Reasons Why You Should Listen to Music for Motivation and Energy...

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Hi, dear Steemians!

As you may recall, we talked about the expressiveness of art and how it can affect our life. Today, we are going to talk about the effects of music on our brain.

Music is an integral part of our culture. Music brings us together in joy and happiness, and creates memorable moments by its power of influence. Music speaks to the soul, unlocking new doors of stone with its weakening grip, and giving strength to us by its magical rhythm of awe and wonder.

With the right approach, music can not only be food to your soul, but also motivation for your mindset and approach to conquer even the most challenging mountaintops of life.

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One of the most immediate effects of music when you are doing something is the alleviation of boredom and fatigue.

Research has shown that people who do their tasks and chores whilst listening to music are actually more productive as a result of this alleviation.

Music immediately jumpstarts the nervous system and compels you to engage in the activity of your desire and makes sure that you don’t get tired after a bit of hard work.

Research has shown that apart from stimulating the nervous system, music can also contribute to the coordination of the different parts of the human brain, thus effectively increasing your efficiency in doing the tasks that can be troublesome to your brain power.

Music can also stimulate memory and help in its improvement over time. For instance, we all have certain songs that remind us of the year we listened to them, and with it, most of our memories from that year come back to us and ignite a desirable and nostalgic sensation.

This stands witness as to how powerful music can really be.

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But when we talk about music as an art form, we should move away from the boundaries of science and research to talk about how music can enhance your mood and give you motivation to do your job in the best possible manner.

Music can easily affect our emotions and change them in different waves of energy. Listening to upbeat music and cheery and generic tracks have been shown to greatly influence your happiness and joy, while depressing sounds contribute negatively to your thought flow.

Our brain is constantly evolving and growing. The ability to create new neuron pathways is one of the brain’s most primary functions which in turn helps us to grow and learn more stuff about life.

Music can greatly enhance this process and help neuroplasticity in unexpected and peculiar ways.

When a part of our brain is damaged or isn’t functioning according to the right set of perimeters, neuroplasticity as an aptitude of the brain comes in and takes over, creating new pathways for our mind to function properly.

Music can amplify this process and contribute to the health of your brain.

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Music can truly elevate your life.

There are many ways with which you can use the beneficial effects of music. Even if you don’t play an instrument, which is highly recommended by a lot of people as one of the finest abilities one can come to master, you can still use the benefits of music.

But be wary of the type of music that you are exposed to. Not all music genres can contribute to the health of your brain. Some of them might even end up harming it in a permanent way!

Music is the bridge that connects us all under the sole banner of mankind!




Very well written post! Love music!

You're quite right. Take me as an example, whenever I am unhappy, I will always listen to some cheerful music, and then the mood of being hungry will be much easier. We should not only listen to music frequently, but also learn to listen to music correctly.

Hello friend, Happy year! I hope you have had a great time 😊 I wish you the best this year!

This is a topic that I love, one of the research projects I did at the university was about the influence that music has on the behavior of human beings ... and this has a lot of influence . As you explain in this publication, we must be careful with the type of music we listen to because some can alter the nervous system and even cause damage to the organism. In the case of people who are under depression, it is not recommended that they listen to sad music because their condition would worsen.

I particularly enjoy romantic music - pop. It relax me a lot.

Ok. blessed! Saludos!

Listening to upbeat music and cheery and generic tracks have been shown to greatly influence your happiness and joy, while depressing sounds contribute negatively to your thought flow.

This is very true, so we must consider music as a wonderful tool that can allow us to help heal mentally, emotionally and physically.

Sir, Music have a great healing power health and brain light music listening a good life changing experience my own I really appreciate your post.
Music give away a positive energy and happiness.

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Yes, always. Music is life!

True to that, it does help with elevating one’s spirit.

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Saludos @chbartist, la música es una manera artística de comunicarnos, así no hablemos el idioma, el ritmo y intensidad del sonido nos transmite los sentimientos.

La musica debe escucharse a un nivel de intensidad menor a los 60 decibeles (60 db). Después de los 85 decibeles (85 db) generara daño irreversible a la salud.

Feliz día!

Hola amigo, lo sé porque soy ingeniero de sonido también y tengo que quedarme horas mezclando

¡Feliz día!

Music speaks to us, it is uniersal, is powerful and accurate as mathematics. All that you say it is true, music develops memory, intelligence and balances our emotions. Few minutes to day music makes us feel as well as a pill of vitamins. Greetings

Can you point me to any kind of reference or documentation on what kinds of music to listen to? I like classical and country music, but wonder if there are categories that would be more appropriate for learning to program.

I enjoy reading your posts, but have trouble giving out many votes with my low SP as I want to give a vote that has some meaningful value.
Do you have any links to posts about voting strategies as I would like to part of your positive thinking community?

Music is definitely therapeutic since it helps you relieve stress, and process thoughts that have been on your mind. Music doesn't help me work more efficiently, or make me less tired when doing tasks though. When it comes to doing tasks, music is a distraction for me. My mind seems to split focus between the task I'm doing and the music I'm listening to. It usually ends up with the music receiving more of my focus. Also, I tend to get tired faster when I listen to music while doing tasks even when it's upbeat.

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Hi @chbartist!

Something which we cannot reason has the highest potential to settle down in the subconscious mind. Thanks why repeating affirmations are best ways to believe something or make it our reality because anything starts from mind. It is icing on cake if an emotion backs up the affirmation. That's what music is. It is not repetition but it surpasses logic and strongly attached to an emotion. That's why we identify with the type of music we hear. Start crying on sad songs, smile on flirting and breathe heavily on motivational music or soundtracks.


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resteemed this because i am listening to a motivational music that i found in youtube >>

.. so bored earlier, i need a lift.

