On Suffering and Working Hard for Your Goals.....

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Hi, dear friends!

Some people assume that knowing what they want in life and wanting it deeply can compel them to do hard things.

Achieving your goals or realizing your dreams demands a certain amount of struggle, something that a lot don’t understand when they set out to do these tasks.

This goes against their inner desire to be comfortable, and that creates the greatest adversary that they have to face.

This path is dangerous, and our mind fights back against the idea of hard work and struggle, since it wishes to stay within the boundary of our comfort zone.

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It was once difficult for a friend of mine to get around the idea of having to work hard in order to achieve something. He was simply not used to struggling, and wanted everything to turn out the way it is supposed to.

Then again, he also couldn’t shake off his dreams and big ideas. I once told him something that forever changed his outlook and attitude toward pain.

I simply told him that tolerating pain is in inevitability of life. We cannot run from it. It is always seeking us out. If we do not tolerate the pain of hard work, we will have to tolerate much worse kinds of pain in the future as a result of our laziness.

Would you prefer to suffer the pain of hard work which gives you something, or the pain that will eventually seek you out and give you nothing in return?

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This may sound like an overly general argument, but it is not just about big outcomes in life. Let us imagine this solution with a practical circumstance.

Imagine that you want to get a job as a teacher of another foreign language from an institute or a school. You know that you need this job for the money. In order to get it, you have to study hard for the next 6 months.

If laziness towers over and you lose the 6 months, you are not going to be able to get the job. In this scenario, you have exchanged the pain of studying hard over a long period of time to an utter and irreversible pain of rejection.

Even more so, you will be in big trouble since you needed the job for money. As you see, ‘pain’ will eventually catch up with us.

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Do not gamble on the struggle of today and the pain of tomorrow. Obviously, one is preferable to the other. You only need to think about your priorities and set your mind straight.

Be courageous enough to take the path of wisdom; which is the struggle that comes with gaining something, and not the pain that comes with losing your opportunities.

One group wins in life and the other is doomed to lose.

Which group do you want to be in? Decide today!



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Thanks All of You!!!!


-Changing dreams into plans
-follow the plans and work hard for
-the way dreams become reality
-the way of success

Have a great day

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Great day friend! Thanks for your comment!

I agree with you, it is better to try to go forward in spite of nothing, than lazy and then wait for trouble on your head. Laziness lies in the incessant weighing up of all the pros and cons, for, while you are thinking, all the possibilities appear equivalent ... You must be able to make mistakes, fall and not be surprised at the same time.

Laziness is on the list of the worst things in the world, especially in the modern world. The technology has brought many benefits but people have confused this with leaving everything on the automatic. I am meritocratic and I have no pity for lazy people, they have what laziness can give them.


We must be attentive to the opportunities and take advantage of them because they will not always be there, the effort produces satisfaction, and it is the best you can feel when you really work to achieve your goal. If you stay waiting without doing anything, I think that you hardly ever feel satisfaction once in your life.

Continuous hardwork is what lead a person towards success. And we all must realize it and follow it confidently.

Exactly! Move on.......!

“No pain, no gain!” The adversity we experience is an important part of success as it builds resilience and grit into our work ethics for more sustainable paths!

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This might be the best I have read from you so far! This is all so true. I live with chronic pain, rated 42 of 50 on the McGill Pain Index, and I still get up everyday to push towards my goals. If I don't, then I will feel disappointment in myself. I prefer the feeling of success, so I keep going. Even if it's one small step at a time. :) Thank you as always for the inspiration, make today a great day with positive thinking :)

Thank you for your kind words and comment. Never give up! Regards

I always promulgate that in life one has to work in a trade that really passionates us because that passion will be the motor that will impel us to carry out our work. This passion will allow us to carry out our work with enthusiasm and joy. That passion will lead us to learn more about our profession and to do it in the best way. When we work on something we like, we don't call it work, we call it fun.
Greetings to all and especially to you my dear @chbartist

Yes you @chbartist are right.If we don't win the lottery of birth against all odds then we have to win the odds by hard work.We have to have faith on us.

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I have the most respect for people who work hard for their goals

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You are right. These people are the ones who move the world without complaining, They do what they have to do and that is what has to be done. Complaining does not solve anything at all! Action without complaint is the only thing that brings something beneficial. Everything else is just words in the wind.

Preferable perspective, I agree we should not count on our suffering on our journey to reach goals.
@chbartist I have already subscribed to you channel, looking forward to some good content.
Keep flourishing!

I'm do my best friend! Believe me!

Yes @chbartist hard work one day or the other will pay, hard work, patience, consistency are the keys to achieve success in life.

Nothing like working hard for as long as it takes to get some reward. This reminds me when I bought my first camera, or when I recorded my first musical tracks, it took long years to achieve each of these goals, many obstacles were presented but it did not help at all, in the end I could overcome everything. today I make music and photography pleasantly.

100% agree with you.

With out Hard work it not possible to Reach our goals.

You give simply super article regarding Hard Work.

I like to, I join in your too.

Thanks for Sharing

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Yes working hard right way achieving goals man point everyone right way.

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Well said @chbartist in these lines..

If laziness towers over and you lose the 6 months, you are not going to be able to get the job. In this scenario, you have exchanged the pain of studying hard over a long period of time to an utter and irreversible pain of rejection.

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Now I will be goal oriented.
Thanks for your amazing post.

Very inspiring writing, Thank you for sharing!

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Hello, this post caught my attention, very interesting what you say and right, sometimes we are waiting for things to be solved practically alone, without a minimum of effort and laziness invades us, if it is not given, if it does not happen As I thought I leave and we are leaving half goals, we must take into account that not everything goes as planned and have in mind plan a, b and c if necessary, put together a contingency to not stagnate or frustrate us.

You can't go the life we desire if we intertain the negative or tocsic people

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First thing is that here 75-80% people even don't know or realise what their dream is. Only earning money is the only goal and no self esteemed satisfaction of their fulfillment of ambitions is los due to fast life.

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Great post. Something I try to instill in my subordinates and my children. Life can suck but if sucks less if there is achievement at the end. Your words are great on this topic.

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