Self-Improvement is Not an Option, But a Necessity...

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Hi Steemians!

As the most wonderful and magnificent creature in the whole of creation, mankind is capable of taking great leaps and reaching marvelous milestones. But unless we learn how to turn that potential into an actuality, we are destined to waste the precious little time we have on this planet and in this life.

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Everything good that ever happens to us in life is the product of our own decisions and actions. Our beneficial habits and tendencies contribute to our rise to success and achievement, while our inspiring mindset pushes us forward to new ambitious horizons of dream and desire.

But these tendencies and thoughts are hardly inadvertent and unplanned. Some of them may shape by the help of those around you in your early years, but most are the product of your own free will. That is why the idea of self-improvement in life is not an option or a delicacy, but a necessity if you want to realize your goals and dreams.

To understand the importance of self-improvement and its true nature, you first need to understand the process of your thoughts and actions and how they affect your life in ways that may not have been evident to your conscious-self by now.

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As we have discussed in depth before, we are the ones that decide how to see life. Our mind manifests the image of what surrounds us and feeds us that image through windows of reality. Without extensive knowledge of how these manifestations of reality form, the process happens in a state of unconsciousness.

As a result, we live a life of cause and effect, and shortcomings of great consequence. We then blatantly blame the world and the people around us for the things that happen in our life, when in truth, we were the ones who decided how to respond and react to everything that came up in our life.

Our thoughts, our choices, and our actions happen in a mixture of consciousness and unconsciousness. The more we master the ability to bring them into our conscious being, the more careful we will take steps towards a successful life.

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What I am essentially telling you is that we need to constantly look after our mind and our soul. Our success and our decent livelihood solely depends on the constant monitoring of our every thought and deed.

Our every moment of every day. Our every conception of what is right and what is wrong. Our conscience and our choices regarding the most important comings and goings of our life.

Self-improvement is the practice of bringing the entirety of our living into mindfulness. To think about how we spend every moment of our life. To think if these moments are contributing to the person that we want to become and see in the future.

If you are committing to things and people that are separating you from who you want to become, then you should immediately stop giving those things and those people your time and energy.

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Do not, not even for a single second, lose your grip on the consciousness of the things that drive you forward and the things that turn into an obstacle in your way.

Your constant push towards self-improvement and your incessant mindfulness will be the deciding factor of success or failure when you are faced with the bigger challenges that life has prepared for you.




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Thanks All of You!!!!


Self improvement is necessary for overall growth. Because humans tend to grow and evolve and nobody is perfect.
I am happy for the humongous growth in your list.
Keep up with such inspirational blogs.

"A sky without clouds can be beautiful, but it would lack the rain that waters the fields so that life flourishes ... A life without challenges can be comfortable, but the triumphs and failures to make sense of existence would be lacking"
Ivan Thompson

Jesus, is the motivator of personal improvement of all times. A character like Jesus:
If God has called you to serve you, it will evidently heal all your wounds, strengthen the fallen areas, once you have gone through the process. Since God wants to bring out the best in you, but the promise is perfect; because in exchange for all this he will give you his glory. To obtain the anointing and the glory of God it is necessary to pay a high price, and be processed to form a character like Jesus'.
There is a biblical verse that I like very much and I apply it to every stage of my life:
"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"
Thanks @chbartist

Self improvement demands self discipline.

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True as ever, especially the last part. That step Is always an issue for me, giving up those who stand in the way of my progress. On another hand though, inanimte things, concepts and principles also can stand in the way. Its hard to determine which principles act as a mode of making action righteous enough, and which are just ideas that hold you back.

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Hi @chbartist!

The first component of self improvement is the will. We must be concious of this, then plan accordingly. And we must be learners in every situations. Particularly in relevant situations, we must e pushing ourselves through the limits. Then the next component is determination and consistency, as you say in your previous post.
Today self improvement is a necessity. I have felt this pressure on me in teaching field. And as you are musician, you might have felt in music industry. (By the way went some of your music videos in YouTube: they are awesome).
This is because the time is changing, the trends are changing and the needs of people are changing. Growth is tremendously fast. If we do not update ourselves, we lag behind and deplete our capacity to serve as I do in case of students.

Thank you!
That was an inspiring article and very relatable.


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Excelente publicación! En base a lo planteado, es importante identificar los objetivos personales y colectivos; aplicando periódicamente "evaluaciones de cumplimiento" que permitan chequear los avances. De de las resultados se harán los ajustes necesarios que permitan mantener el rumbo correcto a las metas

Muy importante lo de chequear los resultados, mucha gente no analiza el porque no se cumplen los objetivos, no se dan cuenta de los obstáculos que le impiden llegar a la meta.

Es así @kukisum, en la mayoría de los casos no se realiza estos chequeo por que no existe un plan de acción; con objetivos que se puedan evaluar cada cierto tiempo y de manera prioritaria, midiendo el cumplimiento de las metas. Si estas mediciones no se realizan no se tendra la eficiencia esperada en los resultados, con una perdida de tiempo y recursos.

