Different Learning Methods and Their Effects on Your Mind

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Hi again, dear Steemians!

In today’s blog post, we will discuss the different learning methods and their effects on the mind of the audience as they try to grasp the subject matter.

Have you ever struggled to learn something new, or have you ever had to teach something to a group of people, but however hard you tried, they seemed far behind your points and couldn’t quite comprehend the matter according to your expectations?

Sometimes, even the simplest ideas to you can be hard for other people to understand. This is what we know as different brain wirings for different personality types.

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If you want to learn subjects more easily, or excel at your studies, you need to understand a basic function of your brain; how it processes data and sends it to your memory banks.

There are many different methods with which you can learn something. Perhaps most surprising of all is the fact that people tend to react to certain stimuli differently.

For instance, if you are having a hard time learning something by reading it, you may need to have someone read it out loud for you, because your auditory response is much more effective.

There are many different categories and subgroups for learning styles in accordance to how our brains function. We will list some of them below.

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Some people learn better when visuals are involved. If they see pictures, images, diagrams and other visually stimulating creations, they will learn the subject matter and memorize it much more easily.

As opposed to visualization, some people tend to get stimulated with aural capacities such as sounds or music. These groups of people will learn something better if they hear it.

But then, there are also people who get stimulated by linguistic aspects of a subject matter, learning stuff much more easily if words or different anagrams or synonyms of words are involved.

There are people who can learn things better if they could use their physical strength in a manner suitable to the subject matter. These people are attracted to kinesthetics and can be stimulated by physical feelings of touch.

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Apart from these groups, there are also social (extroverted) people and solitary (introverted) people.

If you are socially stimulated, you learn stuff better when you are in a group. These people study together or try to find a basic understanding of something using a shared wisdom.

Solitary creatures on the other hand, can learn stuff only if they are alone. These are the people who do must of the self-studying in the world of knowledge, and they are the forerunners of using loneliness and quiet to the advantage of their brain power.

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If you are having a difficult time learning something, it is not because you lack intellectual capacity. This is as erroneous as it is fallacious. Nobody lacks intellect to understand different subject matters.

Your problem is that you still haven’t figured out what stimulates you better.

If you are visual, then you need to bring your learning to a visual domain. If you are physical, then you need to use the space around you and get closer to your sense of touch.

If you are aural, then you need to find tapes and songs to understand a particular subject.

If you want to learn better, figure out your learning style.

It is only then when you will get the most out of your productivity regarding learning something new!




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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very important topic and mind control can be called brainwashing, that is, reprogramming a person's mind, and can be done in many ways

human beings develop different types of aptitudes for study, some are visual, others learn by writing, etc.
That, will depend on the way we learn more, that we will be able to capture the information in a more precise way and, to have the correct knowledge

Hi, @chbartist

The intelligence of a recognized scientist is not superior to that of a successful sports star. Both have different types of intelligence. As you have stated in the post, there are different kind of intelligence and each of them requires a different method of learning. This theory was developed by Howard Gadner, who has managed to identify and define up to eight different types of intelligence. Multiple intelligences according to Gardner are:

  • Linguistic intelligence.
  • Logical-mathematical intelligence..
  • Space intelligence.
  • Musical intelligence.
  • Body intelligenc.
  • Intrapersonal intelligence
  • Interpersonal intelligence.
  • Naturalist intelligence.

@chbartist, Everyone can learn effectively but pursuance way is different due to development of Brain. When we try to understand particular subject in our own way then we can grasp it, sometimes words and knowledge of others cannot spread the light on the subject. Stay blessed. 🙂

@chbartist I always love waking up to your very thought provoking posts! Thanks for the inspiration. I am an adult technology teacher and have to really try and figure out if the person is a visual, auditory, or learn by doing kind of person. Once you figure that out, you can teach people anything! Keep it up for sure! I love what you are doing for this community. Inspires me to step my game up a bit on the blog side of things, lol.


Oh yeah, I hope you don’t mind the Resteem either! Your content is great and I want to share it with my people!

What a great post. I am teacher and getting to know my students and how they learn best is so important to helping them find success throughout the school year. I love that you brought out in your post that no one lacks the intellectual capacity to learn, but that it is just finding out how one learns best. I try to help my students understand how they learn best, whether it be visually, auditory, or kinesthetic, and then present the material we are learning in many different ways, so that every one has the opportunity to process the information. Thank you for another great post.

I agree that different people learn in different ways and that finding the method that suits you is key to successful learning. I was not aware of the differences in learning between introverts and extroverts. That's very interesting and I had never thought of that before. Now that I think of it, I do learn better on my own and would consider myself an introvert.

