The Effect of Doing Everything with Principle on Your Time...

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Hello, dear Steemians!

When it comes to productivity, a lot of people think that time management plays the most vital role, but it is not just about managing time itself, it is about understanding the value of a certain amount of work that you do in a specific period of time.

That description might have confused you, so allow me to make my case about principle and the role it plays when it comes to time management.

Your time is your own, but how you use it, even with a motivational mindset, can greatly affect your result.

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Principle is a difficult merit to master for a lot of people. Doing something in an orderly fashion and with plan seems to be an overwhelming workload for beginners when it comes to productivity methods.

Some people forsake it altogether, believing that their own version of productivity with no plan or schedule can help them get where they want to go.

That may be true, but it is important to understand that with principle, you are managing time on a level that most people find unbelievable and surprising.

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Up until now, I have tried to instill the importance of time management by bringing up concepts like workplace, mind, and the idea of separating your timeframes.

In today’s blog post, we want to talk about the idea of how principle contributes to your time and eventually saves it from going to waste.

Imagine a person who has to follow leads on 5 different jobs and projects on a daily basis. This person divides his time without equation.

Some days, he follows one or two of the leads and some days he manages to get work done on all of them.

But something is quite obvious: He cannot control the drainage of time and loses his chance of doing work on some of those projects.

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Without principle and schedule, you are always going to struggle and jump between your projects. You might even forget some of them in the heat of taking care of your other jobs.

With principle, you know exactly how much time you are going to need for each and every job and when you stick to it, you can get work done on all fronts without having to sacrifice anything.

At the end of the day, a person who has no principle cannot truly master the elegance of time management, even by knowing and performing everything else that we have already covered up to this point.

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Even if it is difficult for you to stick to a schedule, write one for your important projects.

If you remember the method of twenty important percent of our tasks, then you know that is the most vital part of your day.

You do not have to schedule your day completely, but it is recommended to at least have a schedule for your projects.


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Thanks All of You!!!!


You are right a person must adequately manage his time. There is such a saying "chasing two hares you won’t catch one"

Hi @chbartist time management is very important and you have already shared series of posts on this topic. I think if anything is not done with proper planed timeline then at the end it will become mess. Any project or task if we need finish on time as per the schedule then must have to plan the timeline before start. If we manage our time then even in short period of time we can do many productive things and at the same time if we don't manage then even small work will become a mess that too in large amount of time.

So we must be very much considerate about time and value it.

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That's a really cool idea....


I'm one of that guys that constantly try to have lot of activities, responsabilities and some other stuff... Of course there are some things that can be done on a schedule basis.

My problem is not with that "rigid" things... When all start to fall a part is when I have to do some unexpected things or things that take too much longer than expected (bank visits, formalities, etc).

What can you do when unexpected things ruin your schedule on a almost daily basis?

Greetings from Mexico.

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Doing a certain thing with principle make our time so valuable and out of stressful life. We are the master of our own time and the owner of what is in our head to manage.

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Time management is definitely a key to productivity and the incorporating of principles to tasks is an interesting point as prioritizing also ensure that tasks and projects can get a balanced amount of attention for fulfilling the tasks at hand.

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The quality of time you have given to your work determines efficiency and quality. Subscribed to your YT channel even it has no content yet...

Thx. At the moment it does not have content, and I explained above that the important thing is to be subscribed because when I start the project I'm working on, it's important that people are already subscribed to the channel. Regards

I am 100% agree with you. With out making Time Management Correctly, it's not possible to do our Jobs Perfectly.

Correct Time Management give 100% Success in any work.

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Here's a scenario.

You have a project to complete, a deadline and a time box are set but during the course of the work, you encounter scope creep which will push time of completion way past deadline and the buffer you set for such cases, what do you do?

Note, there are other tasks waiting for your attention.

How would cope with this?
How will it impact your time management principle(s)?

Omg this is something difficult to achieve and even more to implement on a business copy and share this valeu post

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So, it is with understanding and doing time management that'll take the stress away from you. Hopefully.., fair enough...

Time is what we want must, but we use worst.

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Thanks for the interesting post, and for the youtube channel - done :)

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I guess moderation is still the best.
Too many tasks would lead to being unproductive.

Time will be your friend if you work in moderation.

The hardest thing in this rotine is how to deal with the time. Moderation is the key.

@chbartist, Effective usability of Time and the mindset which we hold if collaborates then effective results will born because, one thing is for sure and that is, in life we will going to achieve both failures and success and positive mindset will help us to move effectively forward no matter if we face failure. Stay blessed.

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