The Definition of Your Day Every Time You Wake Up…

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Hi, Steemians!

Oftentimes, we do not realize how our vision of the world and life can shape how well we perform on a daily basis.

Obviously, a person who sees their life as endless suffering does everything differently than a person who thinks life is a balanced bowl of bliss and misery.

Who is to say which approach is better? Perhaps that shouldn’t be ours to decide.

What we CAN decide however is the way through which we approach this life every day when we wake up in order to reach peak efficiency.

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Visualization is a powerful technique to give you incentive and energy.

This can also be a great way to start your day.

Every time you wake up, you need to define your day with visualization.

Ask questions like: Who am I? What am I going to do today? What is my ultimate purpose? How strong should I be in order to achieve the things I want?

Then start to visualize. See yourself in a dark road and envision a source of light up ahead.

Imagine that you have to run to that light, barefoot, with no one to help you in this endeavor.

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What you visualize is symbolic and that symbol represents the spirit of your willpower in your subconsciousness.

For instance, a lot of people envision that when they wake up every day, they are going on a hunt.

This imagination if fervently in favor of strength and dominion; the idea that you are in control of everything that happens to you on a daily basis.

When you wake up every day and go on a hunt in your life, nothing can stop you and your determination to achieve your goals or realize your dreams.

You are a hunter, and life is your game. How do you approach the game?

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Define your day when you wake up. Who you are and what you are willing to do, and how much you are determined to push yourself… they all matter in the game of life.
Without a proper definition, all you will achieve at the end of your day is wasting time.
Visualization of how your day is going to go and how much strength and energy you are going to put on the line to achieve your purpose is something that few people aspire to do…
… but those who do it, achieve success as an inevitable merit of their determination!



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Greetings @chbartist

Determination is the decision of how we are going to do things

If we start each day with determination, with a plan focused on achieving the objectives, the most certain is that we move towards the fulfillment of the goals.

On the contrary, if we do not have determination and let ourselves be carried away by apathy or improvisation, it is more likely that we will not be efficient according to our intentions of improvement.

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Visualization not only is a great tool for determination, but for empathy, to happiness. 😊

Remember to have a great day!☺️😜

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I wake up and think something positive to start in the day :D ... <3

happy to see you again @chbartist
this is a amazing article i love to read your articles for getting lessons

I enjoy reading your posts. they are so well organized ( not like mine ) that i can't stop reading it till the end.

Many people don't realize that Waking Up every day is the greatest gift of life.
We are blessed because we can get up from our bed and do what ever we want to do no matter if this is a stupid thing or a serious meeting.
We have to push ourselves and fill our day because every day that pass it will never get back. We must look our life from the perspective that we like to be and if this perspective does not exist we have to create it.
Don't forget that there is a lot of people that they don't have the choice to get up from the bed.

Greetings @chbartist yes, it depends on how we perceive our world, is how we mentally perceive our reality, we must try for ourselves to realize that there will always be someone willing to help, as is the case with you, help but can not force No one to read the post, thanks for the approach, you have an excellent day.

retaking the reading of your post, always with positive messages, success!

Seems really effective what you've said here. A very good perspective. Thank you @chbartist again for an effective post.

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The importance of that 10% extra it takes to dream and visualize can not be overstated: it is not just for the big goals - it is for each day.

It is not just for your secular aspirations, but for your Spiritual compass - thanks for this message - upvoted!

Visualizing milestones everyday is also a great way to maintain the motivation towards longer terms goals. If we can dream and believe it true, we can make more effort every time to work and strive for success.

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Thank you for this post, I have read lots of stuff like this and many other aspects of personal development and self improvement, but it can be easy to forget in that crucial moment when it really counts... it helps to be reminded of these things on a regular basis until it becomes second nature 😊

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Day time can not be recovered when wasted. Whenever we wake up, we should ask what am I going to do today and what I have I done today after the day ends

Thanks for Sharing @Chbartist
I have used this technique it is very effective, we can use it anytime in whole day when things went wrong.

My becoming day planing I daily set before sleeping properly this reason I got a successful life I achieved every thing is easier with setesfide.
Thanks sir great motivative blog I think this is useful for everyone.

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Amazing blog fill with important information. This blog has very important points about life.
Good luck @chbartist......

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In the morning I make plans for the day. It is foolish to make plans for life, not being the master of even tomorrow.

Vizualisation and goal Definition is a powerful tehnique

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Thank you. Visualization is a tool to reach our inner power to change our life. We are magic and we need to remember it again

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EL VISUALIZAR es importante ya que nos trazara mentalmente esa ruta que se sincronizara hasta llegar a nuestro propio corazón, si queremos ser un guerrero debemos revestirnos con esa armadura y armas que nos ayudaran día a día durante cada batalla y veremos en el tiempo como ganamos esa guerra llamada vida para asegurarnos un futuro para los nuestros.

The effort of each individual depends on their desire to get ahead and what is proposed to be better every day as a person and contribute something positive to society

I enjoy reading your post @chbartist. Sometimes, I am lacking of motivation to do work. Perhaps, the work I do right now does not meet my vision or mission.

But, what are they? To save the world like the avengers? nah 😂. Have been thinking quite a long time on writing a book, which can provide values for others. It's halfway and I am stuck again. Visualization could be the thing that I need the most right now. Visualize it.

Million thanks for the tips. 😊

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I think mindfulness has really helped me too. Good article!

Cada día es un presente, y cada presente es un regalo que vivo al máximo!

Am still too sleepy to have any thoughts for today. Going back to sleep.

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I start if off when being grateful for what I have and bring my thoughts to the present. The past is what I may reflect on and the future is simply a direction I'm headed.

thank you friend these words motivate me help me to move forward despite the difficulties and to get up every morning with a purpose of life and know how to identify what I want to achieve, I congratulate you and thank you.

Define your day when you wake up. Who you are and what you are willing to do, and how much you are determined to push yourself… they all matter in the game of life.

Well said about it. Everyday in our life is a big opportunity which we should use at fullest to make the post out of it. We should be clear with our aim in life and act according to that.

You look a well informed person, i wonder how you know so much about life experiences.

Benefit info great post

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Inspiration is how WE see things we need in ourself!

Good information.

Congratulations @chbartist!
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Awesome bro

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Thanks for using @edensgarden!

This is why Steem keeps going down.... Because of users like this.

plan everything ahead!


It's also important to live the moment, the present throught your intuition.Yes you can visualize what you want to do but as the moment comes you have to embrace your inner intuition if you want to have a meaningful life.

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Another inspiring post, thank you.

glory to GOD

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Pleasant projection in the execution that occurs in the focus lines, giving more than a learning, is the lesson of doing and believing in every step you take forward. Thank.

Hey man!! you are right!!! that is what i miss from my day!!! Thank you!!

a growing realization after read it

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