Success Story #7: The Difficult Life of Selena Gomez and How She Defeated Her Disease

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Hi, dear Steemians!

Even if we give entrepreneurs a pass, sometimes we are predisposed to believe that a lot of celebrities gained their success at an easy price. That is hardly ever the case.

Following our blog post about mental illness and depression, we decided to dedicate this week’s success story to a person who, despite being successful now, has suffered from a very difficult childhood and has struggled with different diseases for most of her life.

This is the story of Selena Gomez and how she defeated her demons.

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Selena did not have a particularly easy childhood. His mother and father got divorced when she was only 5 years old, and she lived with her mother in very poor conditions.

She remembers a time when her mother had to work 3 jobs just to be able to pay the costs of living.

She was not happy with her parents’ divorce and took it rather harshly.

Selena saw her mother doing stage preparations and that is when her love for the entertainment industry was ignited with a fiery passion.

Selena would later accept insignificant acting jobs that eventually led to her career in the music industry. Selena was definitely talented, but it was her hard-working spirit that gained her a place of high esteem and value.

She often sites that her beliefs and positive attitude made her see opportunities and allowed her to use them wisely.

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But that wasn’t the end of the troubles of our admired singer. Selena had on and off fought with depression and anxiety in her life, but in recent years, she decided to tell the public about her mental condition and face it head on with her courage and bravery.

In 2015, Selena was diagnosed with Lupus, with is an immune system disease. Lupus basically makes the white cells of the body react in unexpected ways and attack the different organisms of body.

Selena had to undergo a kidney transplant surgery because of her condition with Lupus. During the surgery, her body kicked back against the new kidney and she broke one of her arteries. Her condition was so dire that the doctors thought it was a miracle that she came out of it alive.

After this painful incident, Selena opened up about her long battle with depression and anxiety. Sometimes, she would get panic attacks before or after her live performances on tour.

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She eventually registered for time in a psychiatric facility and has been improving ever since. Even for a star of her grandeur and fame, Selena is not immune to physical and mental diseases of all kinds.

Most important of all is depression, because depression does not discriminate and we are all exposed to its cruel touch.
Her bravery in facing mental illness and actually asking for expert help has turned Selena Gomez into an inspiration for all of us.

She might be a talented singer and artist of our generation, but she is also a voice of good in the world.
This was the story of how Selena Gomez passed a difficult childhood and reached for success despite her terrible condition.

She faced Lupus and her mental illness with such bravery and heroism that only a few of us can ever aspire to match.




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The road to the top is has never been easy and will never be. I knOw some people think the celebs got to the peak at an easy price but that's a wrong thinking. You will have to overcome many hurdles to reach where you envisioned just as Selena Gomez.

I must say she is such a brave and courageous lady. I have learnt alot from her according to this story; never let anxiety, depression or whatever weigh you down. It is possible to overcome any challenge.


I agree, if you think that fame and fortune does not come with a mental and physical price.. then you are gravely mistaken. This is a sacrifice that some realize before reaching for the stars, while others are blindsided by it. I wonder if individuals who are true to themselves, and try to keep their values and morals, suffer worse than those who are already egotistical and have none? I would think this true is some cases. Hard to be judgmental unless you knew each and every one personally. I do not. :-)

Hello @chbartist and everybody!

I think that those of us who do not have such hard realities, we must be in tune with these realities to generate empathy and thus value our own life.

Knowing that many people have lived the war, serious illnesses, great losses, can lead us to recognize that we can all go through difficulties and that many times we can get out of them.

It is a decision to rise or rise. Take advantage of the wave to climb or bump into it.

When we do not have enough money, we see the importance of love in our lives.

And for me the success is there, in being in the difficulties of standing, with our fortitude inflamed.

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I really like this ..

the success is there, in being in the difficulties of standing, with our fortitude inflamed

Well stated. :-)

Entertainment is programming

Successes may come out from striving hard, the only thing is to hold unto your faith. In life, never give up neither should you live in your comfort zone, that achievers may tell us that nothing sweet come out easy, that how the world is was made to be.

Very nice I think great and unique personality ensprying example of whole struggling person.
I like this post beacous good motivation here for everyone.

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These types of stories should serve as inspiration for many, we should see, that many times, our problems, however difficult they may seem, are insignificant in front of other people. Depression, and anxiety, are very bad diseases, and very difficult to cure, because they are diseases of the mind. Alone, faith in God, a good specialist, exercise and meditation, can help you get out of it.

Great story @chbartist and this is a very good indicator of how need to, regardless of all the difficulties of life and problems on our way, we must go forward to our success. Selena Gomez is a very courageous person and she should be an example for all of us, well done!

