Cheap Comebacks That You Should Never Use in An Argument!

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Hello, dear Steemians!

As much as we hate to admit, arguments are an inevitable part of our daily social life. So long as there are people, and these people gather in a confined space, there is always a chance for arguments to rise.

Arguments are normal in both business relationships and personal ones. One day you may get into an argument with your coworker and one day you may find it difficult to cope with your loved one.

Whatever the case, we as human beings tend to argue. But the way we carry ourselves through an argument tells a great deal about what kind of a person we truly are.

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I’ve already talked about how sometimes we can be accidentally mean to one another.

Coming up with cheap and fallacious comebacks during a heated argument is also one of the many times we can be accidentally mean to people we know.

In this blog post, I want to go through several of these cheap comebacks that do not really paint a good picture of your character.

More importantly, they throw the argument into more difficult and unbearable paths.

After a while, you find yourself in a whirlwind of mess that you have created because of your arrogance and lack of logical assessment.

Think about these concepts so that you are able to carry yourself gracefully the next time you have to argue with someone!

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The first is using absolute terms. Let me paint you a picture with an example.

‘You always try to bring up the past!’

‘You are never competent to do your job properly!’

A lot of us are in the habit of using the terms ‘always’ and ‘never’ during a heated argument. Nothing is achieved by this other than the fact that you irritate the other person and make him question your logic.

After that, the argument takes a bad turn because you have proven that logic is out of the door and is not an option through this discussion.

You can be sure that the other person will somehow retaliate by coming up with something equally illogical!

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‘We will continue this discussion when you find it possible to think logically!’

Some people use this fallacy to trap the person they are having an argument with. Accusing someone of acting or thinking without logic can only increase their rage and anger.

The thing is, when you are having an argument, you should not try to take the high road and assume that you are better than the other person.

When you accuse them of being illogical, they tend to get irritated because you are not lending anything useful to the argument, you are just accusing them of something that cannot even be proven because it is in itself a non-negotiable absolute.

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‘There is no need to become angry!’

‘Why are you irritated by this?’

‘Why can’t you let this go?’

Accusing someone of getting angry, irritated, or clingy just because they are showing signs of agitation is yet another cheap comeback that can destroy your argument or push it in a terrible direction.

Consciously think about the sentences that you just read.

The next time you have an argument, make a note of not using these cheap comebacks.

The result of this is much healthier arguments and discussions that actually lead to something, as opposed to leaving everything in ruin.




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If no doubt is always going to discuss at a certain place or time what I think is that it is best to try to avoid arguing because nobody wins a discussion I think it is better to avoid it so the arguments that we can express are correct even so it is better to avoid extraordinary post friend

Well said during an argument, especially with loves ones some words could damage a relationship, sometimes you just have to bite your tongue and keep cool, and speaking with anger and using other trigger words usually doesn’t help defuse the argument.

Yes, For me basically arguing most time is unproductive; however, it cannot be totally avoided for without it, changes in human behaviour hardly occur as there are people who will never be convinced that there assumptions are wrong without an argument. The most important thing is to argue with a view to direct and not a view to win

Proverbs 6:2
Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth, thou art taken with the words of thy mouth.

Like a fish taken by a hook in the mouth, we are mostly judged by the words we utter.

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Talking in absolute terms is always the worst way to go with discussion as in life there are rarely true absolutes like never or always. These are the situations that can impact our ability to engage properly and collaborate to achieve progress in our objectives.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Hahaha. I use the words "always and never" a lot, my husband gets angry for that when I say things with those words in an argument. But I do not do it with bad intention, it's something unconscious.

@chbartist often in life you have to prove yourself some thing that means physically or toungwise you need some practice and how's your practice is powerfull your arguments are more pwerfull. But flawless argue always cause of personality clashes

Posted using Partiko Android

I'm very guilty of saying "this isn't worth arguing about". For some reason, this doesn't just stop the arguing.
So, what's the best way to actually defuse an argument without seeming like a mean person?
Coz I really do not like arguments.

I can see where that might hurt the feelings or anger the other person for you to dismiss them by saying their issue isn't worth arguing about. Obviously it must be important to them, to have started the argument. Unless you are dealing with a person who just wants to argue about everything for no good reason (I try to avoid those people!). But maybe those situations are a good time to compromise if it really isn't important to you anyway.

A big hug there. Thank you because this teaches me about conflict resolution with people

Posted using Partiko Android

A peaceful person don't get into arguments obviously.
He speaks calmly and gently.

A busy person bombarded with tasks easily gets irritated because there's no room or space in his mind for refreshment.

True! Because people only talk from their point of view and perception. Does not have to be the same as our own.

Excellent motivation @chbartist and you are right, you should try to use weighty arguments in the discussion. Our world is very diverse and there are many opinions on different things and moments, but we always need to choose the path of creation and agreement on any issues!

That's true my brother ..your posts truly teaches us lots of thing are great

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Cheaper is bed behaviour of a person it's not a responsible quality.

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very useful! great article! I resteemed. Thanks for sharing.

You make very good points to remember NOT to do when having an argument. Another thing that is irritating during an argument, and counterproductive is to bring up an issue from the past that has already been dealt with. Try to keep the focus on the current issue and always try to remain calm - shouting in anger is never productive.

Awesome and usefull write-up! For people who like this topic there is a usefull book on Non-Violent Communication (NVC)

Fairly inexpensive and to me it's worth every penny and not only because it lays out step-by-step how you could communicate better; it also has the abbility to make you understand why you formulate words the way you do....

So here are the ISBN numbers :
ISBN-10: 189200528X
ISBN-13: 978-1892005281

Your words are correct, and love in human life is a big thing, so people say one who will hate others, do not mind, I like your post. Thank you for sharing with us..
Have a Great Day.

whelp! I use some of these cheap comebacks in arguments--no wonder it didn't go well :P

Saludos desde Venezuela! Esos "malos argumentos" que describes en esta publicación los he escuchado mucho y ciertamente irritan, en muchas ocasiones generan una ira enorme y ciertamente uno puede evitar usarlos, pero no puede evitar escucharlos, pero leer esta publicación nos hace comprender que las personas que usan estos argumentos están en error, entonces una vez que se es consciente de eso, se puede tomar una postura diferente en medio de la discusión porque seremos capaces de detectar que la otra persona está sumida en un error. Como siempre excelente post.

Greetings from Venezuela! Those "bad arguments" that you describe in this publication I've heard a lot and certainly irritate, often generate a huge anger and certainly one can avoid using them, but can not avoid listening to them, but reading this publication makes us understand that people who use These arguments are in error, then once you are aware of that, you can take a different position in the middle of the discussion because we will be able to detect that the other person is mired in an error. As always excellent post.

Nice, good post , i like read this content =)

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Well written! I am going to read it again. Good advice.

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