Taking Everything for Granted and the Possibility of You Being Here!!!

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Hi, Steemians!

There is an old saying in the English language that has always struck me as brilliant and thoughtful.

When we say someone is taking something ‘for granted’, it means that they have not yet understood the importance and significance of the thing that they possess.

Our opportunities and our daily lives are bound by our mindset regarding the world and how we treat our chances and make decisions.

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People who take everything for granted will be surprised to know that at some point in their lives, they are going to lose something or someone that they hold dear.

The greatest mistake that we ever make in our lifetime is to take something or someone for granted. A family member. A girl we fancy. A purpose we follow. A goal we work for. A mentor we cherish. An item we hold dear.

It is the greatest tyranny of life that we tend to forget the true value of these things as time passes. After all, what was time but our greatest enemy?

Learning to be grateful of the things you have is basically like slipping away from the grasps of taking everything for granted.

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When you think about this concept, you will realize that we live most of our lives without mindfulness of the position that we are in; the places we go, the people we meet, the words we choose, the actions we take, and etc.

If you knew that this was the last time you were going to see the person that you loved, you would be more kind to them. You would say your feelings about them. You would forgive their mistakes and bond with them.

Our existence is precious. Do you know how many things have happened in the history of this universe and this planet so that you could be here at this very moment, reading this blog post written by me?

I don’t know anything about your beliefs regarding fate and destiny, but I do know that there is reason you are reading this right now.

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Do not take your blessings for granted. Many people wake up everyday and wish that they had opportunities that other people possess but are not mindful about.

This is not a healthy train of thought, as we are all bestowed with blessings that we don’t recognize. Envy is a path to darkness and eventually it will cloud our judgment.

What I am offering instead is the idea that we should be more mindful of the things that we have that give us much joy and happiness. Things that we would have a difficult time to live without.

Cherish your blessings and understand that life is passing.

We need to start experiencing it now or otherwise, we will have much regret as we grow old!




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Even though we take everything for granted, time is always there to teach us the meaning of life. Every now and then people get the chance to just pause whatever they are involved in, and just look up in the sky and feel the inertia. It is as if a future you is looking at the life you have lived until now.

@chbartist how much understanding and knowledge I find in your words, we definitely make a mistake by taking everything for granted, every day is a great blessing, being next to our loved ones, that's why we must take the time, which is granted to us , as a great gift and forgive what we must forgive, embrace those we love and tell them how important they are to us, because we do not know when this reality can change, and it is better to be at peace with everyone and appreciate what we have today and enjoy it to the maximum.

Thanks for sharing this.
Sometimes I feel like my life is some kind of automated. Some days pass so quickly I don't even remember thinking of anything outside the pattern. It is quite strange actually. Almost like we always keep ourselved busy and not think about everything we have.

We definitely need to be grateful for every good thing in our lives. And we need to think more about these little things we assume they will always be there and be ours.

Turn off the tv, put your phone aside. Just take a minute to think about your life, people around you, whether you are happy or not....

@chbartist although I don't find time to read all your posts, enjoying the ones I do read. Thanks for this.

Me indetifico con tu post, todos los días debemos estar agradecidos a dios, y en lo posible dar, sin el compromiso de recibir, el presente en lo mas importante, mañana el futuro es muy incierto.

Every day we open our eyes, it is a blessing and an opportunity to be grateful and engage on our dreams as we never know if it will be our last. It also allows you to be encourage with what can become of your efforts!

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Yes you are right saying here every thing is possible I found that I want.

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Your post always have much to digest. Everyone has their life to live and one don't have to envy another. Envying another could be justified if one had not his or her life to live. As far as there is life, live it and do not take it for granted. I wish to join this community @chbartist

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Hi friend really article good appreciate Ian happy I am part of this world realy I am enjoying every thing finding here.

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nice post, yes you are right saying here every thing is possible I found that I want.
received_1105085332997891.gifThrough this post, you have conveyed me 90 percent, thank you so much.If you post such a good future in the future then we will have a lot of improvement.You are really wise You do improve one day.
really love it,
love you so much chbartist.
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I enjoyed reading this blog post, very meaningful and it's deep.

Taking things granted is the inevitability of inherent nature of human to feel only change, it is mainly because we are rooted in our senses which perceive nothing but change. We usually can't pay attention to constant.

We tend to take things for granted in times of complacency. We usually recognize the things that really matter, only when we're
miserable and nothing's left to us.

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Thanks a lot!

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@chbartist, This is big lesson but most of the times people don't understand this lesson when they pursue it through other's perspective but life teaches people with creating experiences. And an experience is greatest Signal to understand the lesson which is hiding diversified experiences of others too because at the end of the day we are different under one hood. Stay blessed.

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We shouldn't take anything for granted in life and give our best to earn it. When we earn it then it's the real achivement and success.

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We need to start experiencing it now or otherwise, we will have much regret as we grow old!

Oh yeah!
We need to be joyful!

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oh,friend,blue sea,lovely 🌻🌻

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