Negligence Towards Your Needs Can Be Detrimental to Your Motivation and Energy!

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Hi, dear Steemians!

Despite knowing many concepts and understanding the value of hard work and firm belief, many of us can lose our motivation and energy from time to time.

A lot of these incidents occur because we are emotionally challenged as a result of something happening in our life that takes us by surprise.

But sometimes, our fundamental needs can come in the way of our will and resolve to do something.

Understanding our needs and tending to them is a great step towards a more successful life.

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Let us first talk about our emotional needs.

As human beings, we need the company of other people. We need to talk to them or ask their opinions.

We need to express our feelings and share with the joy of being alive.

We need to love and be loved. A person who deprives himself from feeling or having affection for other people, things, or causes is someone who is already dead inside.

A great deal of life and its meaning is about how we approach certain feelings and sensations. Without them, we are but shallow shells of mass that are walking from one corner to the other, breathing in oxygen and using other resources and giving out nothing in return.

To feel emotionally satisfied requires work and dedication. Your negligence towards this aspect of life can have terrible consequences on your mood and energy.

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Next comes the physical aspect of existence. Taking care of our physical needs is essential when it comes to hard work for success.

A person who does not follow a healthy diet will get many diseases in the run of life, and these diseases do nothing but slow him down at every turn.

Without a healthy diet, our minds cannot function properly and we lose brain cells that are too important to our creative force and energy.

The same could be said about sleeping. Getting a good night’s sleep is usually more important than staying awake and getting more done.

Without proper sleep, our body cannot function with strength and determination.

Our mind cannot deal with trauma or stress in an efficient way.

And all these side effects are just to number a few of the detrimental side effects that follow sleep deprivation.

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Negligence towards your physical and emotional needs can have devastating effects in the long term.

You may not feel or understand them now, but in time, you will regret the decision to not care for them.

If you want to live a life of accomplishment and bliss, make sure that you take care of your fundamental needs. Without them, no pursuit of any kind is worth the trouble.

At the end of the day, healthiness is much more important than an unbreakable resolve to strive for the impossible horizons!




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It will be regretting situation in the long run no doubt, if we ignore our emotional and physical needs . To go continuously we need to maintain healthy lifestyle and be emotionally satisfied by doing something we are passionate about, which gives us joy , helping others.

Excellent points. All too often, people neglect the role of a healthy diet and lifestyle in cultivating a productive mindset. I adopted a Paleo diet a number of years ago, and the physical transformation contributed to my mental energy and well-being as well.

Our bodies are the engine and fuel to make things happen so we must maintain it with the proper upkeep to ensure it is running well and attending all of it needs. If not, we will begin to suffe consequences that will make it difficult to react accordingly to to the needs of our individual goals and objectives.

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Excellent reflection @chbartist, it is true that life takes us by surprise so in many moments we will be "between the sword and the wall" and it is not easy to show determination, but it is important to never lose our spirit, to move forward with courage, And why not, along with the people we love and always recognize that life is unpredictable, which is important to be prepared

Muy buena reflexión. Grscias por seguir orientando con estos temas. Estamos de acuerdo, nuestra salud es lo más importante por eso debemos cuidarla.

At the end of the day, healthiness is much more important than an unbreakable resolve to strive for the impossible horizons!

Health is wealth.
If you have lots of money and resources but you're sick, then you're not wealthy. Is this right?

The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, he said:

Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.
Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.
And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present;
the result being that he does not live in the present or the future;
he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

Negligence towards your physical and emotional needs can have devastating effects in the long term.

I completely agree with you my friend @chbartist and understood what you're trying to convey. Thanks much for sharing nice post.

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It's a true talk
Thanks for sharing friend

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Self Negligence worst and poorer quality of hummus.
Take proper care life and health.
Nice article about great life.

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Many times for fulfilling our obligations, we neglect these basic needs, especially to take care of our health and as you mention here, now we do not see the results but over the years the consequences would not be very good if we do not pay attention now to our health, and our food.

I agree with your thought @chbartist.Emotional satisfication and physical health are our basic need.If we love ourself and aware about our physical health and emotional management, we live idol life.Really this is great post.Special thanks to @chbartist and also to this awesome and positive community..

How can I join this community??

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Nice article to read. Thanks for sharing.

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Así es, sin salud no hay vida. ¿Te imaginas a una población que no se alimenta bien y que no duerme bien por los apagones y que emocionalmente vive estresada?

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Good post friend

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Very well said,

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Hi there, I would like to know how to participate in the resteem community. I just have a new post to share. Thanks!

Very well said, as always @chbartist.

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Wow. Its like the compound effect , as the #butterfly_effect . Really effective and motivative for long term .

your words always strike me.
unfortunately I recognized myself in some passages of your post.
Reading the truth in someone else's words and becoming aware of it was like bumping into a wall.
Thank you for opening my eyes and I hope I can fix it as soon as possible and take care of myself, both physically and mentally.

a big hug

Muy buena reflexión

Good post

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