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You have really impressed me for the good points that you have adduced in this post. Thanks you very much, you are indeed a great teacher at this moment!

I was interested in seeing how the suggested learning methodology was so correlated with the senses we have as visual and auditory are key given they are the receptors to our brains. It is always best to leverage those that work along side the individual’s best way to learn.

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Thanks for sharing this beautiful tips about learning. But I like mostly group discussion that's easier method.

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Dear @chbartist it is damn right that reading method effects us and our mind to sometimes we read and forgot but when we read for exam then we get trouble because that time we study deeply . By the way reading is a joy and we enjoy it.
And @chbartist I check your community list but I wasn't there . So, please include me also. I shall be very thankful to you.

The human mind is exposed to many personal effects, or the public that it perceives in particular or in the hidden sense, and may be mere ordinary words that hide a lot of personal meanings and benefits, so that the person doubts that he is the master of himself and that his words and actions are only the words and actions of a person Another wants him to do it.

When we read something, it is easy to understand and if the picture makes it easier to understand it.

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Muy ùtil esta publicaciòn, me permitiò pasearme por mi època de estudiante donde conocimos de la existencia de tres cerebros en el ser humano:1.- Con tu Neocorteza, puedes saber que estas consciente, puedes pensar, imaginar y reflexionar 2.- Con el Lìmbico, puedes sentir algùn aspecto del universo. dejarte afectar por algo emocionalmente. 3.- Sistema Bàsico, incorporas al universo a traves de vibraciones sensorial y molecular. Que buena publicaciòn comparto totalmente su contenido.

Everyone is unique. Each one of us has a different brain and emotional wiring and we respond to the same thing with different reactions.
We learn in different methods and need different teaching methodologies and strategies.
This is the reason we prefer other people to teach us and other teachers prefer others to teach in relation to their learning and teaching abilities.
Everyone is intelligent in his/her own field of specialization.

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I having been smiling all the way as I read this powerful post. Because the difference, I have experienced in my family. I and my wife and also with two kids. My wife learns better through listening to audio or watching a video but for me when am alone with my notice or books. At first I used to push her so much to read books but the results where discouraging, until later is when I came to learn how does she learn better.
So my project now is to get her more audio and video materials. At first I thought she doesn't like learning, now I know she learns differently from me.
I agree with words of Albert Estein when he said "Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid"
Thank you @chbartist

It is inhabitable to understand that our preferences are the ways to customize teaching, and it will make our education more effective.

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Another great thought inspiring post @chbartist, being a learner myself I found it very interesting. Well I say learner but am also a teacher. I believe anyone can teach what they already know and do not need to be an expert in the field to teach. For example I used to teach guitar to children. Although I play other instruments, my guitar skills are very basic, but I know my music theory. So I got a few students and taught them what I knew on guitar and when they were able to match me, I found them another more advanced teacher. The teacher said I had taught them well, given them a good foundation for taking the skill further. I also learned a lot through teaching these kids, it improved my own skills.
Music is a great thing to teach and as you say in your post, some learn using their ear and others need to study written word. I think different learning methods are established young and the schooling people get in their early years sets a pattern for life, so early learning is really important. I love to learn new stuff it’s something I need in my life and I look forward to practice every day. Have a great day 🙏🎻

It is one of the elements to achieve control of others by words and sensibilities and this is greatly affected

Throughout their lives, many people seek to leave an impact wherever they go, and in the same person they meet on various occasions, which motivates them to take the methods, steps that help them to influence others, change their situation and their lives for the better. To be a role model used to influence other people,

my opinion After the development of industries technology and advanced devices people were preoccupied with them and said social relations and beautiful customs and intimate meetings between them

Sir here you are sharing interesting point everyone can't everything learn easily Very good advice that's very useful.

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great .. it is nice to know that it is a harmonious and respectable society but the points I did not understand are what I know through this blog

A very important topic in our lives and we must learn from it You are frankly offering us very important subjects my friend

@chbartist I'm new in this community as a portuguese in Brazil I curate great posts and focus on engagement. It's very interesting your posts and the care you take to your follower and commenters.
I choose your post for vote by curation trail in steemauto @pataty69.

If you accept some tips to get more rewards read my post using @steeveapp.


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Yes you have give very good points , these are very nice info about teaching and learning, Interesting points

You are a creative artist, your post is great and very useful

Really nice post and a good effort too as usual.

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Actually this is true, you are a creative artist

You are a successful man, my friend. I wish you continued success @chbartist

you're a great artist

Our mind is blank and we can train it the way we want. Different methods make different impacts by which we can learn different different in interesting way.

