The Marginal Effect as Seen Through the Philosophy of Our Goals and Ideals...

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Hello my fellow Steemians!

‘Simple work, works!’ Today, we are going to talk about the concept of marginal effect and how it can adequately turn your life around.

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Most of us are under the misconception that in order to achieve great goals, we have to go through great lengths. We have to fight and struggle, come hell or high water, in the darkest of days, in the deadliest of battlefields, through the harshest of storms, and through the cruelest of events, to achieve our goals and realize our dreams.

That is a reasonable and sensible train of thought. Indeed, if you want to achieve great things, you need to have the resolve to do what it takes to achieve them. Sometimes, it is difficult and wearisome, but that cannot stop us. We will do whatever it takes to find our deliverance at the end of the journey.

Well, I am here to tell you that this sensible train of thought is not absolute, and not always do you have to work yourself to the ground in order to achieve the things you want. This is what we call the Marginal Effect.

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Sometimes in life, all you need to is make small and insignificant adjustments, sit back, and watch later as they come into fruition and show huge change and impact.

Imagine that you have desperately been struggling to find a window in your daily routine to study a new language.

You have been wanting to do that for years now, but you have never truly started doing it.
The reason is because learning a new language is a mammoth task. No one can deny that. Or so everyone thinks!

If you were to simply break down the huge goal of learning a new language to small adjustments to your daily routine, after all those years, you could have achieved a state of native efficiency in said language.

For instance, you may not have the time to dedicate 3 hours a day to learning a new language, but you CAN dedicate 30 minutes of your time on the way to work or on the way home to learning the new language.

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If you want the improve your life, start simple and make tiny and insignificant adjustments. You do not need to dedicate your time, energy, and focus to improving your life. You can merely decide to spend little bits of time in your daily routine towards the ideal image that you have of yourself in your mind. In time, you will get closer and closer to that ideal image.

Do not think about losing 50 pounds so that you can get into shape. Your goal is not really losing 50 pounds. Your goal is dedicating 30 minutes everyday to work out and exercise. You cannot make the decision of losing 50 pounds (big goals) if you are not willing to first decide to spend 30 minutes every day (simple action) to exercise.

You do not need to think about the goal of learning a new language. Of learning more than ten thousand words, complex grammatical structures, written and spoken language, and etc. You merely need to think about dedicating an insignificant amount of your daily time to studying that language.

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That is called the simple action that will inevitably realize your big goal. In this sense, your mind is never overwhelmed with the size of the task and the difficulty of what you will have to go through. Your mind will only process the simple action that you will have to perform every day.

We could go so far as to prove the effect of marginal effect in terms of real math and science, but that will be another blog post for another day.

For now, consider the potential behind the philosophy of the small effect and try to make small adjustments in your daily routine towards a better life.




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Thanks All of You!!!!


You have written a very good friend, taking a little time from our daily routine, constantly trying hard, it is possible that this is possible.

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Well articulated post @chbartist. 30 minutes a day is more than enough to gradually reach towards the goal for sure. But the main problem here is our untrained mindset. We inturns become more lethargic!

This really tends me to continue learning python to which I made a small gap.

Dear @chbartist sir
Any subject matter remains unknown to us as long as we do not take initiative. Once started, the subject matter becomes easy and our learning speed increases. No change comes suddenly. The changes come gradually. We need to accept small things and include them in the habit.regards

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Life goals are nothing more than a journey of small steps and adjustments to reach more milestones. The focus of small steps helps people focus on prioritizing those behaviors and action that provide benefits much quicker. Truly great perspective!

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@chbartist yes to achieving a big goal we have to set some easy and small goals ,directly we can not hunt the target. Like we need to stairs to reach the top. Grow step by step you can easily get success without getting major troubles. Yes always thing big but try to achieve them with steps.


I tend to forget the small goals towards a dream or larger goal eventually brings you closer to that goal or dream. Breaking things down helps bring progress and helps bring you closer to accomplishing the bigger task/goal. It's like a river that is being blocked by a mountain. The river slowly erodes the mountain until it can flow to the other side freely. Thanks for reminding me with your article.

Posted using Partiko Android

That's how we teach kids. Isn't it easy and effective? So it will really work on us too.
Taking a big leap will hurt our leg, but going there with small steps may take time but will help us to get the goal.
Thanks for your great writing.

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Usually you do not see it that way, you see it's the big goal and that's why many times you put the obstacles yourself, that has happened to me a lot ... but if you do as you say here, I would have more motivation because the perspective would be another and it would be easier to reach ... I like this way of putting it ... it's like putting things from another point of view ... from another perspective ... Thank you :)

It is a very wonderful post. We should keep trying constantly with us every day, every time we can become succesful.

