthusiasm without knowledge is dangerous, it can kill you. But again life without enthusiasm is worse than death, because everything in life will taste ugly to you.
The knowledge that our enthusiasm may always not be @ 100% is a good antidote against loosing enthusiasm completely.

Otherwise thank you chbartist, keep up the good work.

A huge factor that I have found in lightening the mood and coming out of a downward state of mind is trying to pursue possible fields or streams that internally elevate your motivation and exuberance, separating you from your daily inactive behaviou​r. Nothing pushes you as hard as trying to run towards something that speaks to you personally. Be it a stock trader learning yoga, or an analyst learning the keys or an athlete​ discovering a great book.

Pleasure as always @chbartist

Very well said
Enthusiasm is the key to beat depression and find happiness in small things which makes our lives beautiful.

I wonder you meant psychologist rather than phycologist, who study algae

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Only positive thinking can give us happiness in this world, whereas negative thinking does not just hurt, but completely destroys it.

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Enlightening post

This is not just a post, but gives very clear motivation and direction. how a problem is seen and then provided an alternative solution. Clear exposure requires a lot of effort and I am proud to know you even though you have never met, but your post is inspiring
Thank you @chbartist
Thank you steemit
Warm regard from Indonesia

So as to more readily comprehend our negative reasoning examples, it's imperative to know how they function. Envision our brain as having two dimensions to it, similar to a house for example, with the principle floor being the cognizant personality and the storm cellar being the intuitive. This similarity enables us to perceive how there are two sections of our psyche, cooperating, existing "under a similar rooftop": the cognizant and the subliminal.

The cognizant piece of our psyche is in charge of rationale and thinking, and a decent segment of your negative musings. For example, in the event that you were requested to check the peas on your plate, it's your cognizant personality that will include it up. The cognizant personality likewise controls your willful activities, so when you choose to move your arms or legs, it's your cognizant personality instructing you to do the activity.
@chbartist @coolguy222

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Fight it, beat it, and win!

Oh yeah.
Its a battle from the inside and the outside.
A battle of the physical and spiritual.
Values, virtues and strength of character are essential weapons to fight on what it seems unknown and mysterious enemies.
Let the battle begin!

depression is a sate of loss of hope that a person reaches after discovering that his efforts are yielding no results.

The right way to become enthusiastic once again even while you are depressed lies in two words, finding hope.

Since we humans are different i can't ask you to try to find hope the way i find it. For example if i believe in religion then certainly that could be one good way for me to find hope but if you don't believe in religion then certainly such an advice will never work for you.

Find your own way to hope and as soon as you succeed you will find yourself Enthusiastic and your indifference will disappear.

Not only will this result in making you more energetic but it will also kill your depression completely since depression and hope can't coexist together.

Incredible @chbartist ...!!!

I know people who are considering a project, but immediately their obstacles are established, it is amazing the ease with which these people place the barriers themselves ... as they say here in my country: "They pay and they give the return"... If they will use that energy to create solutions, they would be great entrepreneurs ...

What am I doing right now? Is it helping me? Do I need to Start, Stop, Do more of or do less of something? Can I slightly modify what I am doing by become more self-aware of my thoughts and the methods by which I execute my ideas? It's a compelling thought that I am willing to explore.

As Les Brown says ... IT'S POSSIBLE

■ Start something
▫ Observe what you do
▫ Start a new habit that serves you.
▫ Start a project and howsoever small the progress, nurture that project daily.
■ Stop something
▫ Stop activities that are time wasting and don't serve you.
▫ Stop giving energy and attention to thoughts (and people) that don't serve you.
▫ Stop 'keeping prisoner' the things in your mind that are unhelpful.
■ Do more of something
▫ It's NEVER too late - UNTIL it is...I can do more for my mother and other people
whilst I can.
▫ Read more, learn more.
■ Do less of something
▫ What do I do each day that I should do less of?
▫ Weaken my negative habits by consciously doing the opposite and become
fully aware of my thoughts and the immediate effects they have.

Always great post, great topic by a great man chbartist. Learn positive and feels positive by reading your post @chbartist.

Fight it , beat it , and win it.

Thanks for those encouragement , as always .

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Thanks a lot. Lack of enthusiasm is always a problem everyone will face. Your post is inspiring.

Thank you for this very helpful post @chbartist! Many times we focus our minds in the big dream, in those long term big goals and we forget and put aside those little things we can do every day to really change our life. we understimate the power of the consistent little steps.

I treat my Lack of enthusiasm with coffee!

La falta de entusiasmo, es falta de motivación, de sueños, de ganas de seguir adelante.
aveces la falta de motivación se da por que muchas personas han pasado cosas es su vida malas que le quita el entusiasmo, las ganas de seguir, pero no nos damos cuenta que la vida es eso de lucha, de sacrificio y de esfuerzo.

Almost missed this beauty of a post...


Enthusiasm is a must for success! Lack of it takes you to a dark place... Enthusiasm propels you to take action towards success.

Enthusiasm truly reflects a person's happiness and positive self-esteem about what they are doing.

It is also contagious... like yawning. When you look at a person yawn, it triggers you to also yawn.

When you are around enthusiastic people, you become excited about the task before you. You just want to get busy!

Big hugs to the Steemians. Thanks for the upvote love always!


I’d like to read more of this

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hope the next post will be mentioned as well my name .. Hha a a aa a a

Despair, Depression, Enthusiasm, Interest even Happiness is like different ghosts standing behind our bodies on behalf of different situations. Someone with what is so called high EQ is inclined to manipulate them and others with low EQ manipulated by them.graduation-679944_1280.jpg


Congratulations good post friend

Nice photography

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