How to Avoid and Deal with Your Negative Thoughts… Part #2

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Hi, Steemians!

Negative thoughts that are left untended are like wounds that fester in time and paralyze the person who conceived them in the first place.

In our previous blog post, we explained the importance of dealing with your negative thoughts and introduced two methods through which you could take care of this dilemma.

In this article, I am going to explain three more ways that can really help you with your negative and detrimental thoughts.

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A Thought: Stop Soothsaying!

If we spend too much time thinking about future possibilities, we will usually end up predicting the worst possible outcome for ourselves.

In a world where you are continually encouraged to be realistic about the probabilities of everything, it is easy to subconsciously embrace a pessimistic mentality.

When a presupposed mentality like this thinks about the future, negative outcomes as thoughts are an inevitable twist.

A proper way to deal with your negative thoughts is to stop predicting the future based on little and questionable evidence.

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A Method: Reason with Yourself!

This might actually seem ridiculous, but you can try to reason with yourself when you feel you are starting to fall into that negative mind space.

This technique starts with finding a sentence or phrase you can recite to yourself in order to drive negative thoughts away.

No, it is not as confusing as it sounds!

You can simply approach this practice by taking a deep, relaxing breath and saying something like:

‘Just because I have struggled to find an appropriate job for a long doesn’t mean that I will never be able to find a good one in the future.’

Or something like:

‘Just because I made a tiny mistake here and there, doesn’t mean that I should underestimate myself or pressure myself to feel guilt.’

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An Idea: Question Your Thoughts and Speak Up If They Seem Absurd!

One thing to do when negative thoughts start kicking in is to gather ample evidence to see if they are really worth all the trouble you are going through or not.

I want you to ask yourself this:

“Should I really be taking this thought that serious?”

This probably often leads you to say: “No, maybe I really shouldn’t.”

Because at that moment in time you might be exhausted, or maybe you worked so hard, and negativity is often trying to cloud your judgement. That is what it always does!

This will help you reconsider that things will not stay the same for the rest of your life.

Basically, this questioning technique works like a reality check. It simply helps you stay calm and collected, and see reason and sensibility through your thoughts!

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Negativity is inevitable in the world that we live in today, but that does not mean you should leave it unanswered.

These methods and ideas will help you fight the negativity that has been building up inside you and free you of their cruel grasp.

Trust me, friends… together, we can fight negativity wherever we find it!



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Nice reminder. I am in negativity mode right now. As the saying goes, they always come in threes. So, I'm trying really hard to just stop overthinking the whys of so many complications.

Greetings @chbartist

It must generate the strength to make the decision, we can not allow negative situations to affect us. Based on the above, we must try to convert the negative into the positive, or let it pass.

Sir this time a biggest problem negative thoughts in whole world great subject you are sharing with solution this type blog post demand of time you are great job doing I always reading liking right solution helpful suggestions,

I always think positively done positive response positive this is key of my successful and happiness joyful life.

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As a human being and dual beings it is impossible not to express a negative mental state at some time. I think the important thing is not to have expectations about what we expect from others, just to trust in our abilities without comparison with those of others. expecting behavior from others and that these do not happen can lead to depressive thoughts.

Sometimes we lose hope from our life due to negative attitute. If we stand back and think positively as you explained in your blog, we can see lots of hope and opportunity for our life to live on.

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happy to see You again dear Boss
you find perfect Photos for every article you knew very well perfect photos
make easy to understand your words
a big hug from

One major thing is to always stay positive within you even though you may be surrounded with negative situations

You're right, sir. . avoiding negative thoughts can be done by not thinking about the worst things in the future. The main thing is always to get closer to God so that the mind becomes calm and peaceful. Enjoy your week end, my friend.

Very useful article bro thanks for this to help us live happly in this world

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Thank you chbartist, really helpful to fight with the negativity in me.

