Our Love of Tragedy and its Deep Roots in Our Mindset...

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Hello, dear Steemians!

There is something unique, beautiful and mesmerizing about the idea of a tragic life and stories that speak of heroes that, despite their best efforts, fail in their endeavors and give way to evil in the world.

Our longing love for tragic stories is a sign of our most intimate ideas about the world and the life that we are currently living in the human society.

Let us take a closer look at our love for tragedy.

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I could go on and on for hours about how certain outlooks and motivational ideas can help you achieve success in life.

I could talk about honesty, resiliency, courage, will, determination, planning, and moral high ground. About how each and every one of these concepts come together to push you towards your dreams.

But even then, at your most motivated mental state, you would fail to grasp the bigger picture and succumb to the idea of a tragic life.

There is a reason behind such behavior and pattern of thought.

The reason is the abundance of terrible things that we have had to witness ever since we were just a child.

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You see, it is much easier to witness and imagine failure than success. Success and happiness are indeed rare to come by.

That is why many of us would sooner cling unto the idea of failure as destiny rather than success as courage.

People love the idea of a tragic hero, because deep down, they know that the world is basically a bowl of chaos and the random turn of events (or what they would prefer to call ‘luck’) will eventually catch up on them.

Failure is inevitable. Plans will fail. Hearts will be broken.

After all, we are constantly exposed to this chaotic and unpredictable whirlwind of events.

The course of our life is incessantly influenced by these random and unexpected events that prompt us to take action despite our deep and unsatiated desires.

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And so, we love tragic stories because they remind us that life can be quite chaotic.

That despite our best efforts and intentions, we could still fail and lose things that are precious to us.

It doesn’t matter if you are out for yourself or you are the hero that sacrifices everything for everyone, at the end of the day, you are prone to the unrelenting wave of incidental occurrences that threaten you and your well-being.

People take comfort in indulging tragedy because they understand their vulnerability against life.

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And that I think is actually a wonderful idea! The fact that we love tragedy is not an indication of our unwillingness to put an effort into our goals and dreams.

Tragic heroes are beautifully tragic because they actually do something.

They never surrender, despite knowing that they might fail. Despite failing, they never regret their decision to actually do something and take steps to change things.

We should embrace and accept the idea of a tragic life, and at the same time, aspire to achieve great things with our courage and determination.




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Excellent review @chbartist and you are right, the tragedy itself can motivate us very much, if only we don’t give up and give up. Each of us has difficulties and problems on our way, but only we ourselves must find the courage to stand up and move further towards our goal!

Oh yes @chbartist, I completely agree with you that tragedy also has a positive side in our perception of life and what we are doing. Failure hardens us and gives us a certain experience, which we must use to achieve our dreams!

@chbartist why we love and want to look deep on the lives of our previous people, perhaps to experience a unique phenomena or to heard about some unusual things and if we are wise then we will retrive a good lesson from their experienced life and time era

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The life is about the approach we take, the mindset we have to built ourselves, "Tragic heroes are beautifully tragic because they actually do something."
One can be motivated , be in love, is all about the midst one can have.
The post written by is really good and I appreciate it

I completely agree on your point of view on this subject. even this perspective is amazing about the tragic heroes.
Keep up with creative work.

I think this has certainly awoken me to this reality as I feel that achieving results is a self recognition of conquering adversity and challenges which encourages to continue forward. I have felt this way many times in my career...

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People love the idea of a tragic hero, because deep down, they know that the world is basically a bowl of chaos and the random turn of events (or what they would prefer to call ‘luck’) will eventually catch up on them.

Hi @chbartist well said in above lines and I completely agree with you.

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Good motivation.
actually motivation have lots of power in successfully life.

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You see, it is much easier to witness and imagine failure than success.
Very true @chbartist. Sometimes i think why always a negative things preferred more by us than a positive thing. Its really a very bad state of mind.

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The tragedy of life is what that dies inside the man when he lives !
Sometimes in tragedy we find our lives purpose .

@chbartist "es mucho más fácil presenciar el fracaso que el éxito"

tragedy is one of the thing in our life that is very dangerous for us but if we take the tragedy as an opportunity then we can be much more successful in the life then what we are.
so it is good that at least once in the life we have tragedy so that we can make up our self for better success

The end of life in this world is not the end of everything for those who sees beyond human limitation.

Death is for everyone, rich and poor.
Its the values and virtues that remains forever not the things and the world itself.

@chbartist, I want to see this subject in different way and that is, most of the times we think that particular aspect is Success and Dream Goal, but that is one sided line means, we think it's success but there are many people who reached to their destination which they thought it's the success point but after reaching their they felt complete opposite. So, true success is Transformation in my opinion. Stay blessed.

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There is a saying in Tibetan, 'Tragedy should be utilized as a source of strength.'
No matter what sort of difficulties, how painful experience is, if we lose our hope, that's our real disaster.

It takes conscious effort and determination to move uphill against gravity which is always programmed to pull down!! Thus more DOWNS are Experienced than UPS !!

As men focuses on the DOWNS their minds are trained to experience what they see rather than what they could achieve by deliberately climbing UP againt Mr Gravity.

Evil is ubiquitous; but train your eyes to see Good, and you may never experience the available, being Evil.

Thanks @chbartist for this post and for adding up to the Protege list! I am honoured✌️✌️✌️

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Perception of tragic heroes was admirable. Well presented article. Keep up the good work!!

How can you write about "succumbing" to a tragic view of the world and then call for people to "embrace" it? That sounds like masochism or Stockholm Syndrome, definitely not something admirable or desirable.

Do you mean that a person may easily succumb to despair when they suffer misfortune or find the world set against them? And that it is better in this circumstance to embrace a tragic view of the world?

In my opinion, the allure of tragedy rests in this intuitive appreciation of the heroic complex. A tragic view of the world makes one resilient and powerful, fills a life full of meaning, and draws up faith, success and happiness in the face of impossibility from the depths of despair into light of reality, thus transforming a man into a hero.

Great atmosphere 👌🏻

Great job sir.
Very nice impressive Article.

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