How Can You Hack Your Brain to Indulge Creative and Original Ideas?

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Hi, dear friends!

There is one great mistake that the majority of talented and skillful people make in society and this mistake is inevitable; accepting almost every idea society imparts.

Our collective cultural history is laden with ideas that are not beneficial in many ways.

One way or another, the goal of society is to make its members conform to the pattern that fits the system best.

But this pattern often kills creativity and destroys the longing to achieve things of greater value and higher vision.

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There are many facts in this life. For instance, gravity is a scientific fact. Numbers are quantifiable and valid. The earth is round.

There are many truths in this life. Lying to someone is wrong. Tricking someone into doing something is wrong. Abusing someone is wrong.

But there are some beliefs and precedents in our society that are hardwired into our brains with no logical or rational basis.

These are the facts and truths that we simply accept, without asking any questions or undermining them with our thought or logic.

How do we deal with these presuppositions?

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Let us start with the simplest ones.

It is believed that if you want to have a financially secure future, you need to attend university and receive your certificate of higher education.

What’s more fearful is that people tend to believe knowledgeable people are often those who go to university and get their degrees.

The idea of financial stability is yet another disgraceful shortcoming of our society when it comes to detrimental ideas that do nothing but slow you down in the progress of getting to experience life.

From long ago, it has been fed to us that in order to achieve success and wealth, we have to work hard.

So, a lot of people think that they have to work 8-10 hour days in order to achieve success or gain riches.

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The only way for you to find your voice and make the whole struggle of life worthwhile is to let go of the outdated ideas of past generations that are imposed to us during our lifetime.

Find your own originality and creativity within the boundaries of thought and imagination.

You are not bound by tradition, nor the society’s ludicrous understanding of how the world should work.

Maxwell Martz has a famous quote in this regard:

“It is no exaggeration to say that every human being is being hypnotized to some extent. Either by ideas he has uncritically accepted from others, or ideas he has repeated to himself, or convinced himself to be true.”

Make your own plans and create your own paths… at the end of the journey, the extra effort will be well worth it!



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Greetings @chbartist

"It is not an exaggeration to say that every human being is being hypnotized to some extent. "Either because of ideas that he has accepted uncritically from others, or ideas that he has repeated to himself, or has convinced himself to be true."

Stereotypes shape us. We come from an educational system where we prepare ourselves to work in mass production companies.

The entrepreneurs only focused on large productive processes.

We are experiencing disruptive processes where the classical economic schemes are changing.

Being professional to develop in a large company is already going out of style.

The future of the "economies" will be the enterprises focused on the new needy; as distance education and orange economies; like tourism.

The other thing that has to be taken into consideration is the rapidly-changing world that we live in. Take Steemit, for example. Before the blockchain was invented, it would have been unthinkable that what you do here would be a lucrative opportunity for anyone.

The key is not both not being married to the past, as you clearly spell out above, but also keeping one's eyes open to new opportunities that people may have never conceived of in the past, and that many people miss in the present.

Thank you for your insightfulness and ability to look beyond the standard line that society tells us. I believe with people like you putting these ideas out there we can all build a community of positive mindset transformation and create a better humanity. Keep up the great work!

Hello @chbartist, I loved this post, you know I am of the idea that we must educate our to do whatever makes them grow and are happy, not by the fact of studying a career will make money or better reach financial independence, life is to enjoy it while growing up and the best way to do it is to always move forward and if several of us support each other on that path the route becomes less difficult, thank you for so motivating advice.

Translated with

no one will make a better effort for us, only we ourselves can strive for our goals, and only we can materialize everything we have in mind.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Greetings @chbartist
that is very true. We believe everything that others tell us and we are not capable of questioning them just because they tell us that questioning is wrong.
The bad thing about allowing us to believe so many things is that in the long run the only people that really come out injured is ourselves and when we realize it is usually too late to remedy something.
This post is very interesting because it is very true, we are surrounded by mistaken beliefs and the only way to change that. It is that we make those ideas stop having power in our mind.
This incredible this post. It's an interesting look at people who are still blind

Saludos @chbartist debes tomar en cuenta que muchas reglas fueron hechas para pueblos gobernados por conquistadores y la esencia de algunas siguen allí. Y no cambiara, actualmente los gobernantes; aunque sean del mismo pueblo buscan solo el control, si te superas demasiado pierden ese control sobre ti. En algún sitio por allí leí esto; los únicos que no quieren que seas independiente son: El gobierno, La Iglesia y El Banco… Los dos primeros ya han perdido terreno y el banco o podemos decir el poder socio económico, lo está perdiendo gracias a las criptomonedas…

I empress sir your Quito.
This is nice own self design and planning with will surely success easy achieve.

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The reality of success is quite opposite and we have seen that it is the ideas that are disruptive and uncommon that lead to new ventures and opportunities which could become success. It depends on the reality you assign to it and the effort behind it!

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hello,@chbartist a warm greeting from venezuela, the problem with these lies is that they are immersed in society and somehow or other way it is part of the cultural heritage of each individual, and it is difficult to deprogram something that has been in our brain for years, that's why Nowadays we have to apply the art of unlearning, unlearning those old beliefs in order to acquire the new

Gracias por tan motivadoras palabras de reflexión! Es verdad, hay que crearse un camino propio..

Brain is the most important tool that many ppl cant use properly :D

as a quote says: don't work hard, work intelligence

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Reading this and being 26 years old with no career is quite hard. We always tend to follow the path that society tell us to follow. Nowing that this is completely wrong and still having to do it at the end, make a lot of people thing they are misserable.
In my case I did not finish my career, dropping out of college at the age of 21 because I was moving abroad. Now that I have been working in costumer service for 5 years I think a lot on how my life is going to be in few years with any diplomacy or professional achievements.
I guess I still have a lot to think about. But it is really hard to find alternatives. What worries me a lot is that I am not getting any younger.

Frist time reading you. THANK YOU.

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Thanks for sharing. I follow you

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Excellent article
I found myself almost drowning in these "ideals" because for a long time I thought they were the only way to achieve success in life. I was desperate to graduate from college and start making the money my family was in so much need of, but I was forgetting the most important thing about life: which is to actually live it.
There is so much potential inside everyone of us.
We can do anything we want, we just need to want to do it and have faith in ourselves!

I am always interested in self-improvement, be it in small changes or tricks overtime or larger changes. This was a very interesting post and I will follow for more content. I very much agree that in order to find semblance of success you have to do things your own way, rather than the way people want you to do it. Many are entrapped today by what Nietzsche called "slave morality", and hold their selves back in different ways by not following their own nature. Granted, I maintain you have to also respect others while looking out for yourself, both as someone who just likes most people and also for the fact that it is beneficial to work with people and not against them. Ultimately, it is up to ourselves to succeed but there is nothing wrong with giving each other a leg up.

Thanks for this post, will be waiting for future content like this.