Oh yes @chbartist, a very touching life story of a person who could make his choice in life and go through all the difficulties very steadfastly and courageously. The Selena Gomez even despite the fact that she is a fragile girl showed us all an example of firm character and will to win, which of course in my heart causes a lot of respect for this man!

The pain and reality behind that beautiful face is really sad, she is a fighter I must say. She is the perfect singer and inspiration for us all.
Keep up with amazing content.

I'm really inspired from her story.she had very tough time. She works hard to Det success. It is universal Truth if we want to successful then we have to defeat our demon. There is only way to do that just concentrate on your goal and do your 100% so there is no space for failure. Being successful in really very hard it is the combination of hard work and dedication.

Selena Gomez is one of the great singer her voice is soulful along with voice her style is awesome. I am in wonder to see her fabulous story. Thanks @chbartist for sharing this lovely post with us.

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Root of the problem is divorce, our ego, personality and impatience lead us to that position but the sufferer is our children, depression of Selena is very very heartbreaking, before making decision about divorce we should think our children future. thanks for sharing practical article.

Such celebrities gives us lots of inspiration and we also learn more . when we see success celebrities then we think that it is not last we can do more . When Selena defeat the decease and became successful then why we can't be , whenever we are fit . We can achieve what we want only need a will power and determination. Nice story @chbartist

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Very Nice Motivating story of one lady ( selana) How she overcome from her problems.

Thank for sharing Selena Gomez inspiring story. It gives us motivation to struggle in every step of life.

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Certainly death is certain.
Three possible ways of death: accident, sickness or old age.
Which one most prefer?

If we fear death then we're not yet fully happy.
A happy and peaceful man can look ahead beyond anything else,beyond pain, beyond suffering and even beyond death.

Never heard of her. Interesting thing is many artists, also painters, writers, etc (have) had a difficult childhood, life and are ill. Something that makes one think...

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I am a huge fan of selena gomez. I remember the time she had to take a break from everything because of her illness. There were so many rumours flying around. But, like you said, selena is an inspiration and she's loved. She always comes back bigger and better.
Thanks for sharing her story. Do have a nice day sir.

Despite the ability to surpass adversity, challenges can continue to appear. In addition, succes many times can lead to loneliness and despair given the inability to trust others and oneself. Selena has been a great example of overcoming adversity in many stages of life!

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She is so brave, strong and matured. Her friend that donated her kidney is so amazing as well. It is a very inspiring story.

@chbartist Selena showed that we can be great if we believe in ourselves, no disease can defeat us with strong determination.

Thanks @chbartist for sharing the story of Selena. This is such an inspiring story and full of motivation. We should keep working in the area of interest and nothing can stop us if have dedication and passion and Selena is an example.

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Very inspiring story.
Really I appreciate him.
Without gutfilli that's impossible.
great girl.
Good post.

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I want to be included in the list of contributors to this community. Just follow me, please.


I'm Including you in list! See the last post! Regards @afruza

@chbartist Indeed it is inspiring but I would appreciate if you write on the African situations and water crisis and try to find some inspiring people from there,

@chbartist nice inspirational story of selena gomez . Good to read it.

What an impressive determined and persistent person is Selena Gomez. I admire her very much and thank you for the @chbartist, I did not know her story.

Dear @chbartist sir
The person in whom there is a desire to live life and has an attachment to life, that person can overcome death too. Being physically ill is not a big deal, treatment can be cured, but the mental illness of a mentally ill person is that the person's stamina is the desires which inspires him to live in heterogeneous situations. Selena Gomez had an attachment to life because of which she has touched the heights of success despite depression.

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@chbartist Thanks again for such a wonderful post, yes we have to accept some of the harsh truth of this real world, we can be successful only when we can overcome difficulties, depression, ignorance and many more negative energies. When the world is against you and the time is not with you then just realised one thing at that time, that something is big waiting for you and the only thing you have to do is to work hard, change you routine and jump into the way to the success.
Thank you @chbartist for lighting up such contained, it's really helpful for me.
And I want to be part of your community.

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I did not know that Selena had a kidney transplant.. hmmmm.. Where have I been living. I did know that she had Lupus and was going through some tough times mentally. Fame is a great catalyst for lots of problems that are there just under the surface. The shame of it all is that these are very personal issues that become everyone's business, when your life is in the spot light. That is a hard fact to change. I give her props for doing her best to ignore it.

Indeed! Very well written post. We always make the mistake of assuming that the people we see at the top were always that way and never even give it a second thought, which is far from true. Behind every great success story lies a story of great hardships, struggle and hard work.

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I like her