The Beaten Mentality and How to Counter it With Consciousness

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Hi, Steemians!

I see a lot of people everyday that frustrate me in a particular way. These people are not even willing to fight when bad things happen to them.

Over the years, I have grown to call this tendency the Beaten Mentality.

Some people do not even see any point in thinking about solutions, and whenever something bad happens to them, the first thing that pops in their head is how miserable they are.

This kind of tendency is the ultimate setback for success.

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Once upon a time, two friends were walking in a dense forest. They were journeying through as part of their expedition to enjoy the natural world of their countryside.

This place was not close to a city. So, the friends set up camp and spent a couple of days in the forest. On their way back, they suddenly came unto a clearing and froze at the sight of a bear.

The bear looked at them and they looked at the bear. They were frozen, thinking that any sudden moves might turn the bear wild.

‘We could climb that tree!’ one of them suggested and pointed with his eyes to a nearby tree.

‘We are going to die!’ exclaimed the other one.

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‘Let us focus,’ his friend replied. ‘Do not despair. We need to find a solution. Easy as that.’

‘The bear is looking at us. We don’t stand a chance. This has always been the way with me. My bloody luck!’ He spat the last words and the bear grew agitated.

Needless to say, only one of them survived the trip to the forest that day and returned home safely. This is a metaphorical and allegorical story, but I think that you are starting to understand my point.

Some people live with the Beaten Mentality, and whenever something happens to them, they sit in a corner and despair.

The first things that come to their minds are not solutions or possible answers to those problems.

The first thing are usually negative thoughts about how miserable they are and how life has always treated them unkindly.

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All they ever do is sit and despair and in the process of that, they lose precious time that can never be gained again.

On the other hand, there are people who instantly get on their feet and think about a possible solution whenever something terrible happens.

This not only limits their options and opportunities when it comes to success, it also gives them a terrible time when they are dealing with their problems.

And even then, they do not find solutions, they only find worse and worse mental pitfalls.

Bring consciousness to how you deal with your problems. Do not live with the Beaten Mentality. Rise up. Speed up your mind.

Do not think about your misery or your luck. Think about solutions! Any solution, as fast as possible!

This is the ultimate mindset of successful people!




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Awesome @chbartist sir. Again this is one of the greatest and powerful post with very strong content. Thank you for sharing your precious experience.In this post you talking about that type of person that who are not knowing their own value.This post help more to these type of person.I agree to your thought that we have a keen focus on solution not on problems and I believe that we all have a different quality of dream and skills but we all have a same goal to help our society,our nation and people who are all ready needy.So thank you for this precious post @chbartist..

These people with, you call it "Beaten Mentality " are mostly broken already and need help.
A phenomenon of our society what's becoming a global wide problem.
Sure, until you're not dead there is a solution and one have to fight for it.
But these broken souls don't have the power for this fight, we, with our strong nature should be there to help them.
Have a wonderful weekend

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But these broken souls don't have the power for this fight

Often times, your own situation is totally out of your control, due to external factors that you can't influence. If this tends to happen in a consistent way, you tend to give up "fighting".

Hello @chbartist!

The way we look at situations will depend on the attitude with which we behave

If we are optimists we will always see solutions even in the worst situations.

On the contrary, if we are pessimistic we will see problems where there are none.

As optimistic people we must keep in mind the kind of people around us, their pessimism can influence our performance, damaging the achievement of the objectives set

I understand the message you want to convey sir, that we should be resilient to every situation. But as you have said in your previous blog, there are people who are "dead", that are just wishing to be literally dead until they have found the reason to be alive again.

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Saludos chbartist, es cierto siempre hay una forma, gracias por la aclaratoria lo tomare en cuenta…

wonderfull reflection, nice photos, keep doing this !

Hi chbartist,

I think this society needs to be more creative🤯. Creativity helps you to be who you really are, to do whatever you propose, even thought all the obstacles there could be.

How we construct a creative society? Many people have lost confidence to being creative because in their childhood somebody said their work wasn't good or they wasn't good enough to paint, write, sing, compose music... We need to encourage people to do or try all those things again and see it throught a completly different way.

See it like you are expressing yourself, there is no correct way only. The only thing that matters is you to express your opinion, your personality throught music, writing, painting, singing, poetry, dancing.... But most importantly to do it so having fun!

Have a great day!☺️


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It is great to see problems as challenges we get to face and learn from instead of something that stops us fron our dreams and goals. If we are able to maintain a positive mindset, we are aheadbof the game!

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Do anything that takes your mind off your fears and worries. Keeping busy is an effective way to overcome depression.

sir here is nicely disc-rive your thought with a satiation i understand your advice.
If possible, do your best to distract yourself from over thinking. Your thoughts are your enemy when depression sets in.

Hi @chbartist

In the face of adversity, it is not enough to act defensively, it is to look for a strategy to avoid what threatens us before it happens. Threats can often be foreseen and prevented

@chartist one hundred percent according to your recommendations. We must focus on how to solve the problem and not weaken spiritually thinking about the causes of it. The timely and productive use of time is vital to turn around any problematic situation that we face. Success for everyone!!

Some people live with the Beaten Mentality, and whenever something happens to them, they sit in a corner and despair.

Whatever happens, there's always a reason for everything.
And we have to accept that this is part of human existence.
Once we realize it, we will no longer despair but move on to life.

A phenomenon of our society what's becoming a global wide problem.
Sure, until you're not dead there is a solution and one have to fight for it.
But these broken souls don't have the power for this fight, we, with our strong nature should be there to help them.
Have a wonderful weekend

Hello, Your write up is inspiring and motivating too. Keep it up.

These situations are kind of litmus test for a person how much he is having the presence of mind to deal in these crises. Thanks for giving us these motivational posts every time.

Greate story and greate blogg bro @chbartist we have to consious in any conditions so we can survive

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  ·  3 months ago (edited)

I see a lot of people everyday that frustrate me in a particular way. These people are not even willing to fight when bad things happen to them.

It tends to happen when people work hard and yet keep failing no matter what they do. Accumulating multiple defeats more or less in a row is a big downer. It damages the psyche.

nice brother...!!!great!!!

wonderful @chbartist Boss

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It's been good to read and follow your blog. i'm new to Steemit. I've overcome a long illness and with some help from my son, I've started to draw for the first time (and use the internet). There's always hope. Best wishes! Molly

Es una foto espectacular con ese imponente oso

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@chbartist @chbartist @chbartist I call you three times sir.. God will always honor your parents till death.. I really love the way you write your Story it is a strong word and very interesting.
But please always honor your GOD First. For his mercy on your beautiful family..

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I believe in this World everyone have their own kind of problems. Happiness and problems are just part of life and we can't go away from anyone of it.
So we must face the situation and never worry about any problem.
One of the motivator person I follow, he says-
If we have solution for problem then why worry. If we don't have solutions for the problem then also why worry.
I follow this in life and never worry about any problem.
Thanks for the nice post @chbartist

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I don't know why!??? I only do my best!