The Clear Principle of Ethics: Weak Men Cannot be Virtuous...

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Hi, Steemians!

This post is going to deviate a little bit from our usual content in order to talk about the issue of ethics and morality in society.

As a businessman, you need to have clear boundaries and red lines when it comes to how you conduct your business relationships.

As an entrepreneur, it is important to have an ethical code that can guide you in different situations.

As a dreamer loose in a world with ample opportunities, you need to sort your values and make the best decision possible.

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As you can see, there are a whole lot of different important factors that could be considered consequential when it comes to morality.

A lot of our cultural trends unfortunately leave the truth of this matter in ambiguity.

Some of them even shamelessly promote unethical behavior as a show of power and strength.

But that is as far from the truth as it is humanly possible. Because being ethical and having moral values when it comes to making decisions in life is not a place of weakness, but one of power and greatness.

It is true that corruption feeds power and there is always a way for those who want to swiftly and easily become successful and wealthy.

But here is the question that they should be asking of themselves: At what cost?

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Weak men cannot be virtuous. It takes a special kind of power to have control over your selfish desires and do nobody harm in the process of achieving your goals.

So, these virtuous people are not only weak, but they are an example of humanity’s finest merits.

Another thing that you should understand when it comes to ethics in the world of business is that there is often a very thin line between right and wrong.

You need to be wary in order to recognize where the path deviates into something wrong, identify the cause and adjust your course to find the light again.

Otherwise, you are going to make the same mistakes as everyone else.

Most people underestimate the pull of greed and unwanted desires. Understand the thin boundary between what is considered right and what is considered wrong.

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There will come moments when you will have to decide. The decision itself may not be that important, but the consequences will be yours to bear.

Doing the wrong thing as opposed to the right is easily mistakable.

Do not assume that you are higher than this; it could be any of us. And whatever you do, never forget this:

Weak men can never be virtuous.

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  ·  5 months ago (edited)

"So, these virtuous people are not only weak, but they are an example of humanity’s finest merits."

I believe you meant something different?

I would change it to all people, not just men, cannot be virtuous if they are weak.

Weakness makes people pick the easy route. The easy route is almost always the unethical one. This is part of the warrior ethos, and everyone should be a warrior.

Warriors do the right thing no matter how difficult or painful it is.

I don’t think this post deviates from the usual content but rather it compliments your other posts as an integral reminder to the community of a very important and basic tenet of living a good life. If we always treat others as we would like to treated ourselves we can’t go too far wrong. It is rare to find people who are unaware of the difference between right and wrong so sadly those who are wrong doers, do so in full awareness for greed or power, or just because they can. This is a tragic fact that colours our world. We can live by example and hope that by doing so we will attract others who follow the path of light and love.
If your post changes the mindset of one person, it has played an important role in the world. If it inspires others to address this subject and twang the conscience of one wrong doer that again is great. Thanks for this reminder there are always ways we can all improve and do more to help others. 🙏

Posted using Partiko iOS

I completely agree with this. I think it's extremely important that you think about and choose values that are important to you and stick to them even through the hardest of times. Staying true to yourself and remembering why you started something in the first place and how you promised, in the very beginning, how you are going to behave towards and treat other people. Being kind and doing the right thing is definitely not a display of weakness but rather of who you are and who you decided to be.

The hypocrisy of speaking about selfishness as you vote buy and self vote almost exclusively.

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Dear @chbartist

Mentally weak people are unable to make quick decisions. The knowledge of ethics demonstrates our mental stability. In order to conduct business relations, we need to make concrete and precise decisions and this can be done by a person who is mentally strong because the mentally challenged person is often in a state of dilemma and delays in making decisions.
Because of which, he gets failures in the field of business. For an entrepreneur, his quick decisions in the business are important. This quick decision reduces and increases the percentage of its profit loss.

certain now im your follower also

@chbartist, Balance brings the success but finding and implementing that balance in life is not that easy process, that's why attainment of success is not easy. But here i want to say that nothing is easy or hard it's our mindset which will going to make us strong or weak.

