The Allegory of Patiently Waiting to Hang Out with Your Friend...

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Hi, Steemians!

Expectations are an important part of our existence; the expectations that we have from other people and from ourselves.

A lot of you want to do some things in your life and you actually expect from yourself to do them well.

But as human beings, it is in our nature to procrastinate.

Are we afraid? Are we insecure? Are we unsure?

That is not the question. The thing that matters is that we tend to procrastinate and not do the things that we want to do or expect ourselves to do.

So, what should anyone do in a situation like this?

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Through the history of this blog, I have given you many methods with which you can become a productive person and boost your motivation to aspire for greater things.

But today, I want to talk about the negative mental influence of not doing the things that we want to start doing!
Imagine that you want to hang out with your best friend at a café.

You both choose a day, a place, and a time.

When the time comes, you go to the café and patiently wait for your friend.

He is not there. You wait half an hour. He is still not there. Eventually, your friend calls and says that he is too busy and can’t make it.

‘Is tomorrow okay?’ he asks you.
You agree and hope that you’ll get to meet him tomorrow.

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The next day, you go to the café with much excitement and realize that he is not there.

So, presumably, you wait again. Half an hour. One hour. Two hours. He calls you again and makes the same excuse.
‘I promise you… tomorrow is the day!’ He says, obviously ashamed.

You nod to yourself and wait yet another day for him to come. The third day comes and goes the same way.

You have had enough. You are tired and exhausted. You do not expect your friend to show up and you have no hope for it.

Your will to meet and hang out with him is undermined by his false promises.

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This is an allegory for the things that we want to do, but never actually do them. It is an allegory for all the times that we promised ourselves to do something, but never actually did it.

What happens here?

Your mind cannot trust itself. You begin to doubt your will and good intentions.

Your self-confidence will be undermined by your unwillingness to do the things that you have always apparently wanted to do.

Making false promises to other people is wrong and deceitful. Imagine how wrong and detrimental it is to make false promises to yourself!!!

Your best friend is the thing that you have always wanted to do and start doing.

It is the thing that is waiting for you everyday in that café. Do not continue to let him down.

Maybe it is time! Maybe it is time to go there… and finally meet him!

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exelentes pensamientos

What a good way to explain it. Many times we promise ourselves things and in the end we do not fulfill them, we worry more about not failing others but we do not worry about not failing ourselves.

@chbartist yes a man want to do a lot in life and for it have a lot of expectations. But if we see our self from the GOD point of view we are totally in loss. First what we can do in this temprory life in a short time and second one is our expectation are only based on imaginations not reality

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Wonderful thought I must say, Instead of worrying about not meeting the expectations of others we should also worry about not meeting the expectations of ourselves , because we easily forgive ourselves.
Keep inspiring @chbartist.

Greetings @chbartist

The worst enemy a person can have is their own mind.

our mind knows our weaknesses, knows our weak points, and plays to win the game, causing us to lose.

It is necessary to learn to master the mind, in this way we will not continue waiting for coffee

Execution is often the difficult part in our lives and we often hesitate given our lack of confidence we often have to move forward with plans. If we focus on getting the plan achieved, then the chance is available. Without a chance, we cannot succeed!

Posted using Partiko iOS

Great! Expectations are our life. We expected from ourselves and others to do something in life.

Posted using Partiko Android

Very good words and excellent reflection, I will take your word and I will start practicing

Stop procrastinating, number one killer of productivity. Commit to do it today. Thanks for sharing.

Procrastination becomes even worse when persons becomes habitual to it do same thing repeatedly whether professionally or personally. We should not make false promises to ourselves and others. If we make a promise to ourselves then we should be committed to it, believe me it is just a matter of that moment that initiate it then it is like flow of water.
Thanks @chbartist for sharing

There are many plans which should have been carried out to lead to success but due to the effect of procrastination, it wasn't. Like I always hear, procrastination is the murder of all plan. Never try to procrastination

Expectations are the future and hope we desire. Our sense of purpose that drives us to achieve something. How we handle our expectations boils down to our unique individual personal traits or character.
Oftentimes, we all want the same things in life but how we go about getting it achieved differs because of our different personal traits and circumstances surrounding us. We face challenges that test our will and mental strength and is ultimately executed by our mindset.
The big question is, are you the type of person that makes things happen or the type that waits for others to make things happen for them? Now, you decide which one do you fall under.

Posted using Partiko Android

Oh my God! thank you for this. Really needed this.

wise words, I'm going to start practicing, tanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing this beautiful thoughts boss =)

Cuanta verdad, me sentí identificado totalmente, pienso que postergar es una clara falta de foco, lo digo porque me sucedía mucho, queremos hacer tantas cosas que terminamos haciendo lo que no nos gusta. Feliz y bendecido tiempo 😀

Hermano de verdad increible post. Me parece muy increible tu manera de pensar y sigues siendo mi ejemplo a seguir en esta maravillosa plataforma. De verdad te agradezco por todos tus post diarios.

Making false promises to other people is wrong and deceitful. Imagine how wrong and detrimental it is to make false promises to yourself!!!

Hi Friend,
Absolutely right. Nobody should do it. It's always the best to stay honest.
Thanks @chbartist

Posted using Partiko Android

If I have ever read a good article, than this is that. You have mentioned everything in it.

Posted using Partiko Android

Making false promises to other people is wrong and deceitful. Imagine how wrong and detrimental it is to make false promises to yourself!!!

Taking this line along with me. Lovely timing. I value you.

I agree I need to learn to respect the opinions and behaviour of other. We learn from the mistakes of a lifetime.

Sir if a have patience I have a quality able to stay longer and I got right results.
Patience not available easily naturally but it can dubbed your success at work.
I agree with you.
Thanks for sharing this beautiful thoughts.

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Thanks for sharing bro.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Great analogy, very inspiring.

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