If You Had a Chance to Send Yourself a Message...Working our Mindset...

in mindset •  5 months ago

Hi Steemians!

This post may seem a bit out of the ordinary for me, but I decided to try something new for a change, a mental experiment for all of us.

I usually talk on my blog about setting goals that we want to achieve, and of course this is important, but with that in mind, let's do something a little different but that aims to work every day a little more our Mindset.

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If there were suddenly something that would allow you to send a message back to a younger version of yourself, what would you like to do with it? Think hard about it before you answer.

The reason why I think this issue is important is because in my journey I discovered that people are divided into two groups, those who do not change anything and accept the lessons that life has provided, and who would give themselves all the advantages of winning.

I'm not saying that one is better than the other, not exactly, but the mental experiment allows us to actually find some truths about ourselves.

As I would like this post to be interactive, I would like people to leave in the comments what they would do with this hypothetical machine and let others reverse the more creative responses.

I personally am somewhere in between, there are many things I would like to know when I was younger, but I also do not regret any of my decisions, even those that cost me a lot because I am who I am today because of these choices.

Food for thought, as they say!



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@chbartist! we have to generate new idea with positive mindset network. Keep going bro. Your article removes all depression from me.

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thank you friend!

Dear @chbartist sir!
I would like to say to our younger version"Believe in your ability, there is victory ahead of fear"


Great! Don't forget upvote each others!

Well, the message I would give to my younger self would be a list of the bad decisions he will make so that he never does, and I am sure that with that he would be accomplishing many important things, he would also force me to study cryptocurrencies from now on. procure my economic independence at a younger age. The most important thing I think, is to get up before the falls, and learn from all the experiences, good or bad, because in real life there is no such thing as erasing or editing what I did in the past.


Great words! Don't forget upvote each others!

Super interesting. I sometimes think about going way back in time with all the knowledge I have now. It would be pretty interesting:). I am not one to regret anything because I understand that past experiences were lessons, and a small part of me sometimes thinks that everything happens for a reason. But, there's one thing I wish I'd done earlier, which is that I should have invested in crypto sooner;). I think about this because I've always known what bitcoin was, but I never bothered to learn more about it, and this makes me wonder about all the other opportunities I missed or will miss simply because I don't have the time or interest in learning about it lol.


We have others opportunities. Believe me! Don't forget upvote each others!

I would go with more confidence and patience i have today. Wish I could have it a long back but i gained all going through many situations of life. Don't regret for this but wish could have it before then things would have been in much better position.

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Great! Move on...Don't forget upvote each others!

If you are born poor it is right, but if you died poor then it is worst. We should not accept what life throw on us, rather we can change things with our mindset.
Thank you @chbartist for this piece

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What you easily earn be satisfied with that, you are not satisfied what you earn easily, want to be rich anyway, it does not matter whether it is wrong or right.


Good @rafique1953 Don't forget upvote each others!

I would say to my younger self.. listen the opinions of everyone but do what you think is the best for you,and work hard to achieve your dream Goal!

Nice thought of giving a message to our younger selves in past. but I think if we would know how to do everything and whats perfect always, then the suspense and the fun of life will evaporate.
Keep flourishing.

listen to yourself, follow through

I would tell myself to not be afraid of anything, if I fail I should take it like a man and stand right back up to try again.

Fear of failure is what stops our potential and I wanna just kill that fear in a 11 year old me.

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Agree! Don't forget upvote each others! Regards

Venture more to many activities that develop your inner being to be confident and strong enough to face the challenges of life. Spread your wings and broaden your horizons.

If somebody wants to be a successfull blogger bring a good content here like @chbartist brother...nice blogg

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Just want to say two things
Don't trust on that person ( a particular person)
Buy Bitcoin in bulk and don't sell until January 2018.

Hard work will earn you success in life. Be consistent and follow it to the end.

Great post as usual sir. Thanks for it.

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Well I wouldn't change anything from my past as that would make my life completely different then what i have today.But if everything else remains the same I would ask my younger self to do more exercise to stay fit.



Focus, Devotion and patience ... My winning mantra!

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Yes! Don't forget upvote each others!

Stop thinking that attaining the highest level of education is the highest achievement in life. Take every opportunity that comes your way.

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You can do this. Move on....Don't forget upvote each others!

i could say that to be more self-confidence and start a journey around the world to discover what you don't know


good!Don't forget upvote each others!

I would tell my younger self to be more committed to visual Art, because it would have provided a platform for me to spring into other things


You can do! Don't forget upvote each others!

Thank you for the question!

I would encourage myself to dedicate to my dreams without being afraid because of people's assessment of my chances of success. People back then actually knew nothing about the future but because of opinions of adults a lot of lines of self-development were... well, delayed.

It's only recently that I realized the key to success was failure. For a while. But going through it, not back, not even looking for a way around. Not too much astray, anyway.


Move on....You can do! Don't forget upvote each others!


I understand, but go ahead You can do anything, Use your Mindset Positive Everyday! Don't forget upvote each others!


Thank you. I do.

Not each but step by step as far as I reach.

Work hard and use all the available sources to get success in life, success will follow you if you are hardworking. People will start to love you if you're sucessful ,this is how the world works. This is my message to younger


This message is all of us. Thanks. Don't forget upvote each others!

This is great! You give me something to ponder about. I have thought about this and well, it I would tell my younger self to never grow up, not in the sense that society teaches us what the right way of being an adult is.... that you need to fit a certain list of criteria to be acknowledged and respected as an adult..... rather, make a difference, keep the child within, dream big and the fact is that if you have an open mind, no dream is in fact ever too big.

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realmente es difícil debido que lo que nos hace realmente lo que somos son todos aquellos errores que pudimos haber cometido en el pasado ya que cambiando algo de nuestro pasado estaríamos fracturando lo que somos y lo que hemos conseguido con ello. en mi opinión no cambiaría nada de mi pasado mejor me enfocaría en mi presente que es mucho mas importante ya que afectara mi futuro ¡¡un gran saludo!!

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I'm a person who is not good on waiting. I actually don't have patience that causing to my whole life to be difficult. Maybe I'll say to old me "All things come to those who wait." Like that.

Believe in what u have and what u do the success is yours 👍

Even at this point in my life I would not know what message to send to my past self, make an analysis and see what points in my life failed would be the most sensible but if I do that and do not make mistakes in the course of my life devido to this or maybe I commit them but not the ones that assure me that I will be in a better state than in the one I am now or what if I am worse or maybe already in this same point my life has no existence in this instance in another time due to this message and the decisions you make based on it in the past. It is very complex complex to just think and hypothetically give a summary of what may happen, but we are sure that what we say to our self of the past will have a positive effect?

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