Music and disposition are intrinsically connected. Researchers keep on revealing how these impacts happen at a neural dimension. Studies demonstrate that the music we tune in to connects with a wide scope of neurobiological frameworks that influence our brain science. An ongoing report by research of the Brain science Division of the College in the Netherlands demonstrates that music dramatically affects logical style and discernment.

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Music is compound by sounds which are organized to make sense. The sound is vibration and the vibration is movement. To move you require energy and the energy is the fuel of the life. The inspiration of musicians to create melodies depends of your feelings, depends of your lives. Then, music is life. Hugs for you @chbartist.

The engagement provided by music and its rhythm is great to setting the tone for many activities. Whether it be for working out or just relaxing, music can always assist.

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I loved so much what you wrote and especially so I agreed with the subject.
I will also tell you that as a screenwriter, that I write series and try to invent new ideas and bring brilliance, music can inspire me at a level that can lead me in a magical direction while also making me enjoy the way. And thanks to music, I had a lot of beautiful ideas for my head.
No doubt I appreciate it and am grateful for it.

Everyone knows about the ability of music to help people relax. But how is that related to motivation?

Stress relief and body and mind relaxation are the natural remedies to our exhausted brains. Music acts like a natural distraction from all issues that bother our minds, thus greatly contributing to the quality of our relaxation. Music is able to bring our minds to peace, which will later help our ability to concentrate. Thus, music, relaxation, and motivation are closely connected, as music helps us recharge and fuel our body and mind.

That’s why music often makes us more mobile and motivates our body to move...

By listening to music you bring something new and fresh, which helps your brain escape the routine and get a little bit distracted. In this case, distraction is good: it fuels your brain to continue working and improves your physical endurance.

Incredible @chbartist ...!!!

Music is the language of the soul. What is in your heart is mostly expressed in songs and music.
I'm the kind of a person that enjoys listening to music while working. Truly, it sets your mood in doing things better.

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Sir you are absolutely correct,music is one of the things that keep mind and body together ,most people who love music is very heard to suffer from depression and a source of motivation to do what is right.

Take for instance (bob Marley and cultures songs)

Stay blessed and happy new year.

Please can you tell me more about the community.

Hi, Read my comment in top of comments and read last posts something 20 last posts that you undertand better what we building here. Regards

One should also be careful with what music one listens to, as the radio and tv industry have lots of practices to manipulate the brain through what is shown on media - sexualising, inducing hate, pride or love, showing alcohol and drugs, talking about killing people etc., with the right set of musical instruments and frequencies, they can (and they do) brainwash people.

Taking songs such as despacito or any other radio/TV "hit" and you can easily see most of them are the same song and with the same messages, trying to make people believe them and act like them..

hopefully some day, people will stop watching television and relying on others to do everything for them - play them their music, show them their stories and events, which people can incorporate as theirs, after simply seeing them on a screen...

From here we can move to the point where they easily control our emotions through melodies, images and so on..

Great post, more people should start recognizing the importance and benefits of music. But on what basis do you say that "Not all music genres can contribute to the health of your brain" etc?! Please tell me exactly which genres you are thinking about, and I will happily oppose or critizise your statement!

They say that art is abstract and that, since music is mainly art, everyone interprets it in its own way.

The music is relaxing, the music leads us to imagine that we are in the situation of what the lyrics say and we immerse ourselves in it, the music allows us to move in time and take us to scenes that we have lived in the past. In short, music is life.

How many people, after lack of love, do not use music as a means to overcome their spite? And how many people in love use music to strengthen that love?

Particularly for me, music relaxes me and allows me to develop, as you say, activities that alleviate the fatigue of the day.

Regards ..

I must say that this is the best blog post I will read today because I can relate a 100% with music. I don't just listen to songs recorded by other singers, I write songs as well and before writing my songs, I usually hear the melody and lyrics playing gently in my head, all I do is, I will just listen for the moment and record this song demo into my tape recorder and afterwards head straight to the studio to finally record it or sell it to singers. Whenever I am in a sober mood, I just write songs or sing an already recorded song and boom! I am up on my feet again. Without music, life would be a mistake. When music hits you, you feel no pain. So start the music.

It's true. Music is the motor of many of us I guess. For me personally music already has helped me trough a lot of nasty situations... I don't agree with your opinion that some music may even end up harming the health of your brain.. It's all about what you get out of it, no matter what type of music. Lyrics or melody, just take what makes you feel great, motivated or something else. Can you give me an example of music of which you think would harm your brain health ?

On my journey I unfortunately met people who committed suicide because they were in deep depression and a sad song was the trigger for suicide. I know the blame is not on the song but you have to agree that in that case it was not good for brain health. Happy New Year

Now I know how you ment it, indeed a song can get you over the edge when you are already unstable. Thank you and a happy new year to you too !!

@chbartist, you got that right. I just wanted to add that whenever I write something- either a blog or a story and I wanted it to be funny, I usually listen to upbeat and fun music as a motivation and inspiration.

This is thoughtful of you, i love music a lot😍😍

Music relaxes your soul and body.
Everybody should listen to it more often.

Music relieves almost every aching soul. Have fun listening to your favorite songs. :)

may you have more fun this 2019

Good, my friend. I’m very happy with it. Tank you!

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Beacase we are ...................

Very well written post!

Very well written post!

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Congrats, the music is the window to the soul, this allows us to awake our motivation depend of the sound, melody, pictures, context and the own feelings.

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Happy New Year Ch! I'd agree music does have a profound affect on people. It's an amazing and interesting element to human behavior.

Music is a combination or creativity of arts, science, math and philosophy altogether. Even though there is no pure science and math is able to explain how music works, but it does work for human beings.

All in all, yes there is so much power in music and we all realized it.Thanks for this post

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