Lo anterior se puede complementar con lo indicado por nuestro amigo @chbartist en esta publicación; debemos tener un "constante empuje hacia la superación personal y su atención incesante serán el factor decisivo del éxito o el fracaso"

Muchas gracias por tu post, te hace revisar tu accionar conciente o no, tu sentir, tu pensar, el sociologo Fals Borda decia somos seres Sentipensante

It's really awe-inspiring to read you. Due to how busy I m with my project, and all the setbacks it had, I have been very negative and tired lately.

Your dose of positiveness is really welcome, and it feels very healing to be recalled about all this. I have been reading silently your posts until lately, but I would really love to be more participating in the community.

I will start reading more posts from everyone. While I can't answer every post I read, I will do my best to answer to those I can!

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Title only explains it so well....nice post :')

Investing in yourself is the best investment you can do as nobody can take it away.

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Its a wake up call that to know the potentials that lies within us waiting to be developed. It will definitely take our will to tap into this great gift and consistency to achieve it.
If we don't do it for ourselves,who will. The bitter truth is that a lot of people are not sure what they want to do with their lives, the only exist and live each day as it comes. They may not be aware of it, but it lies deep in their subconscious mind.

Nesse momento de desistências do Steemit é sempre positivo ver as pessoas apoiando umas as outras. Como se diz: entrar pelo $, mas ficar pela comunidade. Muito bom!

Thank you very much for building their confidence in people friend @chbartist Happy Sunday

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Dear @chbartist sir!
Another beautiful knowledgeable article in mindset All human beings in all intellectual beings should improve their weakness rather than removing the faults in others, there is no need to rectify others. Undoubtedly, the first error of the present failures is the absence of scientific information of the initial preparations and the infinite powers of the soul. Undoubtedly, there is a necessity, not the option. People are not aware of the preparation of life and do not set their goals. Uses their power in meaningless actions. Due to lack of self improvement in person, one is kept in the trough of ignorance, due to which it is unable to identify the underlying powers hidden in it. The person can overcome these distortions by awakening his original form and by reforming himself.regards

Currently there are many distracting elements that make it difficult to keep the attention on important things, I personally think that there are external agents trying to keep us asleep. The spiritual awakening comes when it has to arrive, and those who awaken have the responsibility to awaken others.

This has also been my own thought and practice. It's never too late for self-improvement in any form and way, if you are constantly and consistently mindful of the progress of yourself and everything else that surrounds you.

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Incredible in his genius mindset, from the words I read I really understood it.

Thank you sir @chbartist

It is very true what you say, we must improve ourselves more every day, work on that, and move away from those people who in one way or another take us away from our goal, look for what will drive us and support us to achieve the purpose and in this way be grateful too.


Good post @chbartist, certainly everything that happens to us is our responsibility. That is why we must be careful with the thoughts that feed our subconscious.

Very well said that self improvement is a necessity. Looking at the current competition world and atmosphere around us we have. In the self improvement, your posts also play a vital role and I would like to thank you for all your efforts. Your every posts come out with a different topic but all these topics are very much useful to learn step by step. Appreciate your work @chbartist

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Posts like this have the power to transform lives. People who want to be open to a journey with no return to a totally positive new life. I am very grateful to @crypto.piotr for inviting me to know this post. I believe that the moment I accept your invitation will be the watershed of my life, thank you @chbartist, I congratulate you for your generosity, I will read all the posts believing that no self-help book will help me be the people I wish to be in the future.

I like the energy of your post. I hope you will read mine - I hope we can help each other, I am very new to the voting schemes.

It is the quest of improvement which has brought great development to humanity. In relationships, in transportation, in communications, in agriculture, in medicine, in sports etc. Improved individual make or create an improved society. So you have and you must improve to progress, to do, to achieve and accomplish more in life. Life waits for nobody, respects nobody. We all have the capacity and the call to self improvement.

Very nice friend @chbartist
we will be able to do it better if we can understand what they are most important and important work for which we are responsible for.....
Thank you

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Good Day chbartist
Thank you so much... You always answer all the questions about life... In addition, I see that you are the instrument used to make people realize and reflect to make oneself better....

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Brought to you by @tts. If you find it useful please consider upvoting this reply.

Once again, I am thrilled to read about someone with the same objectives, and I would like to get involved if there is anything I can do to be of help. I would actually really appreciate it if you could expkain what I should be doing with upvotes, resteeming and promoting. I have my own projects too and am working on a web site. One of my concepts is Brand N"You, because I think it is more important than ever that people start to become aware of the things that matter. Unless you are the best you can be, you can't give your best - and while no one can be made to do this - but who holds himself so cheap that he can afford not review their situation every so often and maybe now - just before the new year - we should be taking this time out to think about how we can shape and shake things up a little; lose some bad habits, routines that are dull and leave you feeling uninspired. It would be wonderful if we could spend some time everyday out of doors. Focus on how you feel about things since the last time you checked, and make a committment to opening up to different opinions, questioning the tired old principles, superstitions and old wives tales, and as you gain a better understanding of yourself and start to feel and accept that you are a part of a grand plan, - which only you can carry out - then you will be making the world a better place. images (7).jpg


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