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human beings develop different types of aptitudes for study, some are visual, others learn by writing, etc.
That, will depend on the way we learn more, that we will be able to capture the information in a more precise way and, to have the correct knowledge

I'm sure I'm more visual ... It's easier for me to learn with images.

I admire your hard work, you can see that you have an idea for what you do and a great commitment. I am very pleased that you have added me to your list for me an honor. I hope that I will learn a lot from your blog.

Your problem is that you still haven’t figured out what stimulates you better.

To solve this problem is to figure out what stimulate us better.
How to figure it out?

I'd watched a video of Dr. Daniel Amen the other day and he explained about the 4 aspects of our lives: biological, psychological, social and spiritual.
He said these four areas are the pillars of the brain's health.
In biology, how do we deal with our physical bodies?
In psychology, how do we deal with our minds?
In sociology, how do we deal with people?
In spiritual, how do we deal with our belief or faith?

Answer those questions and it will help improve your brain and maybe we could figure out what stimulate us better.

that, as you say, will depend on the way it is easier for us to learn, in my case, I am very visual, I learn, watching people develop different activities. Only ourselves, we must determine the way to learn and understand things more easily

@chbartist great words we can learn so much from this post

as a teacher, I find this article very useful! thanks for the great work!
I shall resteem! :]

my best regards to you @chbartist Frankly one of the best posts I read today

thank you so much @chbartist useful post

Wow man this is a really good Post, i love it and Like it!!!

Thank you!!

Good post @chbartist , now i know why i can't remember somethings.

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I liked this post. I used to think I disliked books until I found collections of audio books. I also used to dislike writing until I discovered blogging and poetry.

It is important to stay connected to inspirational topics then you’ll be more willing to explore.

Sure you can add me to your list.

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I don't know which learning method is fit for me. But I always learn by facing a problem.
Great informative article @chbartist, I will try to find out which methods is fit for me for learning.
Thanks for great post.

There are so many different ways to learn something. People are using the way which is perfect for them. It is very necessary to use good Technic for understanding something so we can learn efficiently about the method or thing.

I'm a kinesthetics learner who learns better when alone. Also a slow reader, therefore listening to audiobook works better for me.

To listen to the audio version of this article click on the play image.

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wow, incredible!!!!!

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The narration of the subject was scientific and very clear
When I first emigrated I learned the language
I am a person who wants to learn through scenes and examples
Direct through the movement of the body or hands

This is great info and sadly it is not tought in school, so many people go on with their lifes not knowing that they can lear more effectively.
I had one really cool teacher who cared about this kind of stuff and tought us a little bit about this. Only because of her I realized I am more of a visual learner and need to go around studying a little bit differently. I am forever grateful for that, she did make my high school life a lot easier :D
And I really love what you are doing here, educating people about their mindset and creating a close community, that's simply put is awesome!

I think every lesson will reap the results of learning

School was pretty harsh at times for some of these things listed. I learned reading and languages by sight reading, music by touch/vibrations, mechanics by trial and error, math by witchcraft, and construction mostly for my innate understanding of geometry. I say witchcraft for math, because I’ve no idea how I learned any sort of arithmetic, aside from just a bunch of random experiences somehow getting me to have a firm grasp of the concepts.

He is making a list of all of you who have helped build this community by voting for each other who write meaningful comments and soon I will respond to everyone with comment and thank you all because I can already see this spirit being built in this Positive Mindset community and help between all of you.

This is a very novel perspective with regards to what contributes to the outcomes of learning. I recall I have wondered in the past why I sometimes learned better while in other times there seemed a blockage in the path. Although there might be various other factors influencing the effectiveness of your learning, I will certainly pay more attention to the different learning methods and be more tuned to what I am natural with.

human beings develop different types of aptitudes for study, some are visual, others learn by writing, etc.
That, will depend on the way we learn more, that we will be able to capture the information in a more precise way and, to have the correct knowledge

My definition of intelligence is one's ability to observe a body of information and take home from it the most accurate understanding of what it means. Often, what we have "learned" is exactly what prevents us from doing this without bias. Learning then is not truly the goal we should be heading for - but rather experiencing and comprehending.

As Mr.Yaleal commented it is because of this diversity in human types that DR.Howard Gardner introduced the Multiples intelligences as a new method to replace the IQ testing used to measure the human potentials. However , the problem is not in knowing what suits best to learn but when to discover one's type of personality. Some people spend their whole life not knowing what type of person they are and thus fail to know what method to follow to learn.

We are all different / Todos somos diferentes