Knowledge is Not Power… But Knowledge Can Be Power!

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Hi, Steemians!

The true champion of the downtrodden is someone who dissuades people from their misconceptions about the important truths in this life.

We have been told, ever since we were little, that true power resides in knowledge and wisdom.

‘Knowledge is power!’ goes the old saying, indicating that by gaining knowledge, you can be powerful'.

But if that was the case, philosophers and scientists would be ruling over the world by now.

Evidently, there is more to this ancient saying than our common and shallow interpretation.

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You always hear students whining about the uselessness of mathematics and complex equations in their daily life.

‘What is the point of learning something if you cannot use it?’ They ask.

The same question can be asked of almost everything we learn in our lifetime.

Our philosophical beliefs, our mindset and ideas about the future, our thoughts on economy and society…

All of these are things we learn from other people and brilliant minds that have shaped the foundation of communal life on Earth.

Many of you are constantly moved by what you read on this blog, but most people tend to forget what they read after two days.

How many of my concepts and methods do you think have been implemented over the years?

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The answer may be disappointing, but the question raised is worth your thoughts.

You see, gaining knowledge is not going to assure your path to success, but implementing your wisdom on a daily basis can!

Knowledge does not inherently breed power, but it can be used to manipulate the occurrence of things in the world surrounding you.

The more knowledgeable you are, the more capable you will prove when it comes to solving problems that require a sharp mind and a profound wisdom.

Without action or motion, knowledge is just the idea of learning something and forgetting it after a while.

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Eighty percent of what you learn in school, at the very least, is lost to you as time passes.

The equation of life is a little more complicated than that.

If you refuse to learn about necessary things and then implement those things in your life, you are doomed to experience failure over failure until your days are over.

Assume that the collective intelligence in the world is just a ladder that can help you climb the stairs of success.

Without that motion, the ladder is just a ladder you can watch from afar.

From now on, approach the ladder and start climbing!



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Hi @chbartist is the posting power of this account available for rent?


I feel your slice of the reward pie is too large 1.jpg

It is true. Only applied knowledge is power. There it really applies use it or loose it.

Have you developed any methods on getting to the moment of tacking action on your knowledge? How to get to apply it?

I personally struggle on it. I do read a lot, but soon forget. Sometimes if the reading material comes with practical exercises I'm way more likely to engage in the content a be able to use it later on. I'm also starting to notice the power of audiobooks. Not as many say, going over many books. But for me is listening to a single one many times over, in some kind of self induced brainwash.

Great post @chbartist

Knowledge is only power....... if applied.

Do we really have a skill if we don't ever use it?

The learning is only the first step, the application is where what is learnt is put to work. Some people have a lot of "knowledge" but without acting on said knowledge we never grow.

Hi @chbartist
I actually have started signing all my posts with this:

Knowledge is power, power is wealth and wealth is freedom. Free yourself.

I hope this reply finds you well.
I wonder if you are I’ll or taking a break.
I wish you good health and high spirits until your return.

I like your signature. I always look for it.

knowledge is power, power is wealth and wealth brings freedom. Free yourself.

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Yes Knowledge is power, but implementing my wisdom is the real power! LOL jk, nice post. That's why I know what you are up to!
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equitrion of the life sycle make me mad
great price
knowledge can be power its true to tell managefull activity and make them mad about this

I really enjoy your post. This one reminds me of a phrase I like to tell my students:

A person who does not read has no real advantage over an illiterate person.
And the person who does not use his knowledge is like someone who has no knowledge.

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