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Good subject friend, certainly the bad thoughts are the worst enemies of oneself, they generate fear and fear paralyzes us. Do everything possible to adopt the habit of thinking positively I think it is essential to face the reality better prepared for success. Thanks for sharing.

very useful article for u s in our routine life we are worried think about our future.
but you explain every thing in this article thank you so much chbartist sir

@chbartist, whatever you had written are absolutely true facts,positive mind will help to reach our goal positive feelings make relation better
Loved your post😍

I'm glad I saw this, it was in perfect time because I feel like my girlfriend really needs to hear this!

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Friend @chbartist, your post are always to help us grow and as you have the time to publish them when we need it most, it is not easy to leave behind negativism and less when we fight against factors that do not depend on us, but you're right we have to seek to wake up from that nightmare of negativism and seek ideas and thoughts that return us to beautiful dreams optimistic and positive without leaving reality aside, to grow we have to move forward and seek paths of growth, thank you and happiness always.

Translated with

HI @chbartist
I am back after a long gap and happy to read your valuable posts again. I truely believe that negativity can be fought in a better manner and should definitely be exerted our of our lives.
Keep inspiring.

I think this all leads to having confidence in oneself as it will be an important part of decision making and learning from mistakes when they happen. I believe that negativity always occurs but it is how we handle it that determines the end result!

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It can be challenging considering the world is always trying to capture our attention and suggest that it knows the direction we should be going. As quickly as negativity shows up I'm typically start thinking about the positives that can over come it.

thats a really #awesome post #great contribution for our reality life , it helps me a great . thanks #sir @chbartist for your great post .

Just like what I said in the first part of this topic, why would I want to burden my soul with negative thoughts? I know fully well that it won't add a single ounce of good to my feelings.
The second they appear in my mind, the same second I flush it out of my thoughts.
I would rather think on funny and hilarious moments in my life.

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I agree that you shouldn’t predict the future. Instead you should train yourself to know how you have to handle negative aspects in your upcoming life.

Like in school, you can repeat the way to the solution or you can understand the way.

Life is dynamic and you should also be dynamic and not fixed. It’s impossible to calculate your life.

Best wishes to all!

My friend is currently having her anxiety right now and as much as possible I'm doing everything I can giving words of encouragement to help her see things on a bright side. Reading this blog helps a lot for me to share these ideas. I hope all the people suffering through depression, anxiety and burn out can read this. Keep up the good work of writing good and inspirational blogs!

Another good positive solution about negativity. I think you @chbartist make a good point saying that not to ruin our present thinking about the future.

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@chbartist, Muy bueno. "Somos lo que pensamos la mayoría del tiempo". Muchas veces pensamos en un futuro negativo en incierto, creemos que nos enfrentaremos a aquello que NO tendrá un resultado positivo, esto es también porque en nuestro subconsciente ya tenemos imágenes similares grabada y la estructura neuronal que poseemos está estructurada de tal manera que así nos conduce. La idea es en primer lugar hacer "Una recodificacion de nuestros pensamientos", cambiar lo patrones de respuestas ante eso pensamientos futuros negativos y . . . SI se puede!. Recordemos que el futuro aún NO existe, solo estamos viviendo el presente, el pasado ya no se puede modificar, pero el futuro se puede crear en nuestra mente para llevarlo al plano de lo material de la manera que deseamos, pero si lo creamos desde una perspectiva o pensamiento negativo, no hay dudas que así será. Gracias por tus excelentes artículos!

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Read and also apply.* Changing your negative vocabulary will lead you to success *
I was reading one of my mentor’s book when I found this nice article which is very inspiring , I believe it would help in changing your mindset I have my own testimonies of what happen to me when I start applying what is in this article .
Changing your negative vocabulary will lead you to success (here are some word you have to change)

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‘Just because I have struggled to find an appropriate job for a long doesn’t mean that I will never be able to find a good one in the future.’

I completely agree with this. Time is precious gift given to us by God and if we invest our time in right thing then we can learn a lot in the area of our interest. This learning can take us anywhere we want provided we should have the adequate knowledge. Thanks.

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