Posted using Partiko Android

The way you post blogs each day on different aspects of life, philosophies, it seems like you have learned a lot from life and are still going strong with it. Am I right?

usualy many peole act different type when thy get sucess or reach near the sucess you point right way for sucess

The best post I have read by you, by far, sir ! (so far)

Very true words.

Look a the response when I undelegated from @informationwar, when I called out unethical behavior due to a philosophical compromise..

Lol seriously? You do realize that he's among the most selfish people on steem and that you STILL haven't specified exactly what behavior you called out and whose behavior even.

Begging for some attention / support from one of the biggest hypocrites on steem, classic.

How did you respond to some mild mockery? Lol not as you claimed that mockery is healing.

Posted using Partiko Android

Bless .
Do you get an erection when you read my posts?
(I can give you a photo, but it will cost you)

Lol evasion as per usual.

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Now will not searching another way for motivational things on internet we can see your post and learn earn much more thank you chbartist for your support

  ·  5 months ago (edited)Reveal Comment

chbartist you dicussed another important issue thats the thing we abserve that many people change his attitude to become smarter. In his socity they dont care other people they think only himself you share important message for us thnk you so much.

I agree with you in the world of business, a very fine line of ethics. As a rule, it is crossed over with the goal of being enriched

La ética no es algo que puede aprender en un taller, en un curso o en un libro. La ética es un valor y como valor debe estar agarrado de las bases como ser humano. Y para esto debe ser inculcado en la infancia , en la escuela o dentro del hogar.
Entonces si, al momento de tomar decisiones se puede asegurar que las decisiones serán éticas y no tendrán oportunidad de ser desviadas. Ahí es cuando interviene el carácter del ser humano. Por supuesto los individuos que no tienen carácter y que son débiles son los que tenderán a ser manejados y a dejarse embaucar.

Por eso siempre les digo a los padres que tienen la obligación de inculcarles valores morales, éticos y de preservación del planeta a sus hijos.
Felicidades muy buen tema.

Great piece of word you have here. There are some decision we must be careful of when taking because of the consequences at it. we should be wise

Morality should not be compromised but sometimes it is hard to follow. But patience has its rewards as we all know. Honesty has a power to enjoy over all things. Like your post @chbartist as usual.

Posted using Partiko Android

My approach is to do things a way that I would be proud of if my families sees it publicly. As long as I can live with those facts, I feel ethical at my approach. However, it is often important to realize that cultural differences all always present and should also be taken into account.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Good post @chbartist. In the world of business we will always be between two paths, the "Bad and the good", it is only in our hands to decide what to take, for this we need to have ethics and not forget "who we are", in the end It does not help us to be successful and millionaires, if we all get it by the corrupt way because there will always be a vacuum inside of us.

Many people do not mind getting their success and hurting others to achieve it. The ideal is to achieve success by helping others and not harm other people, it is not necessary to turn off another person's light so that you can shine. You can get what you want with your own light and effort.

Good content sir vertue is like rich stone best plain set.
This is best quality or way of behaving.

Posted using Partiko Android

but to whom is he referring to a weak man? to the physical state? and sthepen hawking scientist was not successful ?. He was totally handicapped by the body and he was brilliant in mind, and this is where there is a weak man who will never be successful: his mind. If the mind is weak, his action will also be weak and consequently his contribution to another's work or help to others will also be weak.


pero a quien se refiere con hombre débil? al estado físico? y el científico sthepen hawking no fue exitoso?. fue minusválido de todo el cuerpo y tuvo una mente brillante, y es aquí donde el hombre es débil: en su mente. Si la mente es débil también será débil la actuación y contribución que tenga el individuo.


  ·  5 months ago Reveal Comment

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A virtuous man cannot be weak

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Great post...truly inspiring

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So, these virtuous people are not only weak,

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hi chbartist you are working good keep it up other one good post

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