Posted using Partiko Android

SO Much Excited article due to my view. thats why i decided to spend time in 30 minutes on your post. i will definitely learn something or something better. and this is the result of my efforts i have found steemit platform. and thanks @chbartist for include my name in your community.

Hi, @anil566, I included your name in the list. See the last 2 posts. You name is there! Thank you for you words. I recommend you read many posts that I did earlier because I wrote everyone thinking of a logical sequence to go and build a Success Mindset for everyone who is here with us all including you now. You are very welcome! Regards @chbartist

I will try to give more time in steemit. yes i have checked our name. thanks for including my name. our name is associated with you, it is a matter of great proud for us.


Good post @chbartist, the erroneous belief that every goal in life is done uphill comes from the upbringing of our parents, for some reason we are taught that everything important requires a great sacrifice. The truth is that it does not require a lot of energy to start, when the energy starts it comes to us and the doors open for us. As William James, an American psychologist and philosopher, says:
"Until now it was thought that to act, you had to feel, today you know that the feeling appears when we start acting"

One more time you really surprised me again @chbartist ...

So.. life doesn’t have to overwhelm, and it most certainly doesn’t have to frustrate.

You can improve the quality of your life by making a few small adjustments to your routines by altering your behavior and your way of thinking.

And keep in mind that you’re not alone, we all go through long periods of frustration, anxiety, fear, upset, and worry.

But it’s not difficult to overcome some of our natural tendencies to slip into a state of marginal depression.

Sometimes, life doesn’t turn out the way we want it to. But, oftentimes, the quality of our lives has more to do with the foundational habits that we routinely run on a daily basis.

By improving our habits, we can improve the quality of our lives on multiple spectrums.

This is magnificent ...!!!

Hi @chbartist thanks for the post. You're absolutely correct that even a small and tiny adjustment in our daily schedule or routine makes a bigger impact. Sometimes we keep waiting for big but forget to use small. We should also consider small things on priority.

Have a great weekend @chbartist

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@chbartist really want to be part of your community,your post are always relevant and informative and I would like to be part of that. A positive response will be appreciated

Dear @chbartist
First of all, thank you for doing this post - because, every human being knows the 80% of things you used to say here. Some people are doing this every single day in their entire life too. But i think, no one ever thought about how this works and help them to achieve their goals.
And i am too, trying to get reprogrammed so that i can make some changes in my daily routine, because i have many things to complete along with my job.
And another great example to note down here from my part is, SPENDING OF A LITTLE TIME ON STEEMIT EVERY SINGLE DAY.

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You are realy one of motivation for us ..nice work man ..great ..every small change makes us great ..

Good job @chbartist
Many others have changed through your posts.

Gracias por este post.
I follow the pomodoro method, perform an activity in short periods and take short breaks, this eliminates the anxiety caused by the passage of time.

a wise man say , a thousand step journey of life start with first step of decision .

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@chbartist for achieving a great goal we have to set small goals. We use stairs to reach at the top. We can grow only step by step , if we try to jump directly it can be harmful for us. First we should be sure for our goal and then stats work on it step by step it will help more.
Nice written


@chbartist yes to achieving a big goal we have to set some easy and small goals ,directly we can not hunt the target. Like we need to stairs to reach the top. Grow step by step you can easily get success without getting major troubles. @ankitjnv

We often times need to be reminded that you don't have to swat at flies with a sledge hammer. I'd agree that people do seem to think that hustle and effort requires an extraordinary amount of physical and mental prowess.

We or I learned this as I got older and realized that you're expending more energy on the perception of looking successful than the actual results. One could borrow the cliche of "Work smart not hard".

As a YouTube Creator there does seem to be an attitude that hustle (hard busy work) is manifested by burning the midnight oil and running haggard from one project and idea to another, BUT, it's just going to get you burned out.

This is so true @chbartist Just a while ago I was thinking about how am I going to achieve the goals I've set for myself in 2019. Now it all makes sense that it's about focusing on the process and doing it well. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful thoughts :)

I’ve spent ~30 minutes - 1 hour a day learning Japanese while juggling a masters graduate program for the past 6 months. The hardest part of anything is convincing yourself to get started. After that, the momentum gets you there!

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Actually life demand we should live one step at time. Because life is a marathon not a sprint

@chbartist really want to be part of your community,your post are always relevant and informative and I would like to be part of that. A positive response will be appreciated

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